Some Announcements For January

Some Announcements For January

As you guys know, January is going to be a very crazy month for me. I have so many new clients this year, I have my cousins wedding, the poetry book I’m part of coming out and so much more. I just wanted to write a short post to give you more insight about my month of January and everything going on.

January Posting Schedule

January is going to be somewhat of a chaotic month for me. I’ve mentioned this on a few of my posts but one of my cousins is getting married. Since we’re first cousins I sort of have to be there for everything. And as you may or may not know, Indian weddings are kind of insane. There are so many different things that happen before the actual wedding. So when it comes to January, my blogging schedule will depend on when I have time to post, respond to comments etc. I may post on days I don’t usually post i.e Sundays and I may not post on days I do generally post on. For example, I won’t be posting on Friday the 13th this week i.e tomorrow. Not because I’ll be outside with a chainsaw like Jason, but because I’m busy with preparing some stuff for the wedding. I will however post on Saturday and maybe Sunday. And the last week of January may have very few posts from me.

My apologies but real life and work comes first. And if I try to do everything I know my mental health will suffer. So, I would rather post less often for a few days.


As I mentioned on my post about my goals for 2023, I have decided to start a YouTube channel. I don’t know how active I’ll be on it to be honest. Because YouTube and social media aren’t really my priority. But there are some things I want to share that would be best for YouTube rather than any other platform I’m currently on.

I had asked you guys about the name of my channel. But in the end I decided to just call it “Lifesfinewhine by Pooja.” Not because you guys didn’t come up with some great ideas. But because of SEO reasons. People already associate me with Lifesfinewhine. So when they search for me, they’re likely just going to search Lifesfinewhine. And I want my channel to come up when that happens.

Book Release

Hidden In Childhood Gabriela Marie Milton

As I mentioned on an earlier post, one of my poems was recently accepted and will be published in this anthology called Hidden In Childhood: A Poetry Anthology. I just wanted to let everyone know that it will be published towards the end of January. I’m honestly super excited and also nervous since my poem is quite personal.

So, this was my little January update post. Hope this clears things up. Expect me to be a bit chaotic this month and apologies if I can’t visit your blogs as often as I generally do.

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103 thoughts on “Some Announcements For January

  1. So many going on with you.
    Best of luck.
    These days Indian weddings are not as same as it once were.
    They have made it more like a circus.
    I love the traditions and cultural values in old Indian weddings. Maybe, I’ll try something like that.
    Just a personal thing, but will you share pics from the wedding? That would be great?
    Where’s the weeding? India? 🤔
    You coming to India.
    I’m waiting for your YT patiently.
    Take care, enjoy the Friday

    1. Yes, these days the weddings are much too extravagant. Luckily this one is quite simple but it’s still a lot for an introvert like me lol.
      Lol no, it’s in Kenya.

  2. Oh my gosh, you have so much going on this month!! Hope you have a wonderful time with the wedding preparation and wedding and awesome to hear about your work getting published in an anthology.
    Take care and hope you have fun with all the good things going on in your life!

  3. Wishing you best of luck for your YouTube channel and publication of your poem.
    You have made a good decision by naming your YouTube channel as Lifesfinewhine, since this name has already become a trade mark in the internet, and it will be easier for people to find your channel with the same name. I hope you manage to give time to your channel once it is launched.
    Finally, enjoy the wedding of your cousin to the fullest as such events are really wonderful and only the people living in the subcontinent can know their true worth.

  4. Ahh such an exciting month Pooja! Honestly I totally understand what you said about Indian weddings (fellow south Asian here 😆) Ahh I’m so excited for your YouTube channel launch and the poem!

  5. I love Indian weddings! They’re so colourful, and one thing I’ve noticed about indians is that they don’t miss out a chance to go all out with decorations and all that (i may be wrong though 😅). Good luck with the wedding! Can’t wait for your YT channel, and congrats again with getting published! Wishing you all the best!

    1. Yes, Indians really go all our with everything including the outfits, decorations etc. It’s definitely very fun although a bit exhausting. Thanks so much!

  6. All the best for everything, hope you have a great time at the wedding. Would love to read you poem, and even i want to start a YouTube channel for my artworks and creativity since a long time.
    Excited to see you there too!

  7. “I’m honestly super excited and also nervous since my poem is quite personal.”

    Now keep thinking about the readers response to your personal poem, throughout the wedding.
    I’m kidding. Don’t take it personal.

    My best wishes to you for this “Extremely cool and excited” month of January.✨✨

    1. Thanks so much. I hope the YT is successful but I think WP will always be my priority so I don’t know how much time I’ll have for YT. But I feel like sometimes it’s the right platform for certain things like videos.

  8. Your month is surely exciting! Wish you the best for your YouTube channel and I hope you enjoy alot at your cousins wedding. Also looking forward to the poem✍️

  9. Indian weddings are so beautiful! I once shot (photographer) an Indian wedding which I had never been a part of, and wow, 🤩 anyway, I hope your January is wonderful and you find some down time for yourself to relax as well!!

  10. I’ve followed you for almost a decade (probably an exaggeration 🤣) across several different blogs and these new developments are exciting! I’m intersted in seeing you branch out to YouTube because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but feel very awkward about recording myself. I started streaming for a couple years starting around COVID-times, but that ended in a pretty terrible event so I’m a bit wary.

    Anyway, hope your month goes well and definitely take care of yourself first. We’ll be here. 😊

    1. Thank you so much for sticking with Lifesfinewhine 😊 Yes, it can be awkward especially if it didn’t work out well last time. But I think you should just try it out again and if it works out that’s great and if not you can always stop. At least you’ll have tried again. Thanks 😊

  11. Enjoy Pooja! I used to have an Indian man living next to me where I grew up and he got married and invited us to their wedding. If there was one wedding that stands out in memory, that was it. It was s very Westernised wedding but it had pops of Indian colour and culture, totally unforgettable. I hope you have fun!

  12. Congrats on the poem and I am sure you will find some time to use YouTube as something different to try. You are so right that real life should come first and is sometimes about quantity rather than quality, which can only be kept high if it doesn’t drown you in work. Hope your cousin has a “kind of insane” wedding and I hope you have a good time there too 🙂 🎉

  13. Yes, I’ve watched videos about Indian weddings and they do look so much like a big festival. Oh, it is such a busy schedule for you and I hope you will take good care of yourself while juggling everything…

  14. *I’m secretly glad you’re keeping this name for your YouTube* 😜 I was thinking the same thing re. this is what people will search for, even though I like the uniqueness of it. Weddings are fun, and congrats again on the poem. 🙂

  15. Congratulations on the upcoming book! That’s amazing that your poem was accepted.
    Have fun with the wedding festivities! I’d love to know more about what is imvolved.

  16. So many amazing plans for January! Enjoy your cousin’s wedding without worrying about the blog and let us know when you have started your Youtube channel and when the book is published!

  17. Sounds like you are going to be very busy. For some reason, January is a busy month. Every month is busy for me. I’m trying to get my blog and writing going. I’ve tried a couple of new things to get more traffic. I’m writing my book too. Just telling my story. I hope things start going better.

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