Stephen King Quotes


Stephen King Quotes

Stephen King Quotes

Stephen King Quotes

Stephen King Quotes

Let me know which of these Stephen King quotes was your favourite. Do you like Stephen King? I like some of his books but some are too creepy for me lol.

What’s Up With Me?

I recently watched Beef, which is a miniseries on Netflix. I’ll talk more about this show in another post I’m working on for this week but all you need to know is that you absolutely need to watch it. It’s such a random plot but it’s absolutely brilliant. And actually unique. I feel like so many shows and movies are so similar to one another these days. I don’t see much uniqueness or creativity. So it was awesome to see something to different from anything I have ever watched before. And I’ve watched A LOT of TV shows in my life. Maybe even all of them… Jk I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet.

This week, I think I’ll be on promo mode on social media since my poems were recently included in a poetry anthology. I want to share that with everyone and hopefully some people will buy the book. So, I’ll be busy. I hate social media to be honest and only post like once every month or so when I absolutely have to lol. As a social media manager, I just can’t with social media. I already spend so much time there for clients that I don’t want to spend anymore time on it after working. Plus, Instagram has become kind of lame in my opinion. I still like seeing what the people I follow post but nothing else.

What I’m Listening To At The Moment:

This song makes just makes me feel really good. It’s been such an uplifting song during a time I’ve been feeling low so I wanted to share it with you guys.

How was your week? What has been going on with you? Let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

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83 thoughts on “Stephen King Quotes

  1. Amazing quotes! I found the quote on hard work to be so true. Nowadays, many believe that success can be achieved through smart work alone. While smart work is crucial, it is important not to forget the essential role of hard work. Smart work without the dedication and effort of hard work ultimately leads to little or no accomplishment. Success requires a combination of strategic thinking and unwavering commitment.

  2. I loved the lyrics, such a poetic touch of bible allusions. Good one for teaching English 🙂
    About Mr King, talent might be cheap as salt but without it life is tasteless. I am reading his last book Fairy Tale and it just makes me fall asleep, LOL, generally speaking I love fairy tales. This one, not so much 🙂
    Instagram… is dead. It’s better than FB but still dead. IDK maybe I need to look at the bright side more

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the song too, it’s very fun. I didn’t even think of that but that’s true. It has a lot of unique words that would be helpful for non-native English speakers.
      I haven’t read much of his stuff but I did enjoy The Shining and another book of short stories. All of his books aren’t great, I think most people have their favourites.
      True, IG is so dead these days. It’s going to be as dead as FB soon in my opinion.

      1. I will steal the song for my class! keep sharing those diamonds 🙂
        I have a friend who loves Steven King, and I guess I should read his best books to really appreciate him.
        About Social Media, after IG is gone where should we go ? Any pointers?

        1. Yay, let me know what they think of the song.

          I joined TikTok as I get much better traffic there. Also it’s way more fun. At least for me.

  3. Concur. Sometimes I get tired but my determination and love for blogging overwrite the tiredness. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

  4. Nice post Pooja. I have to say this one is different, I expected something like “What Grinds My Series Posts”(I like those posts) that you usually post on your blog but anyways change is good I guess. Okay, my favorite Stephen King quote it is one that says ” If you want to be a great writer, do two things: read a lot and write a lot. Now that quote speaks to me as a man who likes to write about mens fashion & style🙌🔥🔥

    1. Thanks so much, a new What Grinds My Gears should be out soon 😊
      That quote is one of my favourites too. It has a lot of truth to it 🙌🏽

  5. Beef is fantastic! It’s the most realistic fictional depiction of working in a restaurant kitchen I’ve seen. It’s also a great reminder why I stopped working in kitchens too. Cooking at home is way less stressful.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine how stressful working in a restaurant kitchen can be. It’s way too much for most people. I know I would never be able to cook well like that 😕

  6. The last Stephen King quote is my favorite, and actually, the tagline for my blog. 😉 I also recently watched Beef with my husband; and we LOVED it! We texted everyone we know that shares our sense of — style? taste? demonic humor? — and told them to watch it. Congratulations on the anthology! I’ll definitely be checking it out. Hopefully, it’s available on Kindle! 💫💕💫

    1. That’s awesome 😊 That show is so good, it’s so random and escalates so fast but it’s also absolutely brilliant. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I think will enjoy it too lol. Thank you so much! 😊

