Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I don’t have a post today because I had a research paper to finish but I just wanted to say hi and hope you guys have a happy Easter.

I know I haven’t been responding to comments lately but I’ve been super busy but I will try to catch up to them whenever possible. I have been reading them though and I really appreciate every one of them.

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Musicians I Discovered During My Break From WP

Musicians I Discovered During My Break From WP

As you guys know I had taken a few months off blogging not by choice but because WordPress decided they wanted me off their platform for some reason lol (can you tell I’m still salty about it?)! But I decided to think about it in a positive way and try to do new things to keep myself occupied since I had more free time. During this time I ended up discovering a lot more new (new to me not new in general) music that I was and am still very much into right now.

I know a lot of you really enjoy the posts I make about music because I have gotten a lot of great responses in my older posts I have made about music and I have also gotten a lot of people asking me to make more posts about music so I decided this would be a good time to do it.

I have also for some reason got some pretty negative comments on every one of my music posts so I just wanted to say that some of the songs below contain explicit material. If that offends you than please don’t watch the videos. Since this is my blog I will be posting whatever I enjoy and leaving negative comments isn’t going to change that.

Anyway hope you enjoy these amazing artists!


So I discovered Teamarr at about the same time I made my last post in October. I was feeling kind of down about the whole situation and her music was so funny, quirky, honest and amazing it really helped me feel better! I genuinely feel like me being able to discover her music at that time was a small gift from the Universe because it knew I was going through a lot. What I love about her is how brutally honest she is in her music and it’s so relatable because she keeps it real. She allows herself to be vulnerable which is not easy to do. I also love some of her funnier videos which are still brutally honest but quite funny. Oh and she’s soooo pretty! I really don’t care what musicians look like in general because I’m just here for the music but she is so pretty I was like blown away.

I think you will probably enjoy her music a little more if you’re a millennial or younger but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it if you’re older so give it a try! I’ve added videos to both her more amusing songs and her more serious ones so you can get a feel of what they’re both like.

Willie Nelson

I have heard one Willie Nelson song before which I loved. It’s called Buddy and it’s quite popular so I’m sure a lot of you will have heard it or at least heard of it. I heard it on Parks And Recreation and I was super into it so I listened to it a few times on my own. I never want further than that and really got into Willie’s other music though until recently.

I took a course on Country music last year and although it was amazing I’m mad that we didn’t spend more time on musicians like Willie, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash etc. We talked about them in passing but I feel like they are such a vital part of country music they deserved more time. That being said I get that the course is only a couple of weeks and the professor probably did not have that much time to discuss everyone.

Anyway back to Willie Nelson. For some reason one of his songs was in my recommended on YouTube and I ended up listening to it and loving it and I started to listen to his other songs and now I’m officially a big fan of his music.

I love the energy his music has- he has such a calming voice and presence. He’s also super funny which I appreciate. I also love the activist work he has done. I feel like I not only enjoy his music but his presence and personality too. Hope you enjoy the videos I’ve added below as much as I have over the last few weeks!

The Kinks

I’ve always been a fan of The Kinks but I hadn’t heard a lot of their music. I kind of had been sticking with the few songs I did like. I discovered them back in High School which I hate to admit was a long time ago and I had kind of forgotten about them until I took a course on The Sixties. I started listening to them again after that and I really got into their music again.

Like the others on this list I just really like their vibe and energy and the lead singer has such a unique raspy voice that I love. My favourite song by The Kinks used to be Well Respected Man but now it’s Lola.

Old School Hip Hop

I have always been into Hip Hop and although there are some amazing artists out there that I really enjoy listening to I just have a soft spot for old school Hip Hop. So I ended up listening to a lot of NWA, Wu Tang, Beastie Boys and more. I love country music but at the moment I’m really into Hip Hop too.

Apart from music I have recently also been enjoying spoken word poetry from the 60’s and 70’s because even though it was obviously written during a different time it is still extremely relatable in a lot of ways.

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni is my favourite right now. The first thing I heard by her was Ego Tripping and as a women and a WOC in particular I was obsessed. It just made me feel so powerful and reminded me how strong and incredible us women are. I love anything that is powerful and uplifting so Ego Tripping really hit the spot. Since I liked Ego Tripping so much I decided to look through some of her other work and I have really enjoyed all of it so far although Ego Tripping definitely remains my favourite.

