Mental Health To-Do List For 2023

Mental Health To Do List

Mental Health To-Do List For 2023

This year has had its ups and downs for me. My mental health has also had its ups and downs. I went back to therapy and it’s really been helping. But I still have some tough days occasionally. As I always say, mental health problems never really go away for most people. It’s something you have to constantly stay on top of. And that’s what I thought I would create a mental health to-do list for 2023 to help me stay on top of my mental health. And hopefully it will help others out there trying to do the same. If you’re one of those people feel free to use this list as a guide or even just to use it as it is.

Know Your Triggers And How To Handle Them

I was talking to a fellow blogger and about this since she had written this post about triggers. I’ve found that it’s extremely important to know your triggers and how to deal with them. This can save so much time and energy and can really help your mental health. I would recommend writing them down and then seeing how you can best deal with them. This is something I’m working on with my therapies that has helped me a lot with my mental health.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve noticed that my mental health is at its best when I’m at my best. Having a healthy lifestyle helps keep you at your best and can do wonders for mental health. Recently, I have been trying to eat healthier, sleep better and do at least some exercise everyday even if it’s just taking a little walk. Yoga and meditation are also super beneficial. Having a healthy lifestyle is one thing I really want to stick with in 2023.

Do What Makes You Happy

Another mental health goal I have for 2023 is that I want to do more things that I enjoy or that make me happy. I started working full-time for the first time this year. And as fun has that has been I also feel like I was sort of putting too much time into working. I want to spend a bit more time relaxing next year. For example, I have a very long TBR list that I want to work on in 2023. I also want to work on my art more. I had promised myself that I would create two canvas paintings this year but didn’t do any.

Cut Out The Toxicity

I want to do more things that make me happy and less of what makes me unhappy. That means cutting out toxic people, things, behaviours etc. I’m not saying that I’l be pooping rainbows and butterflies all year. I’m sure there will be some toxicity in 2023 but I’ll try my best to avoid it when possible. I’m not a fan of toxic positivity either so it’s not just negative toxic behaviour that I will be cutting out.

Try New Things

I really want to try more new things next year! I want to dye my hair, learn to play guitar better, go out more, eat new foods, make new dishes and more. Life is short and I don’t want it to fly by without me ever doing anything in my life.


So this is my little mental health to-do list for 2023. I thought I would blog about it to help me stick with it. And in case it helps anyone else out there trying to improve their mental health.

Do you have a mental health to-do list for 2023? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your take on this. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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95 responses to “Mental Health To-Do List For 2023”

  1. This is a great list! I’m simplifying my life a lot this holiday while creating a schedule (sort of… more on this in the new year). Being healthy and getting back to the weight I want to be is my goal… I have about 20lbs to lose which isn’t too bad. I didn’t accomplish my goal weight in 2022 so excuses no more. I worked out for an hour today for the first time in forever and it feels great! My feet are really sore but it’s a good sore.

    As for toxic positivity, I’m not a fan of it either. I’m very blunt and will tell you I feel like shit if I do. I do like cute things that make me smile (eg. hello kitty, animal crossing) and don’t find this stuff to be toxic. However, affirmations tend to be strung with toxic positivity laced between the words so I stay away from positive affirmations unless I truly need them to face a particular hurdle. Wow, this is turning into an essay!

    Great list, I enjoyed reading your blog post! 🙌

    1. 🐰🐼🐸🐇🐁 here are some cute things for you.
      Best wishes on your weight loss journey, you got this. 💥⚡🌀

      1. Thank you, Devang! These are very cute indeed! 🌸 🍓 🐇 🎀

    2. Thanks so much! Those are good goals to have. I had a difficult time with schedules but working forced me into one and that’s actually helped a lot. And that’s definitely not too much weight to lose so I’m sure you’ll achieve your weight loss goal with a bit of healthy eating and exercise.

      Yes, toxic positivity is super toxic. I don’t think you need to be happy and positive all the time. We all experience negative feelings and that’s okay.

  2. I love this list for the New Year! I find it’s all the things on my mental list too. Wishing you and your readers a wonderful New Year!

    1. That’s great and happy new year to you too!

      1. Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you

        1. To you as well!

  3. Just a note on hair dying. Child #3 could not wait to be old enough to dye his hair. His hair is medium to dark brown and had to be bleached first. Once it was bleached, his sister dyed it. It was fine for a while, but eventually faded to the bleached-out look. He really wishes he would have never dyed it.

    I’ve seen some beautiful dye jobs.amd some not so beautiful. Dark hair is difficult. It is best to have a reputable professional work on your hair. They do this all the time and know what to do!

    1. Thanks, that’s fantastic advice because I’ve seen a lot of people dye their own hair and it turns out not great. Especially if you bleach it first because it can permanently damage your hair. I plan on going to a hairstylist (the person who cut my hair this year!) and get a colour where I won’t have to bleach my hair first.

  4. With this willpower and determination to stay on top of the mental health issue, you will definitely succeed in defeating this disorder. Our prayers and good wishes are with you, Pooja.
    A very good list, and helpful for all those who have been suffering from mental health issues.
    Stay healthy, strong and blessed.