  7. great quotes… especially like the second one.
    Have read way too many of his books😂…though not recently.

    lovely share, Pooja🤍

  8. Love all the quotes…..

    I dropped Beef after watching it for 10 mins,
    I find it boring and annoying, The lady (Ali wong) annoyed me for some reason. My friend told me she’s a famous comedian, but I find it boring.
    If anyone do that with me on the road, I will get anxiety for days, haha

    Yes, you are right, nowadays, they are making the same kind of stuff. I don’t remember when was the last time I watched any us show or Hollywood movie.
    Even with Indian series, they are majorly focussed on crima-drama, I don’t like that genre much.
    I am enjoying korean dramas, finished Policy university. It was good. I am back to watching anime.

    The song was lovely. Thanks a lot for sharing

    1. Omg noooo I love Ali Wong 😫 Lol jk to each their own.
      Idk why but I haven’t been able to get into any kdrama recently ☹️

  9. None of the quotes call to me. A writing instructor once said my writing was a cross between Stephen King and Charles Dickens.

    This past week has been busy for me.

    I got my AC put back together in my car and replaced the battery (not a related issue, lol). I fixed paint touch ups on my car and truck that peeled off after I applied it in cold weather last fall.

    Repaired siding on my house and shed.

    Wrote and posted another chapter for my story.

    I wonder if Stephen King has to fix his own car and house while working a full time non writing related job. 😜

    1. A cross between Stephen King and Dickens is a big complement. They’re both wonderful writers in their own way.

      Lol, I’m guessing not which means you already have one up on him 😅

  10. Not a Stephen King fan but I’ve enjoyed the movies made from his books. I abhor his politics. My contribution: Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm~ Winston Churchill

    1. I don’t really like most of the movies made from his books but some are good. And really enjoyed that quote. I think failure teaches us a lot.

  11. I favor the last Stephen King quote. Too many people want to be writers but they don’t read.
    In my 30s, I was averaging a book per week!
    As for his work, I love his book “Carrie” which I read when it first came out. I was in grammar school. I once had a friend who was reading all this books and said, “The guy writes books faster than I can read them” as his collection of work is vast.

    1. I know I’m the type and I struggle to read. I don’t have an attention span like most readers so while they can read a book and get something out of it, I’m rereading the same sentence for hours. It’s not fun doing that and it ends up getting me off and distracted and I can’t integrate into the book—that’s also just not my personality.

      I still want to write and enjoy writing—especially more than reading fictional books.

    2. I agree, I think the best way to improve your writing is to read more. Carrie is a really good one, I love that book. Yeah, he has a huge amount of books out.

  12. I love Stephen King and the quotes you shared are great. The last quote is my favorite. I enjoyed the song – very uplifting.

  13. I like all the quotes. I specifically like the third quote. Hard work, consistency, discipline all go together. I think I did read a Stephen King novel once but I don’t remember what that book made me feel. Nowadays, I am reading more books written by contemporary authors. I don’t read according to the genre, tried sci-fi and got bored of the excessive description of the alien world.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed the quotes. Stephen King has very unique writing which I feel isn’t for everyone. I genuinely like some of his writing but dislike other books of his.
      I’m not a sci-fi person either. And it’s always fun reading contemporary authors books. Recently I’ve mostly read books by other bloggers. We have some very talented writers here.

  14. Stephen King, like other people, are successful because they are hardworking and lucky. I don’t know why it makes people cry and piss their pants to specify luck. Some people can work very hard just like him if not harder and their work went nowhere.

    I don’t even care about any of the media Stephen King does, but a lot of people do. He’s considered intelligent but most successful are.

    These quotes are about as equivalent to draw more and look at art more and your art will get better and you will become famous.

    You likely won’t unless you have luck on your side and if you’re looking to be popular, you really have to relook everything and sell out and make whatever most people like and make your personality marketable (not necessarily likable) and easy to mimic.

    Even then, it’s like, if that’s your final goal—being famous (because to some people, that’s the only way to success and shows you have something meaningful)—that’s on you, but all these metrics are meaningless if you’re not passionate and this isn’t something you want to do or do long term.

