An Unforeseen Inconvenience

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An Unforeseen Inconvenience

She slowly walked on the sidewalk, making her way to her apartment. Unfortunately for her, work meant that this was her normal routine. Her boss had been working her more and more. She was forced to work till the early hours of the morning almost every day now. And her days were often spent working too. She rarely got more than a couple hours of sleep. And that’s if she was lucky.

She didn’t usually walk this slowly and was the kind of person that always watched her back. She wasn’t stupid, she knew the world was a bad place and you always had to be careful. However, she was exhausted tonight and the crisp night air was refreshing. She breathed it in and took slow steps ahead.

As she walked, she started thinking of her job and her life. She often wished she had a normal job. One that she could tell her parents about. One that would allow her to be in an honest relationship. But circumstances meant she was stuck with this one. It was the only thing she was really good at. And this job and her boss saved her when she had nothing.

Perhaps she was distracted by her thoughts or perhaps it was the lack of sleep but she didn’t realise she was being followed until he grabbed her shoulders and forced her to turn around looking straight at him.

“Give me your money and no one gets hurt.”


“What did you just say to me?”


He lunged towards her with his knife and she quickly moved to the side dodging him and grabbing his wrist forcing him to drop the knife. She twist his arm and he screamed in pain as she swiftly moved behind him holding his neck. One rapid movement later there was a snap and she threw his lifeless body on the floor.

She hated when she had to do her job for free. Didn’t he know she got paid thousands for this? What an annoying unforseen inconvenience.

She shoved her hands back in her pockets and kept walking. More briskly this time but still enjoying the cold air.

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89 thoughts on “An Unforeseen Inconvenience

  1. As I was reading this story, I anticipated that something bad was going to happen. There was a constant feeling of consternation. But, the end was nothing less than a shock. Was she working overtime to confront and kill people? So, she was hired as a hitman. How come she could tell her parents about her job?
    Again a frightening story with unusual ending. You keep surprising us, Pooja.

  2. Lots of possibilities here, could be an interesting novel with the right concept and premise. (Sorry, but I just read Story Fix by Larry Brooks and I am looking at everything through that lens now, lol)

  3. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! I was thinking she worked in retail and something completely asinine was about to be said or done. What a plot twist!

    1. ? She sounds like she gets paid to kill people. I don’t know any prostitute that does. They probably thought they could take advantage of her and she yoinked them.

        1. β€œUsually I don’t work for free.” I assume she’s just an assassin or some kind of bounty hunter, but heck, she could be?

  4. your tales always have a delightful twist, Pooja.
    armed with your imagination, you can be very dangerous, I seeπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰
    lovely 🀍

  5. πŸ˜‚ I was expecting the worst for her but sheesh, she was the worst all along. I love your writing. I was on the edge of my seat.

  6. Woah! I enjoyed every line of it! I understood she was a prostitute and then the twist! Brilliant work, I want more of it! πŸ˜ƒ

  7. Great story. It’s good to know that even an assassin can do good deeds pro bono if the crisp night air is refreshing. And I heard a rumor that she called her friend in the police department about it so he could close a long simmering case of a career criminal mugger and bank robber. He was glad that there was a lot less paperwork that he had to do. With the case closed, they went to lunch, and he suggested that he could tell her Mother that she worked as a “consultant” for him. They laughed and traded more tips.

  8. The lack of sleep and appreciation clearly really got her mixed up. This seems like a tale of morals too though as neither was in the right here and is a pretty shocking story. Sorry I have been absent on your blog for a while, I haven’t been well. Is nothing against you πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ

  9. What a surprise ending. Haha. At first I thought she had to walk home after work, only to realize that her job was nothing ordinary… Brilliant.

  10. That was great. Watching the old black and white movie of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” The skirt wearing woman started to run away and fell down. I told my sister that when they started making women kick peoples butts instead of falling down, I was all for it. I liked how your character was in control the whole time even though she was second guessing herself.

    1. Yes, I too prefer when women start kicking butts instead of being the “damsel in distress.” Thank you. I wanted to portray her as strong and self-reliant/independent.

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