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Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

What’s Up With Me?

Today’s “what’s up with me” isn’t going to be about me. It’s about my sister who has decided to pull an Edgar Allen Poe and made enemies with a bird that she thinks is plotting to kill her. For those who don’t know, there was a rumour that Poe thought a raven (not all ravens just this specific one) was trying to kill him and controlled his mind. Apparently most of his eccentricities are just rumours and not actually true. But I am here to tell you that my sisters is true. Future biographers take note.

So, recently she shooed away a crow and now that crow comes to our window every day and stares at her. And yesterday it came with a hawk. Not sure what’s happening in that situation to be honest but I have decided to keep myself out of it. Birds are insane and I don’t trust them. They’re also capable of hurting humans so I prefer to avoid them. I do like crows though. I’ve been befriending them since I was a child. So I feel relatively safe…

Onto other things, we watched Murder Mystery 2 last night and loved it. It’s an Adam Sandler movie so obviously don’t expect it to be brilliant or like a proper murder mystery. It’s one of those movies you watch to laugh and relax.

What are your thoughts on the quote of the day? Have you seen Murder Mystery 2? Let me know in the comments below! Or stop by and say hi!

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105 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #88

  1. The quote is true, I could literally write a story about my struggles. LOL! Your post literally has me laughing out loud! I can’t stop laughing!OMG!! I am sorry, but I can’t help it! That’s so funny! The funniest post I have read in a long time. WOW! I am sorry your sister is going through this with the bird. I had a bad experience with a bird when I was very young. One crapped in my head when I was on my bike under the tree in my grandmother’s front yard, I was in the fifth grade. Your post took me back to that day. Maybe it will leave her alone. Keep us posted.

    1. Haha thanks so much, glad it made you laugh! My sister is okay for now but the crow has come back to watch her as it usually does. I’m not surprised that happened to you as well because I hear birds hold grudges and can be quite mean and destructive.

  2. Conventional wisdom says not to upset a corvid or they will get back at you! That’s so cool you like crows. I have tried to befriend some crows, but they aren’t like the magpies that I fed back in Calgary. I miss those magpies like crazy! Plus, I learned that if you take care of corvids, they take care of you

    1. Oh wow, didn’t know that. Hopefully the crows will take care of me lol. Befriending crows isn’t too difficult if you feed them regularly. But not all crows are friendly.

      1. True. And if the like you, they bring you gifts sometimes. You know the post I did about my favorite magpie gifting me her primary feather? Well, it can be like that

              1. Yes, it was. I learned so much about life from the magpies. In the movie Storm Boy, Geoffrey Rush says, “Sometimes you forget the best things you ever learned. Like how to live like a pelican!” I’m trying hard not to forget how to live like a magpie!

  3. Wow what a story about the crow and hawk! We have a lot of crows around here and I think I read that crows and ravens are highly intelligent. I don’t think I would like a hawk following my every move though. I haven’t seen Murder Mystery 2, but I know Adam Sandler and you describe his movies perfectly – fun and laughs, but not a deep, meaningful story. Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Yeah, crows are definitely very intelligent from my experience and quite sweet too. Probably not my sisters experience though lol.
      It’s definitely a very typical Adam Sandler movie and was quite enjoyable overall. I am and hope you’re well too!

  4. Birds are a very exciting topic in literature, folk art, cinematography, my mind boggles… First, I thought of the famous movie ‘The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock, then I recalled teaching The Raven in high school, I didn’t know he was haunted by the ominous bird which would have explained a lot… We focused on his late wife who (was also his cousin, if I remember right, and) died young due to health problems. And finally I remembered that birds embody guardian angels in folk art. So now I don’t know how to make them make sense, I will just leave them out there as is.

    1. Yeah, he was married to his cousin who died early. I love Hitchcock’s movies and The Birds is a really good one. I wonder why birds are such a big part of books/cinematography etc.

  5. Crows remember everything. She needs to be careful because those birds are petty and will fight and remember and tell the rest of their friends to fight her.

    I love Corvid species but dang are they a mess.

    1. Yeah, there is straight up a murder (group of crows) that just lives outside my window now. I told her to never leave the house again lol. They are cute though.

      1. 😂 Good thing I know what a group of crows are, that would be funny if I didn’t.

        But, oh my. I hope she’s okay.😂 Hopefully they don’t want to fight.

  6. Ummm…crows are one of those birds that you don’t want to mess with! They remember and tell their friends! I mean, a group of them is called a murder of crows, after all!

  7. Many of my struggles today are a result of bad decisions in the past.

    My bird story is about several magpies.

