So for the next two days I have to get a bunch of medicals at IMO which is a medical centre in Nairobi. Because I need to do a bunch of tests before I can apply for my Visa’s. I hope it goes well and I’m done quickly because honestly I don’t want to be there all day! It takes more than three hours usually which sucks but I guess I just have to go there and see what happens.

I’m very nervous because so much hangs on these medicals. And some of my friends that have done these tests did not have very great experiences. In general, their reviews are awful too. So not feeling great about it lol. Has anyone else been through this process when applying for a visa? Let me know in the comments! Especially if you’re from Kenya.

I’m not going to be blogging for the next two days because I’ll be busy with everything  but I’ll try to check up on the blogs I follow!

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28 thoughts on “Medicals!

  1. Hey!
    Good luck with the medicals! and thank you for keeping us posted with you not blogging for a couple of days, think of it like this, you will have a day off from typing 😀 that is one positive from this!


    1. Haha thanks! Yeah my fingers aren’t going to get the usual workout they do 😂
      The medicals went okay except I had to sit for three hours yesterday and two hours today but at least I made friends with the other applicants!

        1. Yeah there were literally like 50 other people there waiting too so I was just talking to everyone who was sitting near me! It was interesting to learn about their lives and future plans! Most of them were either going to Australia or US though I think I was the only one going to Canada which was annoying because I had to do extra tests then everyone else! And then I had to do even more extra tests because I have a tattoo and they want to make sure I didn’t get anything when I got it done! I think UK has really few tests to be done because there was no one there going to the UK for blood/urine/X-rays. Also peeing in a cup is really really really difficult to do…

          1. Oh wow! Canada takes more test than other places? that is very interesting. How long does it take to get results back from the testing?

            I don’t like having to pee in a cup either, very awkward and usually pee gets on my hand -_- just saying.

            1. Yeah Canada does a lot of tests! I had to do urnine, X-ray, blood and general check up! New Zealand is even more than that though! They have to check for so much it’s insane!

              Yes it’s super gross and it does get on your hands!! Plus they did not have soap there which I thought was super gross! I’m so glad I carry handsanitizer with me everywhere!

              1. Ew! no soap? wth? that is weird as fuck. So gross. I can;t even imagine how many people probably get piss on their hands and can’t properly clean them off. I carry hand sanitizer with me as well whenever I leave the house. I know it isn’t like washing the hands 100 percent but it gets the job done when necessary and makes me feel better when there is no other way to clean my hands.

                1. Yeah it’s super gross but I definitely expected it because a lot of the bathrooms I’ve been to in Kenya are far from hygienic (hence the hand sanitizer)! Plus there wasn’t even a toilet there it was a pit latrine which is basically a hole in the ground so I had to squat and try to aim which just really did not go well! Yeah it’s not the same as washing your hands so I only use it when I have to but it’s better then walking around with filthy hands!

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