Langston Hughes

The first thing I heard by Langston Hughes was Freedom Train. I heard it in one of my History classes- it was taught by the same professor who taught the Sixties class- and it really stuck with me. After that I started listening to more things by him and I found myself really enjoying his work.

These days I try to listen to inspiring spoken word poetry before I go to sleep because it calms me down but also inspires me to work harder the next day.


Let me know in the comments below what you thought about the videos if you decided to listen to them. Do you listen to any of the artists I mentioned? I would love to know your thoughts or simply say hi in the comments below because I always love hearing from you!

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My Week So Far

As you guys know this has been my first week back to school so it’s been a little hectic and even though I did have a post planned for today I didn’t have time to finish it. So instead of not posting anything I wanted to check in on you guys and say hi! How are you guys doing? How is 2021 going for you so far? I’m doing good and I’ve been weirdly calm about everything- am I getting used to university or is my anxiety getting better? Either way I’m good. I’m still having weird dreams but now I just try to enjoy them instead.

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Getting Your Life Together In 2021

Getting Your Life Together In 2021

I think for a lot of us 2020 was the year so many things changed. Our lives changed in so many drastic ways and even though we hope things will go back to normal soon it may still be a while before things get back to where they were. However, that does not mean that you should let this year go to waste. I am a huge fan of new starts because it allows you to improve yourself and your life and I think as humans our goal should be to constantly try to improve ourselves so that we can be the best version of us.

One way to improve your life is by getting your finances together. As someone who has been adulting (part-time and barely but adulting nonetheless) for a few years now I thought I would share a review of a site I think would be helpful for people who are looking to be a more fiscally responsible this year.

I have mentioned on this site before how much I like online calculators because they really help me figure out my priorities, my weekly and monthly budget and more. The online calculator I wanted to talk about today is the rent or buy calculator. I know that one of the biggest issues that people in their twenties and thirties have is finding a place to stay. I also know that even though we are technically adults we are not the best at doing adult stuff and there is a lot we don’t know when it comes to renting or buying our own place. I was kind of surprised by a lot of things when I rented my first apartment because it was in a new country and I had never rented a place before. Luckily everyone was super nice and helpful but that is not always the case. It is especially difficult to make a decision when you are trying to decide whether to pick a place to rent or to buy.

Renting a place is a pretty big commitment but buying a place is an even bigger commitment and the first thing you need to think about is which would be better for you depending on your savings and income. The rent or buy calculator allows you to make all the calculations you need to make in order to see which would be the best fit for you at the moment. Not only does it help you decide which would be best for you depending on your current financial position it also lets you see what payments you would need to be making long-term which I think is pretty great because it allows you to understand exactly what you are getting into long-term too.

The site also provides a number of mortgage calculators, loan calculators and more along with the rent or buy calculator which I think is quite useful because that will allow you to continue using their calculators even after you have decided to rent or buy and you won’t be stuck after making your decision.

The calculators are extremely simple and easy to use- they have basic and advanced calculators depending on what you would like to calculate which I think is a good idea because it allows you to get an idea of what would be best for you and once you have decided you can use the advanced one to get a better idea of what your future would look like depending on your decision. Their calculators are also super user friendly which helps because I don’t have the best concentration span and sometimes it can get exhausting when sites are slow or don’t work as they should/promise to. It does not have annoying pop-up ads or any ads actually which is probably why the loading time is so impressive and the fact that it’s simple to use means that most people can use it including older people or people who are not the best with technology.

I will definitely be writing more posts about saving money in 2021 so please be on the lookout for those over the next few weeks if that’s something you would be interesting in reading about. Also like I mentioned in my last post this year is all about spreading awareness about other sites I think are helpful or that I particularly like so do check them out by clicking here or check out the rent or buy calculator by clicking here. 

Your Thoughts

What are some of the most difficult things about adulting for you? Do you have a difficult time with managing your finances? What are some tips and tricks you use for making sure you have your finances in order? Please let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi because I would really love to hear from you!

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An Update- Kind Of

If you haven’t read yesterdays post I would recommend you do so before reading this one. You can read it by clicking here.
So, I want to start out by saying THANK YOU! You guys are absolutely amazing and I truly appreciate everyone’s support on my last post. I am always so touched by how caring and supportive this community is and that’s why it’s so difficult for me to consider leaving it. You guys have become like family to me and I truly appreciate every comment you guys leave.

