A Lesson Has Been Learnt

I Did Not, In Fact, Learn A Lesson

You may have noticed that I did not publish a post yesterday. Or maybe you aren’t as obsessed with me as I am with myself and didn’t even notice. Either way, I’m here to explain what happened and why I didn’t post. Because I didn’t really have any other ideas for what to post today. And because I learnt a lesson I am hoping not to forget for a very long time.

Yesterday, I thought I would treat myself. As you may know by now, I try to eat plant based and oil-free at home. I’ve been doing that for. a few months now. However, I also like to treat myself once in a while. I don’t believe in very strict diets or restrict eating. In my opinion, some junk food is okay once in a while. As long as the majority of your food is healthy.

Well, I went out to eat with my sister and cousin brother yesterday. And ordered an iced coffee. I absolutely love coffee but I know it gives me anxiety so I try to avoid it. However, I really wanted one yesterday and ordered it. Bad idea. It gave me so much anxiety especially after a few hours. The entire night I was crazy anxious and on the verge on a panic attack. I couldn’t sleep all night. I took some CBD oil and did some breathing exercises which helped but I was still pretty anxious. It only helped a little.

I had such an awful evening and night I have honestly promised myself I am never drinking coffee again lol. And that’s why there was no post, I was too anxious to write. Or do anything really. Let’s just say, lesson very much learnt.

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139 responses to “A Lesson Has Been Learnt”

  1. Thinking of you 💚💗💜

    1. Thank you 💕

  2. Oh, that stinks! I love my iced coffee! Maybe iced herbal tea?

    1. Yeah, I usually go for tea but for some reason I decided to get coffee which was a huge mistake lol!

  3. I get it. Caffeine gives me migraines. Every now and then I forget how bad they can be and drink Pepsi. Glad you are feeling better.

    1. Yeah, I generally avoid caffeine too but occasionally I forget lol. Thanks.

  4. Someone recently put me onto an app… naturalis, I think. I have ordered plant based products from it twice now. Am into noni and noni juice, but looking at a number of things to do with my health history

    1. Oh nice, I eat/drink plant based too.

  5. Have you tried decaffeinated coffee products? I can’t do caffeinated, I have to have decaf coffee and decaf coffee products. Although there’s still a bit of caffeine, there isn’t nearly as much as there is in caffeinated products.

    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better today, and that you are less anxious.

    1. Yeah I generally have decaf but I kind of missed caffeine and made the very bad decision to have some 😅 Thanks, I think it’s out of my system because I’m okay now.

      1. 🙏🏾💙

  6. I get decaffeinated coffee if i am in a cafe! There is enough stimulation already and the caffeine levels in drinks from cafes vary wildly so you don’t know what to expect.

    1. Yeah some make it with some much caffeine and some are okay so it’s I guess it’s always good to be careful.

  7. I’m so sorry this wonderful beverage mixed with your anxiety so! That must be discouraging. What other drinks do you really enjoy? Smoothies? Milkshakes?

    1. Thanks so much and I guess I’ll be sticking with decaf or milkshakes from now on!

  8. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope all of that is over now.

    1. Thanks and yeah I’m okay now.

  9. I hear you sister, I quit drinking coffee in my late 20s for the same reason, now I had to drink alcohol in my late 30s for the same reason. Well, no coffee or alcohol for me any more, getting better and better every day, haha

    1. Yeah I so get it, I feel like I’ll quit alcohol soon too lol. I guess it gets easier over time to live without them.

  10. Maybe it’s time to switch to decaf? I feel for you. I guess sometimes we learn our bodies can not handle something is by experiencing a bad reaction. 😕

    1. Yeah, I generally drink decaf but decided to drink the normal one this time which obviously was not a great idea lol.

      1. Ah, that explains a lot! Your system had become unused to handling caffeine and it sent your body into overdrive!

        1. Yes, exactly!

  11. Until fairly recently I had no idea that caffeine could affect a person’s mental health. I heavily restrict my intake now and the difference is incredible, so I totally sympathise.

    1. Yeah, it makes a big difference especially with anxiety. I stopped drinking caffeine a long time ago but will occasionally treat myself which maybe I need to stop.

