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What’s Up With Me?

For those of you that are wondering what my sisters situation with the crows is, I have a little update. There is a hawk that almost permanently sits outside our window when my sister is around. I told her about it and she thought I was just messing with her but then she looked and has been seeing it herself too. So yeah, something is definitely going to be going down with her soon.

As for me, I haven’t been sleeping too well for the last few days. It’s nothing new for me. I don’t have very good sleeping habits and I have a little bit of insomnia. So, hopefully today I’ll be able to go to bed early and get a good nights sleep.

What else is going on with me? Honestly, not that much has been going on with me right now. And I wish I had more exciting news to share with all of you but some weeks are just anticlimactic. And that’s fine. In fact, the older I get the more I prefer that over drama. I’m at that place in my life where I look forward to peace much more than anything else.

What are your thoughts on the quote of the day? What are your plans for the week? Do you have any fun plans for the week? What have you been up to recently? Anything new going on with your life right now? Let me know in the comments below! Or stop by and say hi!

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90 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #89

  1. A beautiful quote bringing home the idea of being a good listener to seek knowledge and wisdom. That is why God has gifted us with two ears and only one tongue. It means we should at least listen twice the amount we speak.
    Take care of insomnia as this can have serious health consequences if left untreated. There is no substitute for a proper sleep.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, we should always listen more than we speak.
      You’re right especially because multiple relatives have issues with insomnia so it may be something genetic.

  2. I love that quote. Listening is definitely an important quality to cultivate. I hope you get some good sleep. I suffer with insomnia, too. It seems to feed on itself.

  3. Sleeping is important, listening is also very important. I am a good listener or at least I am trying to be one. If you listen to yourself well enough you’ll be able to sleep. If you listen to others well enough, they’ll be able to sleep. Have a nice week!

  4. Hmmm
    I wonder if the hawk is searching for his lover from past life ๐Ÿ˜›
    You never know ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ
    Try to improve your sleeping habits dear.
    Throw away phone 2 hours before bed. Stop worrying about SEO, stop being Batman.

    Do some stretching before sleeping and make sure you sleep and wake up at the same time daily.
    I feel your internal clock is disturbed ๐Ÿค”

    1. Lol you never know ๐Ÿ˜…

      Haha will try my best and I usually do stretch and meditate before sleeping. I think it’s because I keep forgetting to take my vitamin D.

  5. Re: the quote… great one; I can’t tell you how many times it would have been good for me to follow this advice in my life! And re: the hawk, I think you need to write a book about this! Also, re: sleep… ah yes, I too had terrible “sleep hygiene” for years when I was working in a super stressful job and bringing it home. It carried on for a few years after leaving that job and it wasn’t until I focused more on meditation and fitness that I became a better sleeper again. Plus, not being on my phone late in the evening helps. Good luck with it! As for me, I’m planning on getting out and cycling this week as the temperature is finally going up to what it should be in April. I’m excited!

    1. Lol yes, I need to write a book about this situation soon. I think my vitamin D is extremely low and I forget to take my pills for it sometimes so that affects my sleep a lot too. I’m glad the weather is improving there, hope you get a good amount of sun this spring and summer!

    1. Thanks! Basically, the short version is that my sister shooed away a crow and now that crow and a hawk is stalking her and sits outside our window.

  6. I have learned silence from the talkative… ๐Ÿ˜‹

    indeed, a wise quote you’ve shared.

    Hope the battle between the birds and your sister tips in her favor ๐Ÿ˜

    Take care, Pooja๐Ÿคโœจ

  7. Hi Pooja,
    The quote you have shared is beautiful.
    I repeat the word โ€˜beautifulโ€™ a lot.
    Because I think โ€˜everything in this world is more beautifulโ€™ than remaining boring or bad things.
    So โ€œthe beauty of thoughts and thinkingโ€ can certainly change our how we pursue our life.
    Last night I tried to sleep as early as possible. But I kept thinking and assuming various thoughts.
    It didn’t work!
    Something stops me from sleeping.
    Right now, I don’t know what’s that.
    โ€œI’ll try to follow a regular sleeping routine. A
    nd will avoid in taking long naps (because of summer) in day time.โ€
    Take care of yourself! Enjoy!๐Ÿ˜

    1. I have the same problem, I go to bed but just toss and turn. And then I have to take a nap to combat that but that makes my sleep worse at night. It’s a bad cycle lol. Hopefully we’ll both get better sleep soon!

  8.     I don’t think the crows have read Doug Larson’s quote.
        When someone says, “I’m not trying to harm your nest.” The crows don’t listen even if it’s true. Crows don’t have the wisdom to know that while hawks will eat their eggs, that humans generally prefer chicken eggs for breakfast. Crows talk a lot but have not listened much and don’t seem willing to read philosophy books. As the crow flies, too many places are too close together.
        I’ve seen articles about crows in North America and how they behave. I don’t know how Kenyan crows comport themselves. They articles seem to indicate that it would sound like your sister is in a war zone between crows and hawks which might mean there’s a crow’s nest nearby. Baby cows are in a nest for 30 days when hawks like to eat them it says. The crows can fight back against hawks and any nearby human that they perceive as a threat.

