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Recently, an eyeliner hack is going viral on social media and I decided to try it. I rarely do that because so many of them seem stupid. Not going to lie, I have limited makeup products and don’t like to waste them. However, I really wanted to try this one, so I did.

Eyeliner is something I really struggle with more than anything else when it comes to makeup. I can never get it just right and it takes me forever to do. This will be a huge game changer for me. And the best part for me is that it’s a really thin and natural line. It just enhances your eyes which is the type of makeup I prefer.

Like the quote advises, I’m trying to enjoy the little things and wanted to share a little thing that brought me a lot of happiness this week. Because in the end, I think the best way to live a more positive life is to appreciate the little things. If we wait for the big things we’ll be miserable for most of our lives.

The hack:


trying viral eyeliner hack #eyelinerhack #makeuphacks #makeuptutorial #greenscreenvideo

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My results:

Viral TikTok Eyeliner Hack

What I have been listening to this week:

How has your week being? What is a little thing you enjoyed this week? What do you think of this Robert Breault quote? Have you tried this eyeliner hack? Anything new going on with you recently/this week? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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103 thoughts on “Robert Breault Quote

  1. so nope, have not used an eye liner hack. but yeah, sure……I’ve just, I’ve never understood the make up thing….the goal is to look like you’re not using make up?….I’ve gone for runs with friends that spent almost as much time on make up as we did on the run..and I thought they looked okay before…

    1. I think the goal isn’t to look like you’re not wearing makeup but rather to enhance your features. I won’t say that’s the goal for everyone but the majority of people who use makeup enjoy it the same way one would enjoy art. It’s about learning new techniques, trying new colours and finding what you love with makeup looks. Hope that explains it:)
      Not sure about makeup while exercising though as that can really clog your pores.

  2. Looks great. Good things come to us when we pause in the quiet still moments. (I think it is a quote, but can’t find the origin) Early to bed today, so I will appreciate that small victory 🙂

  3. i did not try the eyeliner hack, but i’m so uncoordinated. i’m afraid i’d somehow poke my eye out by jerking in the wrong direction while looking in the mirror. i use laura mercier caviar eye shadow sticks for both my eyeliner and shadow (i’m a safety girl). i do, however, think your eyeliner came out very nice!

    P.S. the quote is a winner!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m extremely uncoordinated too and I was kind of scared to try it but was happy everything went okay. Although the first time I tried it the eyeliner looked crazy haha. But I got the hang of it. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you feel like you might hurt your eye or something since it’s a really fast motion.

  4. I just saw that hack on my tiktok from a different girl. I need my 16 year old to learn it because she asks me every Friday to wing her, then complains as I repeatedly mess it up. Like, girl, I won’t be doing eyeliner wings when you go to college. I love that quote. The best days are ordinary magic days.

    1. Send it to her, it’s such a useful hack. I’m horrible at eyeliner and never get it right but with this hack it’s come out perfect each time. It took a few tries the first time but now I can do it easily.
      Thanks and I absolutely agree.

  5. I really like the quote. It’s so important to find joy in little things. One for me was receiving another nice compliment from WP last week about my site, which made my day.

    1. Thanks so much. I absolutely agree and that’s so nice. Your site is really great and looks nice too. I really like when sites are minimalistic and easy to navigate. It makes the experience so much better.

  6. life’s beauty often lies in its details, and sometimes, those details are as thin and natural as a perfectly drawn eyeliner.

  7. Love the quote. I was out on a walk this week and I remembered to look up, the sunset sky was beautiful and had a moment like this to enjoy the little things about my day. Great post Pooja!

  8. Very sound advice in that quote. Basically stop and smell the roses. Appreciate friends and doing the mundane. Slow down…
    And no I haven’t tried the eyeliner hack. I could barely shave without cutting myself. 😜

  9. Heh, I don’t know anyone who is “miserable most of their lives.”
    I guess being a happy creative person I’m surrounded by other happy creative people who embrace their talents and go for the gold and are living their biggest best lives as I am.
    Honestly, every waking moment for me is beautiful. From the time I get up, just a little thing like my husband smiling at me and telling me he “fed the babies” (the cats) to writing in my diary, about all the good things that happened the day before.
    Many years ago, I wrote a cool blog about the “laundry diaries” — how I actually love doing laundry because it reminds me of what a great week I had. “Oh, I wore this t-shirt to the concert” or “I wore this dress when I had a speaking engagement.”
    A friend wrote, “Leave it to you to find positivity in doing laundry.” LOL!
    Life is good! Always 😉

    1. You’re very lucky to have such a good life. Unfortunately, a lot of people are miserable and it’s due to circumstances that are out of their control so not much can be done about it. But even with a tough life, it’s important to be grateful and aware of the good things.
      I hope you continue to have a happy life and your husband sounds lovely!

      1. I’ve seen people come from bad circumstances and totally flip it to have astonishing lives. At the moment my greatest influence is the late Louise Hay. I highly recommend her story — foster homes, sexual abuse as a child … you can’t get much more miserable than that. And this woman flipped it so hard she’s an icon. Total proof that you can control your destiny.

        1. I totally get what you mean. I think it’s absolutely possible to lead a good life even when things are not in your favour. However, I still believe that certain things are out of our control and there’s no way to avoid them. I’m sure that when Louise Hay was going through the abuse and being bounced from one foster home to another she was not positive or happy. The reason she isn’t anymore is because she was able to get out of that situation. Not everyone is able to get out of bad situations. There are certain situations that we don’t have control over and can’t get out of. For example, incurable diseases such as ALS, cancer etc. It’s very hard to stay happy and positive when we have health issues. I know that first hand as someone who has multiple health issues that I can do almost nothing about. I’m not saying it’s impossible to lead a happy life no matter what your circumstance are I’m just saying that for a lot of people it’s complicated and life can wear you down sometimes. And I think I picked this quote because the best way to stay happy even when times are tough is to concentrate on the good and what we do have.

