In Sickness And In Health…

Guess what, guys? I’m ill. And not in a good way. So, I was perfectly okay yesterday and was feeling awesome but today I randomly woke up feeling sick. My head was pounding and my throat hurts. And due to that I have decided to take some time off blogging. I wanted to inform you guys that I’m taking time off rather than disappearing all of a sudden without a trace. Because blogging is in sickness and in health. I mean, let’s be honest I’m probably never getting married and this blog is as close as I’m getting to a spouse lol. So I’m going to be here in sickness and in health…

Im Sick GIFs | Tenor

I don’t even know how I got sick because I haven’t even gone out in a few days. My main suspect is my mother, lol. It’s always her or my sister. I need to start keep a six feet distance from them. Well, I have to do that anyway now that I’m sick but also in general when I get better. And maybe just keep a distance from all humans in general anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, other people are the problem and I’m perfect.

I’ll be shutting off the comments as I don’t have the strength to reply to comments. And for the comments left on my last post I’ll reply when possible. And visit your blogs when I’m better. Till my return, enjoy one of my favourite country songs. It’s incredibly old but it’s just so beautifully bittersweet. I love it and hopefully you will as well:

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