    1. Ooops typos. “The articles”. And the article name is “crows-vs-hawks” not COWS vs. hawks. (Now that would be a problem. I guess lack of sleep can turn crows into cows, and swords into plowshares (Isaiah 2:4). I hope there’s no typo in the typo correction…

  9. Ok, so the fact that those birds are all over your sister’s window, scares me to death. Hope everything will be alright.
    As for the quote, I absolutely agree. Sometimes it’s hard to remain silent, and only later you realise that it was actually a wise move.
    I struggle to find the inner peace, so I totally get you. Take care, and try the trick with socks during the night. I read it helps with better sleep!

    1. She’ll be fine. I can’t believe I’m saying this but she’s been through worse lol! Thanks and I’ll try wearing socks, that may help!

  10. My plans for this month is planning to travel next month. I love making lists and finding creative ways to pack bags. Obviously, my mom is very happy with this habit of mine. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Hey Pooja, I too have this problem of lying sleepless many a nights! but this happens when I begin to think of the problem that is at hand and when u begin your bed time with a wrong thought it kills your sleep.

  12. That quote is my life right now as Iโ€™m going to try to stop talking and sharing my opinion so much so people will like me.

    But, I understand you with the insomnia. Mine is fueled by true nonsensical paranoia and feeling too tired or too bored (ik how it sounds ๐Ÿ˜ฉ) to go to sleep.

    1. I think the right people will like you either way. However, listening is a good skill to have.

      Yeah, I understand that. I can’t sleep when I’m too tired as well.

  13. ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ The hawk is only outside when your sister is around? So you’ve checked when she’s not there and it’s gone? ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

  14. A drama free life would be so nice wouldnโ€™t it? Thereโ€™s a lot we can do to trim it down but thereโ€™s always something waiting to happen. ๐Ÿ˜…

    I hope you get more sleep the rest of the week! Iโ€™ve had a better than usual time sleeping this week, probably because Iโ€™ve cut down on caffeine after noon. One of those things everyone knows you should do but doesnโ€™t do it, haha.

    1. Honestly, it’s always one thing or another. These days all I want is peace ๐Ÿ˜…

      Thanks. Yes, cutting out caffeine is a good idea especially later in the day. I think my sleep is messed up right now because I keep forgetting to take my vitamin pills. And a symptom of the deficiency is sleep issues.

  15. I have a book on animal symbolism I find fascinating. The raven and the crow indicate a connection to a higher consciousness and a gift of insight. The crow is about finding your inner circle or soulmate. Maybe the crow and the raven are for you and not your sister ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you get some rest. https://a-z-animals.com/blog/raven-spirit-animal-symbolism-meaning/ https://a-z-animals.com/blog/crow-spirit-animal-symbolism-and-meaning/

    1. That’s so fascinating. I always thought the owl was for me since it’s my spirit animal. I’m quite friendly with the crows actually, I enjoy feeding them and their company in general.

  16. True quote. I have been studying and going to class. It is so much to learn, and the hands on experience is rewarding. I really enjoy it. Mentally exhausted though, but itโ€™s worth it. Hope you get a good nights sleep. Thanks for sharing. The hawk is always around? Thatโ€™s weird. I hope she isnโ€™t frightened. Hope you have a great week..

    1. That’s wonderful. Glad you’re enjoying the classes even though it’s tiring. Apparently she made peace with the birds and they’re gone now haha. Have a great week too.

  17. I like that quote. I have been a person who does listen a lot rather than speak so I have learned a lot. As for me, I’m looking forward to starting my new job but I’m not so sure my body is. I’ve been struggling with more low back pain lately and I haven’t even gone to work yet. Hopefully my body won’t give out on me with this job.

    1. Sorry to hear about the back pain, hope you feel better soon. Some people find relief from back pain by rubbing castor oil on the area that’s causing pain.

  18. This quote makes me smile because sometimes we feel sad, when we remember the things we should have said in a conversation.
    Yet that shouldn’t be the case as a lot of learning takes place when we decide to listen.

    1. Glad it made you smile and I agree. If you forgot to say something it may just be because you were listening intently which is a wonderful thing.

  19. Listening is so much harder than talking. That’s for sure. I find that in order to listen well, one really needs to concentrate on what is being talked about and really have to recall all the related issues and other contingencies in order to make an intelligent comprehension and response. Listening is really work, although if it is routine stuff, one doesn’t have to put much efforts. So I feel that one has to judge first what kind of strategies one has to adopt for a listening task.

    My favorite listening experience is with people with whom I have shared interests and we can bounce off each other’s sentences. I like that kind of communication more than anything else.

    1. So true, talking is easy but listening is such a difficult skill to master.

      Yes, those kind of conversations are the best because they’re positive and go somewhere. Mindless chitchat is much less satisfying.

  20. I had used to be afraid of talking before I became a saleswoman for a short period of time. It was a great training as a saleswoman. After that, I was never afraid of talking…

    1. I used to be scared to talk as well until I went to uni and we had seminars where we had to talk each week. That was great practice and I’m much more confident now.

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