      2. P.S. – I’m not “lucky” to have such a good life, I’m smart. I made it happen by following my dreams and not settling. “Lucky” is kind of condescending. Life isn’t about luck, it’s about determination, confidence, and believing in yourself.

        1. I absolutely agree that a lot of life is about the decisions you make however I still feel some things are out of our hands. You can make all the right decisions and still none of them can work out. But that is just my belief from my experiences. We all look at life differently and that’s okay!
          I’m really glad you made smart decisions and continue to do so. And I really admire that even when you’re faced with adversity you remain strong. Like I’m sure losing your mother recently was not easy. Or losing your close friend. But you handled it really well. Not everyone would have been able to do that had they been in your position. I know that personally it’s tough for me to handle difficult situations and rather than react I tend to shut down.

          1. Thanks for your wise and thoughtful response. It’s true so many things are out of our hands and we can try things that don’t work out. We just have to keep trying and shooting those arrows. Sadly, in my experiences, death and accidents are the main things we have no control over. Then there’s rape, being born into poverty, which are also on the top of the list.
            Many of the top motivational speakers have tragic beginnings. Lizzie Velásquez was born with a rare congenital disease, and she was called “the ugliest woman in the world” (she’s not, she’s adorable!) and that lead her to being a best selling author and top motivational speaker.
            Lewis Howes was making a 7-figure salary and unhappy. He realized it was because he was holding a dark secret — he was molested as a child by a male baby sitter. Once he became vulnerable and shared that secret, he was finally able to enjoy his success.
            Dr. Joe Dispenza was told he would never walk again after an accident. He proved the doctors wrong and is now changing the world with his positive mindset of training your brain through meditation.
            This could be for anyone. They’re not lucky, they were determined. They are all my idols 🙂

            1. That’s really great and those people are definitely very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and how you look at life. I think as you said, the most important thing is not to give up when we’re faced with difficult. Keep trying and keep going.

              1. Definitely.
                There’s a line “No Way Out,” a song by D-Generation that says, “I’ve seen my mother, watch her dream just smother. Don’t want to sing the graveyard song.” That says so much. Jesse Malin, the lead singer, is now hospitalized with a rare thing and paralyzed from the waist down, but I’m positive he’s going to flip it around too. We have so many amazing people to inspire us. It’s such a blessing, right?

  10. Love the quote! Reminds me of the book from the 80’s I think called “Don’t sweat the small stuff: It’s all small stuff.” Yeah. Your quote says it better, though.

    The eyeliner trick is neat. I don’t usually use eyeliner (or any makeup!) Maybe that’s a mistake, but I think in the grand scheme of life, it’s not worth my time. Not to say that I don’t take the time for special occasions! Yeah…I’m that messed up!

    1. Thanks and yeah that’s similar!

      Makeup is not for everyone, it takes a lot of skill and patience. Although I do use makeup I don’t have the skills to do much than the basic stuff haha.

  11. Your eye looks good. The application is subtle and elegant. I appreciate the quotation. I think the little things often do turn out to be the big things. This week for me has been all right. The heatwave we’ve had has broken. It will be more like before-fall soon.

  12. That is a wonderful quote, Pooja. Small things, once nurtured can grow into big things like small attainable goals help us reach our ultimate goal. Thank you for the eyeliner hack.

  13. agreed enjoy the little things, otherwise you will not if you looking for the big things to enjoy. For me one of the little thing i enjoy is writing, even if the content is sad, still enjoy doing it. And thats a eyeliner hack I can share with my cousin, who probably knows about it already haha

    1. Absolutely, it’s those small things that make life bearable. Writing is a big blessing for many of us. It’s a great way to express ourselves too even when we’re feeling down.
      Haha yes, do share it. It’s such a helpful hack.

  14. amongst my favorites… this quote shared, so much truth it holds.

    Lol, passing this video on to my daughter, she will definitely enjoy and try too 😂
    Looks great, Pooja 🤍

    1. Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed it.

      Great, let me know if it worked for her as well. Tell her it takes one or two tries to get the hang of it but once you do it’s so easy and quick 😀

  15. Great quote, Pooja. I’ve had (sort of) similar thoughts lately… the things that annoy us may be the things we miss, when they are gone. It is good to try new things. 😊

  16. Love the quote and message, Pooja. And you look great! I can’t wear eye makeup anymore because of an eye condition. It took awhile to get used to, but now I’m fine with it and it’s easier. 🙂 Enjoy though! I especially miss wearing mascara. 🥰

    1. Thank you so much. Oh no, sorry about that. I’m a big mascara fan too so I understand. But I’m sure you’re very beautiful with or without the makeup 😊

  17. This quote has reminded me of how I keep telling myself that, one day I will miss being where I am right now.

    My week has been great, am finalizing my leave so I have been resting a lot.

    1. That’s so true, right now we don’t appreciate what we have but in the future we’ll miss it.
      That’s great. Hope everything works out well.

  18. The struggle with the eyeliner is real. But I have seen many girls who can do it flawlessly and quickly. I wonder how? It’s always good to find moments of happiness in little things. ✌️

  19. Looks like this “hack” worked pretty well. I of course am naturally blessed with being a man so don’t have to worry about such things. Like the song 🙂

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