WP’s Response

I decided to share the emails with you guys so that you can see for yourselves just how irritating this situation is. When I initially told them about my issue this is the email I received yesterday telling me I had been blocked.

I felt like they were incredibly passive-aggressive about the situation and just started blaming me off the bat without even finding out all the details of the situation. They didn’t even do their research well because they clearly got the number of blogs I follow wrong- by literally thousands…
I tried to politely let them know that they had made a mistake and even sent them a screenshot as proof showing the actual number of blogs I follow which can be found in your wp-admin dashboard.

They completely ignored the fact that they made a mistake, did not even address the issues and pretty much told me to leave WordPress.com and move to a self-hosted site. Except, from my research I have learnt that if they wanted to they could unblock me- they have done so for other people. They just don’t want to. At least they offered to refund me my money for the plan.

My guess is that their site has serious glitches- all my comments were showing up as read on my notifications for a while which I’m guessing is them reading the comments. My Ads revenue went away for a few days and then came back. My traffic page has been glitching for a while now. And it’s not just me- multiple people have been effected.
I read a post online by a woman who didn’t use WP for MONTHS and came back to find she had been blocked from following accounts. How is that even possible when she did not use her account for months. Clearly, their algorithm does not know the difference between spam/bots and actual interaction/blogs. And instead of fixing this they blame the victims for being too interactive which is so weird because blogging is supposed to be an interactive hobby. The interaction is the best part for me.
Also how am I being accused of self-promoting on other blogs when I have literally never commented trying to promote my own blog. I always try to leave comments about the post and only ever leave a link if I feel like the post would help the reader/I have nominated them for something. And that is as RARE as Selena Gomez’s makeup line (can you tell I’ve been binge watching makeup videos online?).
I mean how do you accuse someone of stuff like that without even reading the comments they have left or the posts they have written. Especially when all these comments are sitting in my spam folder- how come they aren’t being blocked?

And let’s be honest- a permanent block is so excessively mean- I mean most social platforms have blocks but it’s usually for an hour/day/month. Permanent blocks with no prior warning is just so awful for people like me who are blocked due to errors on their part.

What Now?

I am considering moving to a self-hosted site but it will be a lot of work so I’m going to wait till I have my mid term break. Till then I guess I will keep blogging as I usually do and not like/follow anything. I will continue to leave comments on your blogs and support you guys as much as I can.
I will write in more detail about moving to a self-hosted site once I do more research because I know some of you may be interested in moving to self-hosted as well.

Some Disturbing Things You Should Know About WordPress.com

  1. They Own All Your Content

Source: https://www.crazyegg.com/
No, not some of your content. Not most of your content. They own ALL your content and can apparently do exactly what they want with it whether you like it or not. I found this very concerning because as creators don’t we have any rights to our own content that WE created.
2. They Can Terminate Your Site

Source: https://www.crazyegg.com/
They can terminate your site whenever they want without even giving you an explanation. If that’s not super scary I don’t know what is. Can you imagine all your hard work being deleted and never seeing it again? Even if you decide not to move to a self-hosted site I would recommend backing up all your posts so that if your site does get deleted by mistake at least you will still have your posts.
I hope this information helps because I did not know about this before and it’s actually very scary to think that they have this much power over you. I also want to warn other bloggers- be careful with liking/following/commenting. I think recently there has been a lot of spam/bots on WP and they are handling it horribly and I would hate to see what happened to me happen to anyone else. Also please back up all your posts and media- I would hate to see someone lose everything over a mistake on WP’s part.
Also if my blog disappears they’ve probably terminated me for writing this post…


For those of you who already have self-hosted sites could you please tell me more about it in the comments. What host are you using? Would you recommend it? What problems have you run into if any? Did moving to self-hosted effect your traffic and follow in anyway? How would you recommend making the move? Are you up for hire to move my site for me? Thanks I really appreciate any information I can get although I got quite a bit of information on the last post which I truly appreciate!

Random Announcement

This may be the weirdest time and most random post to announce this on but after years of hating on social media I have finally started a Facebook page lol! I won’t be super active on it but I will reply to messages and post updates about my blog so if you are interested feel free to head over and follow the page and friend my profile (that’s how FB works right? I’m not too sure to be honest…) Either way thank you in advance for stopping by and supporting it!
Page: https://www.facebook.com/Lifesfinewhine
Profile: https://www.facebook.com/pooja.gudka.79

To sum everything up- yes lifesfinewhine will go back to normal posts starting tomorrow and eventually I will move to a self-hosted site. Again thank you for the continued support- you guys are the absolute best!

