Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Review

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

I recently wanted Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and wanted to write a review for it. The movie is a sequel for Knives Out, a movie I watched a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would absolutely recommend it. However, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was a different story. Here are my thoughts on it.

Disclaimer: The rest of the post contains spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. If you would like to avoid spoilers for this movie please don’t read ahead.


Hated it. Awful. The plot had so much so much potential but it went south almost instantly. The start was long and unnecessarily boring. It dragged on for what felt like forever. The second half moved much faster but led to a number of plot holes. I wish I could say the end was great and tied everything together but it just did not. It made everything so much worse. The writers/director was trying to give us a super satisfying ending but it was just the opposite of that.

One of the biggest issues I had with this movie was how insanely unrealistic it was. The reason I had enjoyed the original Knives Out movie was because it was so clever and realistic. It was very down to earth. This one just strayed too far from he original and got rid of everything we loved from the original Knives Out movie. I get that the director wanted to bring out his own vision but maybe he should have made his own movie instead of ruining the Knives Out legacy.

The dialogues were so trash as well. I mean, the stupid pop culture references in an attempt to please both Gen z/young millennials as well as the older generations were just sad. One or two pop culture references would have been fun. A movie filled with them is just annoying. It gives away the fact that no time or effort was put into the script. Clearly, the movie was just made to make as many people watch it as possible to rake in as much money as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I got the satire, the references etc. I know Miles was supposed to be like another formerly richest man in the world that bought a social media site because he got tired of being bullied on it by teenagers. And I know Duke was supposed to be like Joe Rogan et al. And then there’s the typical airhead influencer and the politician that pretends like she cares but she just wants the votes. I get all that. It just didn’t hit in my opinion. Like I said, there was so much potential. But Rian Johnson butchered it.


Again, just awful. I hated almost every character. They had so many famous faces in the movie. All of whom are fantastic actors and actresses. And somehow they still managed to ruin it. None of the actors and actresses properly matched their roles except Janelle Monàe. She brought both her characters to life and played them perfectly. She was one of the very few good things about this movie.

The character of Detective Benoit Blanc (played by Daniel Craig) got absolutely butchered in this movie. He was the main character and the detective in the last Knives Out movie too (where he did a great job!). But he said and did things in this movie I could never have pictured him doing. He was a totally different person than he was in Knives Out. If he was “the greatest detective in the world” as the movie claimed, why was Janelle Monàe’s character doing all the detective work?? And why was she better at it than he was? Just so ridiculous and far-fetched.


In the end, all I can say is that this movie was incredibly mid. The plot was mid, the characters were mid, the directing was mid, the writing was mid. Just everything was so horribly done. And the saddest part is that it could have been something great. The plot has so much potential, they had fantastic actors and actresses. This could have been even better than Knives Out. It could have been one of the biggest movies of this year. It was like they found the needle in the haystack and then threw it back into the hay.

I was already not a fan of Rian Johnson because of his Star Wars movie. But I thought I would give him a chance. Obviously that was a mistake. And now I will be avoiding any movie he has anything to do with till the end of time. If I could un-watch this movie I would. That’s two hours and nineteen minutes of my life I will never get back.

I rarely write such harsh reviews. If you have read most of my reviews they are pretty positive even when I dislike something. I always try to find some good. But this was beyond that. I could barely find anything I liked about it. And I would not recommend this ridiculous, far-fetched, wannabe murder mystery movie to anyone ever. I’ll give it a 1/5 simply because of Janelle Monàe’s performance. So, I guess that is my Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery review. I’m sorry if it was kind of a downer but I wanted to be honest. If you still would like to see Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery for yourself, it is available on Netflix.

PS. My sister told me to add that she watched about 10 minutes of the movie and left the room because she didn’t want to waste her time. She could tell it was going to suck. Lucky her.

Have you seen Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery? What did you think of it? Did you enjoy it or did you hate it as much as I did?

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82 thoughts on “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Review

  1. This was the movie we watched on Christmas Day. I can tell you nothing about the movie after the boxes were delivered. Like you said it started off slow and boring and by the time it started speeding up I was already nodding in and out of sleep. Finally, I gave up, left everyone and went to bed.

    1. Yeah that was exactly it, like it started out so boring and got so fast towards the end that it left so many questions unanswered. I was half asleep after like a while you lol 😅

  2. I wanted to watch the movie so for the first time I’m avoiding your blog 😬.
    These days I’m watching uncanny counter. Koreans make 1 hour+ long eps 😝.
    I watched 1 Indian movie and an anime show during that.
    Thanks to Netflix 😝

    1. Ok, I will skip it. I have read some comments, then read your blog again. Well, I don’t want to waste my precious time in watching the movie 😝
      I have a huge list and I cannot waste my time in anything egregious.