  12. Have you tried coffee substitutes?

    1. Yeah, I generally have decaf.

  13. Yes I obviously noticed that you were missing yesterday
    And “enjoying” your coffee 😝

    I’m not obsessed or anything 😂, but the major reason why I use WP in the morning is LIFESFINEWHINE. I admire your work and you and it gives me positive energy throughout the day.

    I’m sorry about your experience dear, please take care 🌼🔆

    1. Aw thanks and don’t worry I’m okay now 😊

  14. Ah! That stinks that happened. Anxiety blows. Hope you’re doing better now. 💞

    1. Yeah for sure and thanks I’m okay now 😊

  15. Oh, it’s good that you’ve promised to never have it again!
    Take care😊

    1. Thanks so much!

  16. Sorry to read you had a terrible night. I stopped drinking coffee over a year ago. Take care.

    1. Thanks and I usually avoid coffee too but couldn’t resist this time. Lesson learnt haha.

      1. I understand. Sometimes the temptation is too great! I love a hot Chai and that has a good amount of caffeine too.

        1. Unfortunately, chai makes me anxious too due to the caffeine. So I stick with decaf coffees and teas.

  17. Some people are allergic or sensitive to particular food or drink. It’s better to avoid them.

    1. Yeah, I’m not allergic but caffeine isn’t for me for sure.

  18. Wow! I hope you are feeling better. I drank a hot cup of coffee at work with chocolate and cream, I could not stay still for one minute. I was so wound up, but when I got off work and came home, I could not sleep. I finally laid down around three this morning. Normally, It helps me to relax, but I guess I made it too strong.

    1. I have completely cut off tea and coffee for the same reasons even though I love them both. Anxiety just sucks, sorry you felt that way. It’s the worst. Take care boo.

      1. Thanks, and I will.

      2. Tea isn’t too bad for me but coffee just makes me feel awful. And I think this one was like particularly strong. Thanks hon! 💕

    2. Thanks so much. Yeah I think the issue is much worse when it’s too strong. Occasionally I do drink caffeine but rarely have a reaction this bad.

  19. I understand the feeling. I tried a really strong coffee years ago. Wasn’t a great experience. Avoided it ever since.

    1. Yeah, I think the coffee was too strong and that’s why I had such a reaction.

      1. Same. My hand was shaking after.

  20. I haven’t tried this iced coffee… (As am not allowed to!)
    Sorry to hear that you had a terrible night!

    1. Thanks and it’s delicious but not worth the aftermath!

  21.     Yes, I missed you. I’m sorry you were so anxious. The vagueness of anxiety is such a mystery to me. But I have the opposite problem. I feel anxious when I DON’T have coffee. I use instant coffee. The recommended amount is 1 teaspoon per cup of water. I start with 3 teaspoons (tablespoon). I don’t want to get up at all without it. Coffee is the first thing I do in the morning. However, I do remember not to have any at least four hours before bedtime. It’s an odd thing though, some people talk about decaf but it’s never been about taste — I can feel the difference. Actually there’s only one brand of real coffee that I don’t like the taste of, and even that one I’d drink in an emergency. There was shortage once and I drank super over-brewed tea. But actually tea upsets my stomach.
        So anyway, I hope you feel better and can make yourself some really delicious food with the best of ingredients however you define it. Happy yum and glorious days.

    1. I was like that and drank coffee daily but over time I had to stop all caffeine and I think my tolerance has gotten very low so strong coffee affects me a lot. I love tea though I’m okay with that. Thanks so much.

  22. Get well soon

    1. Thanks so much.

  23. you were missed😋

    take care, Pooja 🤍

    1. Thanks so much 😊

      1. You welcome 🤍

  24. This treat proved to be too costly in the end. Let’s hope that there will be no repeat of such like “treat” on your part since the lesson has been learnt.
    Thinking of you, Pooja. Stay blessed.

    1. Yes, lesson definitely learnt. Thanks so much.

  25. cheap red meats
    except for the next three fridays of course

  26. Anxiety is tough… sorry that happened! Welcome back, hopefully you’re feeling better today.

    1. Thanks and yeah I’m totally fine now. I think it’s out of my system.

      1. That’s good.

  27. I love coffee too, but it hurts my tummy! I just started a mushroom coffee replacement. Sorry you had such a tough day.