    One of the magpies pretended to be injured and lured a Raven to it. The other magpies then swarmed in and attacked the Raven killed it. I am leery of magpies now, lol.

  8. As this is about your sister
    And I think it’s the same person with whom I once had a pleasure of conversation , then I would like to say her Hi.

    Hi RG, how are you??
    Seeing crow at certain time is actually considered good.
    I haven’t even seen Murder mystery 1. I had watched for 10 mins and I felt lil bored with it. The jokes weren’t connecting (just my opinion).
    I have a huge watch list. These days I’m watching “All of us are dead”, it’s a korean show based on zombies 😛

    1. Nooo I loved Murder Mystery one lol. I guess I just like silly Adam Sandler jokes. “All Of Us Are Dead” sounds very interesting. I love KDramas.

  9. I like the quote. Coincidentally, today I heard a loud sound like someone banging on our house door. I went outside to see a large crow on the edge of our roof loudly pecking away at something there. Maybe your sister is right to be fearful of them! I haven’t seen Murder Mystery. Maybe will check it out; Adam Sandler can be amusing.

    1. Lol be careful, it always starts with one crow 😅 Yeah, the Murder Mystery movies by him are really good. Funny but interesting.

  10. a lovely reminder, Pooja.

    I agree, it’s best you don’t get involved with your sister and her bird stalking issue. 😁
    best play it safe.😋🤍

  11. Haha, that’s bizarre. Maybe the crow can be tamed with some seeds? I remember seeing some videos on YouTube not long ago, of these people who fed and befriended their local crows. Pretty neat. I’d like to try it someday

    1. Yeah I like feeding the crows and used to do it a lot till my sister stopped me a few years ago. Maybe I’ll start again.

  12. I had a pet crow once – very intelligent and friendly. He was called Joey. Tell your sister to try feeding him.
    Crows and hawks do not usually get along at all. Maybe it’s not a crow at all but a spirit in disguise?
    Birds are really feathered dinosaurs!

  13. Oh that’s funny. We have hu Dre’s casing the house of these pigeons. Haven’t seen the movie or I might not sleep! Lol which I’m not doing now either. Gosh I’ve gotta get to bed. Love your quote

    1. Same here, I have good experiences with crows. Not so much with hawks because I almost died because of one. I told her to give them food but let’s see haha!

  14. Whenever I see someone else post a quote of the day, part of me thinks they follow you and are trying to emulate your blog. Haha. Probably not, it’s a common thing, but my brain be wild sometimes.

    1. Lol yeah I think it’s quite common on WordPress. Although some people do steal my ideas and even my actual posts or style or writing which is annoying but I let it go.

      1. I could definitely see posts being stolen and reposted. Idk why people do it. If the personality of the author isn’t there, they might get a few more likes on one post but nobody will stick around.

  15. Pooja you’re weird…of all birds, crows are one of the creepiest, yet those are the ones you like 🤣🤣. Are you sure the birds aren’t there to see you 😊?

    1. Lol they’re sweet when you get to know them 😂 The crows only follow my sister around so I’m pretty sure it’s just her they’re obsessed with 😜

  16. I think crows do look evil and hang around near graveyards. But they are smart so there could be more to that story with your sister than meets the eye. I wish her good luck though. Thanks for the post 🙂

  17. I have to say the most aggressive birds around here are the seagulls, even though we are 20 miles away from the sea. They love big parking lots and would stare at you when you are going into the store. I think some shoppers must be feeding them food or something. They don’t say anything, but somehow I often feel that they try to say something like “bring a piece of bread for me from the shop.”

    1. Yes, I remember seagulls being aggressive when I lived in Canada. But the most aggressive were geese. Haha maybe they are telling you to feed them. But I read it’s actually bad for birds to eat bread.

  18. On the quote of the day.
    When we are struggling, we learn coping mechanisms. These in turn make us better equiped for a similar or different kind of struggle.

  19. I always enjoy your quote of the day, you share such thoughtful quotes that get us thinking.

    Birds are entertaining to observe, but they are unpredictable and should be kept at a distance. Once one got trapped and I was trying to help it, but the mother birdie didn’t understand and kept attacking me from above.

    They still are one of God’s creatures we should enjoy

  20. If someone makes an enemy of a crow, it’s a good idea to apologize. Leave it a present. Etc. Its descendants will remember what happened and who did it.

      1. She’ll regret it when the original crow’s colony of offspring are still bothering her in her old age.

        Alternatively, maybe she could buy a scarecrow.

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