    1. Thank you so much. Really appreciate that.

  5. These are solid points !
    At first these may look very simple, but these are leading towards a better mental health. Glad to know them, I hope you have a time that’s less stressful and more happy and you find time for what you’ve planned.
    I will wait to see those Canvas and would wait to hear guitar from you in 2023.
    Sending you some sunshine ☀️, I hope that’s not what we call toxic positivity 😬
    If I think of things that makes my mental health better, rn I can only think of blogging, workout , book reading and Netflix.
    I want to do more of it in 2023.
    Keep shining PG 🤗

    1. Thanks so much. It’s the simple little things that really matter. No toxic positivity is like if you tell me mental health problems aren’t real and I just need to be more positive 😂
      Good luck with your mental health goals, I think Netflix is on all of ours lol.

      1. Recently I read a book, I can tell you the name of book if you want to know.
        In that book, I’ve learner that we should not ignore the negative feelings or thoughts that we are having. We cannot always be positive, it’s okay to be negative sometimes. We should not ignore what’s wrong with us. By telling ourselves(or others) to be positive, we are ignoring our needs and emotions and then those negative feelings will never be fixed.
        Netflix is in our goals because we are paying for it and the content is top notch. I am enjoying watching Korean, Japanese, american stuff.
        Few months ago I watched a french series. Basically Netflix is giving us diversity. ☺️

        1. What’s the book called? It sounds like it has a great message.
          Yes, Netflix has so much more diversity.

          1. It’s called a subtle art of not giving a fuck by mark manson.
            I enjoy reading self help books.
            What will you watch next?

            1. Oh I’ve heard of that book. Thinking of Alice in Borderland cos I heard it’s good. From you as well I think.

  6. Hey pooja, therapy is where it’s at, and I just finished making posts for 2022 and have a goals post coming in the next few days!

    1. That’s awesome and yeah therapy is so beneficial!

  7. I loved your too do list, full of positivity and hope to do better!
    Wishing you all the good luck, Pooja😊

    1. Thank you so much!

  8. Definitely will pinch some points from this list Pooja… It’s a great list and sometimes it’s just good having someone spell it out to you… Thanks you… 🤗

    1. Thanks and of course feel free to 🤗

  9. Great tips! My mental health is going to my priority next year. Also, I want to dye my hair too! New year, new me hahaha

    1. Haha nice, do you have a colour picked out for your hair? I was thinking purple for mine.

      1. I have been itching to dye my hair red… Like dark cherry red…🍒 Maybe after getting a haircut, I’ll do it. And purple is cool! Like highlights? Or the entire head?

        1. Ooh that sounds really great, I had a friend with that exact hair colour and it looked great. I’m thinking highlights for now. Like ombre highlights. What about you?

          1. I actually want to color my entire head.. I already have the underneath of my hair bleached…like Narcissa Malfoy.. Lol.. I’m kinda tired of it now.

            1. Ooh that would look so cool, fully red hair always looks really great. I’m literally too scared to bleach my hair lol. I already have thin hair and don’t want to damage it even more.

              1. It does damage your hair but with proper care, it’ll revive back! Besides it’s just highlights… So I say go for it! Really looking forward to seeing you with your new hair in 2023!

                1. Yeah if I absolutely need to bleach it for a colour I want I’ll just go for it. Thanks and I’m excited to see yours too!

  10. Great post! I dislike how some or a majority have this one size fits all approach to mental health. It is a day to day thing that is constantly changing based on each person. Thank you for mentioning that and suggestion options. I’ll keep this in mind 🙂

    1. Thanks and absolutely each person differs. Mental health is something everyone handles differently and experiences differently.

  11. Now that you mention it, I do have a To-do list for 2023. I want to learn something new (I’m looking at artistic skills like drawing and painting), I want to focus on growing my blog more. Oh, and I’m also going to finish a book that’s been pending since 2020 (facepalm)
    I love your list, and I want to try new things as well!

    1. Oh nice, hope you share some drawings and paintings with us. Good luck with your list!

      1. Thank you, and I definitely will!

        1. You’re very welcome!

  12.     Good points. It’s food for thought. Ooops, that cliché makes me hungry. Everything for me triggers hunger. But a diet of thought doesn’t always seem satisfying except for maybe a good *****&#* fantasy perhaps.
        Toxic positivity has gotten me to do everything badly. The praise of the untalented can be harmful with each failure triggering anxiety. Everything triggers me: I immediately remembered falsely the horse named “Trigger.” I thought it was “Lone Ranger’s” horse. It was actually Roy Rogers horse. It was born in 1934 as “Golden Cloud” and renamed by Rogers as “Trigger” because it was quick to learn and move. It probably had a lot of anxiety learning 150 trick cues. But few of us have horse sense to know when to say ‘neigh’ and ‘whinny’. Yikes, I guess the internet is a menace for searches. There were no home computers when I was a kid.
        For the new year I want to experiment with inventing a new recipe for eggplant Parmesan. I’ve been experimenting with new spices. I have to make a lot of failures first because I find it hard to imagine a taste except for a few(even putting a little ground spice on the tongue doesn’t always conjure up what it will taste like in the final product. Anyway, ‘the devil is in the details’ and the Devil seems to get around a lot.
        I’ll stop now because I’m hungry again and I don’t want to eat a horse (or a cow, or….).