    1. Yeah, I heard about mushroom coffee but haven’t tried it yet. Do you like it?

      1. Yes, I do! I have the Ryze Mushroom Chicory. It tastes like weak coffee to me and comes with coconut creamer.

        1. Interesting, I’ll see what’s available in my area and try mushroom coffee if possible.

  28. I’m glad to hear you’re better now.

    1. Thanks so much 😊

  29. I hope you’re doing a bit better Pooja
    Sending you much love 💙

    1. I am, thanks so much 💕

  30. Oh my that’s a hard lesson to learn but it’s good you know the correlation. I love coffee but am down to one cup a day because of the effects. I am glad you’re feeling better.

    1. Thanks and yeah a hard lesson to learn but that means I won’t forget it any time soon. I’m okay now, thank you.

  31. Oh my! So sorry to hear that. Hope you feel a bit better today 🌺

    1. Thanks so much and luckily I’m totally okay now 😊

  32. Hope you’re okay now💞

    1. I am, thank you 😊

  33. Glad you’re better. By default I like organic food and luckily you can find organic food sellers round every corner in Kampala. I do treat myself to junk maybe once a week. Not a sweet tooth so I only really get cakes and cookies n stuff like that on outings or celebrations. I too don’t believe in restrictive diets, unless your health is on the ropes. Sorry 4 over sharing 😅

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, they’re quite readily available in Nairobi too which I love. Of course, it’s okay to have treats sometimes but the important thing is to be healthy the majority of the time. Haha that’s okay, I always enjoy learning more about you 😀

  34. I had an ex girlfriend (or I guess I HAVE an ex… I HAD a girlfriend 😅) who was very sensitive to caffeine like you describe. I’m getting more sensitive to it as I get older but still need it to survive, lol.

    1. I’m okay with a small amount of caffeine but I think this was too strong for me to handle after years of almost no caffeine lol 😅

  35. I hope you’re feeling much better now. 🥺 Coffee is hard to resist sometimes, it looks so yummy lol. but in this case, not worth it. Too much caffeine + sugar does that to me too! :,(

    1. I’m okay now thanks 😊 Yes, coffee is too hard to resist!

  36. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m not a fan of coffee never liked the taste oddly enough though I love to smell it brewing.

    1. I love the taste, smell everything but just can’t drink it unfortunately. Do you like tea?

      1. No, I’m not a tea drinker either. It has to be ice cold with a ton of sugar and lemon.

        1. Oh interesting.

          1. Not to say I don’t get my caffiene I love my Mountain Dew

            1. I love Mountain Dew but stopped drinking it a while back.

  37. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you figured that out. I sometimes wonder how much of the anxiety in my country would be aided by a massive reduction in coffee consumption.

    1. Thanks so much. I guess it would make a big difference because from what I know you guys really enjoy coffee.

      1. Yeah. Americans suffer from a widespread addiction to coffee, sugar, and various other legal substances. Then when those things cause problems, we take prescription medication instead of making dietary adjustments.

        Obviously sometimes (often) prescribed medication is warranted, too, but I always wonder how much less my society might need if we were eating and drinking in a healthy way.

        1. Yeah, I get what you mean. Of course some medication is necessary but some can be avoided by lifestyle and dietary changes.

  38. I’m glad you recovered and understand the problem. How often the mind and body have different opinions. 🤗💕✨

    1. Thanks so much and yes absolutely 😊

  39. Pooja writes her next book — “DEALING MY ANXIETY
    to handle
    The Ghost inside the Coffee cup☕”. Lol.😂😂
    Please take care of yourself. And stay away from coffee, if you feel it’s ‘not okay’ for you.
    Keep smiling. ☺️

    1. Thanks haha yes, I will be avoiding coffee for the foreseeable future 😅

  40. Yeah, even I try to avoid coffee in the evening, it spoils my good night sleep and makes me awake all the night. Glad you are better now 😊

    1. Yes, caffeine can definitely do that. Thanks so much 😊

  41. Bless you. Do be careful with coffee, especially if it brings out severe anxiety. I hope you are feeling better now, maybe treat yourself with something not as bad for your mental health ?

    1. Yeah I’m fine now. I’m definitely going to be careful in the future when it comes to caffeine.

  42. I’m a big fan of coffee, but I have to pace myself because too much is bad news.

    1. Yeah, too much caffeine at once isn’t the best.

  43. Thank you for sharing your experience with coffee, I am not into coffee which is a good thing. Caffeine does the same thing to me, so I opt for herbal tea instead when needing a hot beverage to drink.