  3. Haha. Zero ratings then, me thinks. After reading through your review, I still don’t know what the movie was about. A B.O.R.I.N.G waste of time – gotcha – I won’t be watching it. 😅 Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Okay, I was hoping I’d watch both movies because you said to, but now I’ll only aim to watch the first one. Nothing upsets me more than bad mysteries, really

  5. I’m afraid to admit here that I enjoyed the movie. But I can agree with your consensus that the movie was just average (sorry I am too old to use the word mid). I have found Hollywood to be lazy these days (don’t get me started on the Marvel franchise). I don’t get what is up with the trend of doing movies that just rely on the use of big star names and satire (i.e. Don’t Look Up). Give it some substance! And also I just want to roll my eyes at the political commentary like those actors/directors/etc aren’t also in the elite that they are making fun of? I mean we’re the Helens, not them… Also FYI, Rian Johnson wrote and directed the first Knives Out so this is kind of his legacy.

    1. Yeah that’s so true, everyone in that movie and Rian Johnson is worth millions. Hollywood has definitely gotten lazier. Maybe the jokes didn’t hit for me because they were written by someone who is part of the elite. I genuinely didn’t know he wrote/directed the first one. How crazy that this one was so different. I truly loved the first one.

    2. Yeah Hollywood stuff is getting mundane. These days I’m exploring Korean shows, they have something exciting to offer.
      As you’ve Netflix, I can recommend some good shows 😀

  6. Since I may be one of the few people who didn’t see the original, I was viewing the movie as a stand-alone piece. True, some of the dialogue and acting was a little exaggerated and over the top, but it did seem to follow the who-dunnit mystery genre by giving us red-herrings and getting us totally off track. Once I was invested I wanted to see the ending, and I did get satisfaction from that. I found Janelle Monàe to be the best part of the entire movie. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this amazing actress!

    1. I guess since it was the first “Knives
      Out” movie you watched you may not have noticed the differences etc. I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes Janelle Monàe was amazing in it!

  7. I think I enjoy writing comments more than writing a blog post. Though I’m full confident I’ll write an outstanding, well organised and full engaging post one day.

    So thank you for sharing this post Pooja. 😁✨

    I feel like I’m fully packed with a good ammount of thoughts. And need to release some space, to pick, and work on selected topics.

    1. Yes, the comments are always a lot of fun. I sometimes enjoy chatting more than writing posts too lol. I have no doubt you’ll write a great post soon.

  8. It’s definitely different from the first. Wayyyy different. I thought there were some redeemable moments, but it didn’t compare to the first.

  9. I have never heard of this movie before, but the title sounds boring. I know for certain that is a movie I will never watch. Sorry you had to suffer through that. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  10. I loved it. Seeing such great actors together alone was fun. I’m not a fan of Daniel Craig except for a few movies but this one was hilarious. Edward Norton will forever get praise from me too. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. Maybe the next one in the series will do better. Happy New Year!

  11. Haha, “unwatch” is such a nice word. I love it as much as I love “unlearn”. Love your not so positive review and it is quite entertaining. I guess at the beginning I almost think of watching the Knife out first installment, but then you mentioned an actor, whom I am not too crazy about. He was very arrogant, especially when he came to Asia for one of his movie promotions. I hated him ever since and I swore I would never watch a narcissist’s movie. Well, I guess he was just making his arrogance obvious while others know how to conceal it. Maybe I should not be so harsh on him.

    1. Is it Daniel Craig? I don’t like most of his movies and have only seen Knives Out and one James Bond movie with him in it. If it’s him I’ll start avoiding him too lol. I don’t like it when famous people behave that way and they need to be held accountable.

      1. You are so quick and insightful. I don’t have those Asian channels at home, but once in a party at somebody’s home, I watched a bit of it and he came in, behaving so reluctant and indifferent and detached among the big cheers from the fans that I had to quit watching. I mean I guess he didn’t want to be there but obligated to for the purpose of film promotions. I guess I’ve been probably unfair since actors can be overworked and a bit of narcissistic. Other actors are that way too and I just by chance caught a glimpse of him since I don’t usually follow these things. LOL. I really need to practice forgiveness and kindness more. Haha, live and learn. Be kind to ourselves and be kind to others.

        1. That’s so sad. Yes, some actors are just bigheaded narcissists and I can definitely imagine him being that way. Well, I never liked his movies except Knives Out (in which I liked his role the least lol) so you’re not missing anything.

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