    1. Haha it’s okay to eat a lot as long as you eat healthy or don’t have an eating disorder.
      Oh, I used to love eggplant Parmesan. When I was still eating dairy I ate it a lot after I realised I could eat eggplants again. I used to be allergic but it went away. I tried to make vegan versions which were okay too. Not as good as the real thing though, not going to lie.

  13. Love your mental health to-do list! And thanks for mentioning my post ❤️

    1. You’re so welcome, it’s a post I think my readers would enjoy too. Thank! 😊

  14. I do not have a mental health list for 2023, so I bookmarked yours to refer back to! 😊 So excited to get back on track with eating good foods…it will be a struggle starting again with all this sugar in my body from the holidays…but I’ll get there!

    1. Awesome, I hope it helps! The holidays ruined my diet too since I ate a few oily dishes even though I was avoiding oil. We’ll get there for sure, new year new start!

  15. Looks like a very good, smart list to me!

  16. Sounds good. Triggers – yeah. I’m working on that one. All of what you say makes sense – it’s not just one thing; but all are interconnected and can impact one another. And it isn’t easy – it’s hard.

    1. I absolutely agree, it’s very difficult. Good luck with your triggers. It’s difficult but worth it because you can control your emotions better moving forward.

  17. Knowing what triggers you is a HUGE help. Great post Pooja

    1. I totally agree, it helps so much!

  18. Knowing your triggers are imperative for sure and having some healthy ways to deal with things are vital. Glad you’re doing well … we all need to stay on top of these things. 💗

    1. I so agree, thanks so much 😊

      1. Of course! ❣️

  19. Nice to do list and so important. Sleep, eating well and knowing our trigger so important

    1. Thanks so much and I so agree.

  20. Awesome guide for managing our mental health triggers for 2023
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks so much and happy to share it.

      1. Maybe you can write about your new year in your next article for us all to enjoy

        1. Yes, I am hoping to do that soon.

          1. I am anxious to read that post

              1. Keep writing we all love to read your articles

                1. Thanks, really appreciate the support.

                  1. Easy way to repay you for the awesome articles you provide to help your readers like me

                    1. Thanks, you’re too kind.

                    2. I try to be nice and help others succeed

                    3. That’s really nice of you.

                    4. How are you today

                    5. Good, how about you?

                    6. Doing well thank you for asking

  21. I LOVE this Pooja! Cutting out toxicity is definitely something I’ve tried to do towards the end of this year, and hopefully I can implement it in 2023 too! 💗 Also so sorry I haven’t been up to date on your posts, I’ve missed some great ones!

    1. Thanks so much! That’s totally okay and happy to see you here again 😊

  22. […] Pooja, told you I had one of these set to post! […]

  23. I am a new blogger and came across your blog. I love this post x

    1. Thanks so much, so happy to hear that.

  24. Loved your post. It’s really a great list of things to do.

    1. Thanks so much.

  25. My mental health checklist has two things: Keep up how things have been going after my brain rest, and get back on the road again. Someday, I will be ready to get back on the horse(less carriage) and I’ll work on getting ready for it in the meantime

    1. I wish you all the best for both of those. It will take some time since this was such a traumatic experience for you but I have no doubt that you’ll get back on the road again.

  26. This is absolutely great! I said that I was going to start drawing again, create something on my canvas that I bought but still hasn’t. I plan to though this coming year. I started meditating more early in the morning, and resting early at night. Still working on my eating habits though, I suppose I will get there, it just takes hard work to change from bad to good eating habits. Well, I hope and pray for better mental health in the coming year. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much. Hopefully we can both create some art next year. I’ll pray for your better mental health too. Have a great weekend as well.

  27. I really like your mental-health to do list. I need to do mine too. There is so much delicious food on the holidays, it’s difficult to say no. But that’s what exercise and dieting is for. That’s the plan for my 2023. I also plan to write and blog a lot more. Trying to make it a priority along with my writing. I hope it works. Hope you had a good New Year’s eve too.

    1. Thanks so much and good luck with yours. Yeah it’s hard to resist but like you said you can combat it with exercise. I did and hope you have a great 2023.

        1. You’re very welcome.

  28. I think “know your trigger” is really important. I know I have serious triggers that can often make me over-react to a situation especially when other people say or do something that remind me of my parents. I would have very negative response to it. I remember once in college, my roommate asked me, “why do you get up so early today”. Somehow it triggered me and I ended up yelling at her.

    1. Yes, I’m like that too. I get very emotional due to some triggers. We sometimes end up taking it out and projecting our issues. That’s why its important to know our triggers and avoid them as best we can.

      1. So true. The balance of self control and emotional outlet is really important. And I really think writing helps. When one writes, one can exercise control, analysis, expression in a more structured way.

        1. I so agree, writing helps a lot. It’s a way of passively expressing ourselves.

  29. A great article. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much.

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