    1. I prefer tea as well. From now I’ll be sticking with it haha.

      1. After your last experience with coffee I can undertand your decision, do you have any special teas that your prefer

        1. No, I like most teas.

          1. That is very good, I am much the same way.

  44. Perhaps am abnormal, but the whole craze around coffee and chocolate, I don’t get it. I hate both.

    1. I love both but rarely indulge in either.

  45. I learned that it’s totally normal to have a panic attack after drinking coffee if you aren’t used to it. It happened to me a few years ago. My parents and I had been driving all night and all day, and since I was sharing driving with my Dad, I had some coffee to keep me alert. That was a bad idea too because I had a panic attack that night, which I didn’t need because 16 hours on the road made me completely wiped! When I told my therapist about it, she said it was a big deal that I had coffee, so I’m super careful now!

    1. Oh wow, that sounds like an awful experience. I used to drink coffee daily but stopped eventually because it gave me anxiety. I haven’t drunk caffeine in ages and this was strong coffee so I think I had a particularly bad reaction.

      1. That makes sense. I just realized that I didn’t get notified about this comment. I found it because I was checking to see if the problem was fixed. Not yet, apparently

        1. Oh, hopefully it’s fixed soon though.

  46. Yes, if you don’t drink coffee for a while, you will have a sleepless night when you start drinking coffee again. I remember I was a tea drinker for many years. Then for some reason I stopped. After one or two years, at somebody’s party, I drank several cups of green tea, thinking that it was nothing. Then guess what? I couldn’t sleep that night. When you have occasional insomnia, you can take a sleeping pill. I know you are so young and don’t need sleeping pills in general, but under special circumstances, one pill can help.

    1. Yeah, I haven’t had caffeine in so long and I think that made it so much worse. I’ll be sticking with decaf coffee and tea from now on lol.

  47. What a sad experience, I’m sorry!

    1. Thanks and I’m okay now.

  48. To be honest, I’m happy with myself managing to post regularly every week, never mind every day. Don’t be too rough on yourself.

    1. That’s great and thanks so much.

  49. Oh, wow, Pooja. Ugh, when the thing you love isn’t good for you … I’m glad for this post. It tells me you’re better now.

    1. Unfortunately, many things we love aren’t great for us. Thanks so much and yes I’m okay now.

  50. OH know!!!!!! I’m so sorry you experienced this and I hope you are back to your normal self again. and yes we are totally obsessed with you girlie. How can we not be.

    1. Thanks and yes I’m okay now!

      1. Good! Gald to hear it.

  51. I am the biggest fan of iced coffee!! Oh man, sorry to hear that it causes so much anxiety. Caffeine is weird like that! When I drink espresso I get super jittery, so I don’t go there. I learned my lesson too.
    Hope you are feeling better today.

    1. Yeah caffeine is not for me lol. I’m okay now, thank you.

      1. Dear Pooja so sorry you felt so anxious. My advice is to try Chamomile tea. It certainly has a calming effect on me and sometimes sends me to sleep. Take care. Oriel x

        1. Thanks so much, I drink chamomile tea almost every night and yes it helps so much with sleep/stress/anxiety. I’ve also noticed that it helps with digestion which is always nice.

  52. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better now! It’s true that it’s sometimes hard to resist eating/drinking something even when we know we’re not gonna feel good afterwards. At least you’ve “learnt your lesson”, and maybe you’ll feel better about skipping coffee next time! Take care!

    1. I’m all good now, thank you! And yes definitely learnt my lesson lol!

  53. That sounds miserable. I love coffee too and I’m sorry to hear your day out ended up being so rough in the end. Have you tried dandelion tea? It has no caffeine but people often drink it instead of coffee as it has a somewhat similar flavor!

    1. Oh wow, I’ve never had dandelion tea but it sounds delicious. And I love tea so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

  54. Oh no, sorry to hear about the anxiety 😕 I have to stick to decaff but mostly drink tea. I do remember pulling all nighters with uni deadlines and coffee on tap though and my anxiety wasn’t ever great after that! Hope you’re feeling calmer x

    1. Thanks! I try to stick with decaf or tea as well but I was craving some real coffee lol. Learnt my lesson though 😅

  55. […] while back, I published a post called “A Lesson Has Been Learnt.” This post was about my bodies reaction to having coffee/caffein after such a long time. And […]

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