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Well, nothing much other than a couple of existential crises’ I’ve been dealing with. But that’s really nothing new at all. Actually, that’s not true. A lot has been going on with me. But I can’t tell you till like Saturday…

So, instead of focusing on me I wanted to focus on you. I have noticed some issues on WP with your blogs and I wanted to talk about them in case you are unaware. Some of your blogs no longer show up on the Reader (at least my Reader) after the last WP update. If you are experiencing a decrease in traffic that. may be why. Please check on this.

Another thing I have noticed after the WP update is that some of your blogs no longer load. I have trouble loading some sites both on my laptop and on my phone. Try searching your blog on the Reader and clicking on it to confirm that it’s loading. Also, some of your blogs straight up don’t show up on the Reader search results even when I search the exact URL. That shouldn’t happen. Please make sure your blog shows up in results because you will lose a lot of traffic if it doesn’t.

Finally, please make sure your URL that is connected to your username is accurate. A lot of your profiles in the comments don’t lead to your site.

That’s all for today, folks! Let me know what’s been up with you, I feel like it’s been a minute since we caught up! (I think it’s because I haven’t posted a Quote Of The Day in a while).

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103 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #70/2

  1. 🤔 Pooja, your posts have always shown up on the WordPress Reader on my end.

    If you are experiencing a technical issue with the WordPress Reader, you should report it to one of the Happiness Engineers.

    1. Happy to hear that and as far I have seen my posts show up on the Reader. It’s some posts from people I follow that aren’t showing up that I wanted to mention. Thanks for confirming about my posts showing up though 😊

  2. A beautiful quote Pooja.
    So far, everything seems fine.
    I generally tap my own site to know if it’s visible. I’ve seen some people like stuff, but when I try to visit their site, it shows unavailable.
    How to do that URL visibility checking?

          1. I got notification for this blog again. I thought, you shared another blog for the day. I was delighted. Well, WP is liking you I guess, that’s why it’s sending notifications.

  3. Great post. But I know why. It’s super important to do a blog audit after any updates. Make sure all things still connect, and explore your blog as if a reader to view the experience they receive visiting your site.

  4. So there’s an update in WordPress – that’s why I am experiencing changes while using it. I checked my site on Reader and it appears fine- although there are some things I need to get corrected. Thank you for this post 🙂

  5. Wow, thank you for the information! I haven’t really been active on this app nowadays.

    What’s up with me? Well, I’m slowly but surely freaking out since I didn’t really think of what it would do to my blog if I started Nanowrimo. All I’ve been doing is writing, and no time for posts. Which is bad, since I just got back from a hiatus, and I have a blogging schedule planned already 😭

    I’d like to know what going on with you, Pooja🙂

      1. Ah! It’s because I’m editing it currently. I didnt want anyone to see it while I was working on it lol. Thanks for looking out though!

  6. I’ve been having a hard time with my URL lately too. I pay for a .com but some of my blogs are popping up under WordPress.com. I’m not entirely sure how to fix it!!

    1. That’s so odd. But there is a way to fix that. I just don’t know how because I hired someone else to make my move for me. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help but maybe you can talk to the “Happiness Engineers” and they can fix the issue for you.

  7. Great Quote!
    Lol I don’t check these things 😐 bc I just enjoy writing and doesn’t focus that much on views. But great that you tell these problems might be really helpful for other people.

  8. OH WOW. Thank you so much. I was wondering what was up with WordPress. Hmm. Now I know, Ugh, now I need to update the app. I probably should go on a desktop computer more. 🙁

    1. Yeah every time there is an update there are glitches. By the way, your username isn’t attached to your site. You should link your site to it.

        1. Maybe it could be that but it could also be because WP is aware of the glitches and fix them over time. They just pretend they don’t know about the glitches lol.

  9. Thanks for this I wasn’t aware of the issue, but will check my site to ensure all posts load correctly. Hope you are eventually able to share your struggle, if that would be of help to you. 🙂

  10. No problems here – other than the constant one of upgrades and different devices and platforms all doing things differently. Generally, I trust the internet and social media to be unreliable. In other words – untrustworthy.

  11. I have to say the search function of the WP has never been great. I often have trouble bringing somebody (who commented on me for the first time) into my reader. I have to try search in several different ways in order to find this person. And several people just never come up in the reader for some very strange reasons.

    1. Yup I absolutely agree. The search bar is so vital but it’s something WP neglects to make better. It’s the same for me, some people just don’t make it on my Reader, even when I search for them.

  12. Great quote Pooja!
    Oh the on going WP saga .. it’s so frustrating… but now that you got our attention. i wanna know what you can’t tell us but we’ll find out. I’ll keep checking 🤣

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