    A lot of people really like the validation and the worship that comes with creating art, but when they don’t get it, they don’t want to create art. If they don’t receive fame and recognition, they don’t want to do art. If you tell them that they have to find their own way and do stuff they like, they don’t have anything and will just keep looking towards other people’s opinions and mimicking their moves and getting angry.

    And I’m saying this as an attention seeker and a validation hog. Before you start writing, define and figure your success and whatever you need to keep going because if failure and slow results upset you or dealing with fate, it will hurt you. Take care and be easy on yourself.

  15. Love the quotes and find them grounding and encouraging. Thank you, Pooja and also for the Beef – like the sound of it. Also all the best with your anthology poems… Really great news. Happy for you.

  16. You must watch Breaking Bad. That show… omg. Everything from the writing to the cinematography I enjoyed immensely. It’s incredible.

    I’ll have to check out Beef!

    1. I know, everyone says that show is amazing but I just haven’t been able to get into it. Beef is great, you’ll love it!

  17. I like the first quote the best. I’m actually reading a book by Stephen King right now called ‘Under The Dome.’ It’s quite good. I got several books of his cheap I plan on reading. You absolutely have to watch Breaking Bad! It’s awesome from start of the series to the finish!

    1. Oh nice, I like a handful of Stephen King books but I feel like all of them are not for me.
      I haven’t heard anyone say anything bad about that show so I know I need to watch it!

  18. He is brilliant and I love these quotes. “Read a lot and write a lot” so simple, and yet, not so simple. 🙂 I haven’t heard of that show, but I’ll look into it. We’re watching Ted Lasso and love it. 🙂 And our son raved about Breaking Bad. So little time to do it all! 🙂

    1. Yes, he is. So glad you enjoyed the post. I watched one season of Ted Lasso and this reminds me I need to watch more. I know, so little time and so many shows to watch!

  19. I don’t agree that talent is cheap and hard work enhances it. Working hard in the wrong direction leads to disaster, trauma, disillusionment, ptsd, and failure. I would guess that famous people who succeed don’t actually know how they did it. They come up with a plausible explanation that seems to match the known evidence of their evolving success, but is actually false. It reminds me of the split-brain studies. There have been a few unfortunate victims of brain damage of a strange kind: The nerve bundle that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain is severed. Normally the two hemispheres have different jobs to do but they communicate with each other through that nerve “cable”. The experiment that they did was to put a board between the two eyes so that they could show one eye and hence one hemisphere something. They would have the non-verbal hemisphere perform a task. It would do it with the arm it had control of. They asked the verbal hemisphere “Why did you do that?”. And despite the fact that it had no control over that arm, it gave a plausible explanation about why it did the chore even though it had no knowledge of it. The analogy here is that you can concentrate and work hard, and then rest without an answer, but some time later the answer can pop into the conscious mind from the sub-conscious. How did “you” get the answer? “You” don’t know. Some part of the sub-conscious worked on it.

  20. Hi! I like the third quote the best; you and I discussed that same idea some time ago in comments on one of your posts. I read a lot of Stephen King in the early 1980s but haven’t revisited him since. A lot of people I know really like his work so I should look some up… I’m just such a slow reader though! Thanks for sharing the song. I have to admit it didn’t do a lot for me. But I’m glad it’s been working for you!

  21. Believe me, if you haven’t watched ‘Breaking Bad’, you haven’t watched one of the greatest tv series yet. Everything is superb, from the story to the way of storytelling, from each character to little things. If you get the chance, just watch it, you will surely love it.

  22. Like the first quote. I have to say it is hard for people to work as hard and as dedicated as Stephen King. I mean other people can’t write and read all day long like what he has been doing. Also other people would have binged on food, alcohol, or other substances to damage themselves before they reach any measure of success. I mean Stephen King is quite unique in being able to work hard without being dragged into the hard-work-pitfalls. Anyway, there are only a few successful figures while most writers are struggling, like actors, immigrants, minorities, women etc. I guess we all have to find way to feel entertained while doing what we are doing. I mean keep the spirit up and keep the mind alert…

  23. Congratulations on your poem publication. I am waiting for you to do a poetry book publication of your own since you have such profound thoughts and can give such interesting comments.

  24. I’m reading The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté, I suppose it’s similar to a Stephen King novel. 😝
    Listening to a lot of Poppy (musician) lately.

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