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I’m Done With WordPress

If you read yesterdays post you probably know that I was having trouble with my WordPress site. I was not surprised because that happens quite often because WordPress does have quite a few bugs it needs to work on. The problem was that I was not able to like or follow other blogs/posts.
I contacted the Happiness Engineers and although they were very nice they were not able to fix the problem and I was told the team was working on it. I was busy yesterday so I just hoped for the best and moved on. Today I did a bit more research and from other peoples experience it says that apparently WP blocks you from from liking and following if you like or follow too many.
Here’s the problem with that- I have about 18.6k followers- obviously I am going to be following quite a few blogs and I get about a hundred comments a day. When someone comments on my blog I generally head over to their blog and also leave a like and comment because I really think WP is a two-way street and the best way to get people to engage with your posts is to engage on theirs. If you have ever liked or commented on one of my posts you probably noticed that I liked/commented on your as well.
Since I get about a hundred comments a day and let’s say like half of them are replies I still end up visiting like 50 blogs a day and leaving likes/comments. Because of my university starting again for the fall semester I have been forced to stick to a pretty tight schedule. I schedule out about an hour every day to like/comment on other blogs that have liked/commented on mine. I also spend like 15 minutes a day going through new followers and follow back blogs I like- usually like 5 a day.  I get about 50 followers a day so I don’t think 5 a day is that bad.
Anyway, since WP’s system sucks- they literally let actual bots and spammers through- I think I have been blocked because you can’t like more than like 15 blog posts an hour and you can’t follow more than a certain amount of blogs overall. Some people online said you can’t undo this block. If that’s the case I’m not sure if I can keep blogging anymore. My favourite part of blogging has always been interacting with other blogs and now I’m scared to even comment on other blogs in case it blocks me from commenting.
I hate how unhelpful the WP system is. It’s so frustrating. They never listen to their followers- like with what happened with the new editor- and they are EXTREMELY unhelpful when you actually need their help. They’re super nice and polite but just don’t seem to be equipped to handle literally almost any situation. They give you almost no information about what’s going on. I’m just super pissed. I feel like years of hard work just went down the drain. I’m done. I’m VERY done with WP. I am going to try and leave comments on all your blogs though even if I can’t like them. Until I get blocked that is- probably going to happen soon I’m guessing. Anyway, sorry I can’t like your blogs but just know that I will still support other blogs somehow- probably by commenting on them considering that’s literally all I can do right now.
If you don’t see any posts from me for a while or in case this is the last time we communicate I just want to wish everyone the best with their blogging and everything in their life. I hope this awful year ends and things start getting better really soon.
Edit: They have blocked me- I got an email. They seem to have mistaken how many followers I have with how many blogs I follow. When I sent them proof of this with screenshots they stopped responding- this was a few hours ago. I am beyond done with this situation. 

60’s/70’s Music I Love

The Sixties And Seventies

This is a post I have been wanting to make for such a long time now- for literally over six months lol! As some of you may know I took a course on the sixties last year/semester at university and I learnt so much amazing stuff in it. One of the things that really stood out to me was the counterculture and the music that was such a huge part of this counterculture.
I love music so much and I’m always willing to give something new a listen especially when it will get me a good grade. Since I have not really made a post about music in a while I thought I would share this one and talk about 6 of my favourite songs from the sixties and seventies.
Also, I know the class was technically supposed to be about the 60’s but we learnt a lot about the 1970’s as most of the 70’s were an extension of the 60’s counterculture and that’s why I decided to add music from both the sixties and the seventies on the list. A lot of what was created in the 70’s stemmed from what began in the 60’s.
It was so difficult to pick just six because to be honest there are so many songs that I still listen to almost daily that I haven’t mentioned on this list. Maybe I’ll write a part two some time. I picked these songs in particular because they really stood out to me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Disclaimer: For some really weird reason every music post I make gets a bunch of hate comments. If you don’t enjoy this kind of music please feel free to move on with your life and visit the thousands of other blogs out there instead of wasting your time leaving mean comments because I genuinely don’t care whether or not you agree with me. This is my blog and I will write about exactly what I want to. Thanks and have a great day! 

6. Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit (1967)

This was the first song I learnt about from the sixties- ironically it was in a different American history class that I had taken in the same semester and we had started discussing 60’s music earlier in that class. I don’t know why I am so fascinated by this song or the look on the lead singers face but I just am. I think this song holds a special place in my heart because it was the first song from the sixties that I heard that I really got into.

5. The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun (1969)

I absolutely love this song and it’s probably one of my favourite songs by The Beatles. A little history behind it:

“Here Comes the Sun” was written at the time when Apple was getting like school, where we had to go and be businessmen: ‘Sign this’ and ‘Sign that’. Anyway, it seems as if winter in England goes on forever; by the time spring comes you really deserve it. So one day I decided I was going to slag off Apple and I went over to Eric Clapton’s house. The relief of not having to go and see all those dopey accountants was wonderful, and I walked around the garden with one of Eric’s acoustic guitars and wrote “Here Comes the Sun.”

—George Harrison. Source: https://genius.com/The-beatles-here-comes-the-sun-lyrics
I can truly feel what he means in the song. It’s just so relaxing and calming- like an escape from all your worries and stress. Also Canadian winters aren’t the best so I also totally understand the way he feels about spring although I quite like winter so I can’t complain too much- it just gets a bit too long sometimes.

4. Joan Baez- House Of The Rising Sun (1960)

Joan Baez is a musician I did not know much about until I took a course on American history taught by the same professor who taught me about the sixties. As soon as I heard her voice I was absolutely blown away- she is so talented and can express so much emotion through her music that it really touches your heart.
The reason I picked this song in particular was because the most well known version of this song is by The Animals which I also like but this one just hits different and I definitely love this version.

3. Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze (1970)

I definitely could not leave Jimi Hendrix out of this list. He was such a brilliant musician. I first heard this song as a teenager and I absolutely loved it. However, after taking the class and learning more about him, his music and the background behind this song I love it even more.
A little history behind the song:

“I dream a lot and I put a lot of my dreams down as songs. I wrote one called ‘First Around the Corner’ and another called ‘The Purple Haze’, which was all about a dream I had that I was walking under the sea.”

-Jimi Hendrix. Source: https://genius.com/The-jimi-hendrix-experience-purple-haze-lyrics

2. Janis Joplin- Me & Bobby McGee (1971)

Janis Joplin is probably one of my top 5 favourite musicians from the sixties. I love her voice, her music, her look and just everything about her. I actually learnt about her in quite a bit of detail in my sixties class and I found her back story really sad but also quite relatable.
We also read one of the letters she sent to her mum- she kept in touch with her family until she passed away- talking about meeting Paul McCartney and fan girling over George Harrison. It really reminded me that these people aren’t just the musicians we think they are but people too. I don’t know how to explain it but a lot of times we don’t think of famous people as “people” but at the end of the day they’re really just people like us.
The reason I picked this song in particular was because it was the first Janis Joplin song I heard- I was a teenager back then. I had just read On The Road by Jack Kerouac and I was getting into the 60’s counterculture. I thought it was really fascinating but also very inspiring. This is a bit off topic but that book really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and every time I get anxious about trying something new I think of On The Road. For me, this song will always remind me of that book.

  1. Phil Ochs- I’m Going To Say It Now (1966)

As a university student this song really hit home and spoke to me. I think most students will be able to relate with this song because the frustrations of being a student, being forced to conform, only being taught certain things etc are still very much present in the education system.
I know that things are getting better and I am so happy about that but I don’t think we’re quite there just yet especially when it comes to education in schools- from my experience universities are much more diverse about what they teach compared to high school.
This song is probably one of my favourite songs of all time and it is definitely my favourite song from the sixties just because it’s so incredibly relatable even for a student in 2020- at least it is for me. I absolutely love Phil Ochs in general too and I love his other songs as well.


I know this was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to counterculture music or music from the sixties and seventies. There are so many songs I wish I could have added but I didn’t want the post to get too long. I hope you enjoyed these song and this post.


What kind of music do you like? Are you a fan of music from the 60’s and 70’s? Were you part of the 60’s and 70’s counterculture? If you were what were your experiences in the 60’s and 70’s like? As always let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and today I have a favour to ask- if you are a fan of this kind of music leave me some recommendations in the comments below! Thanks I really appreciate it!

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How Moving Abroad Changed My Life

Moving Abroad

A few years ago I moved from Kenya to Canada to study abroad and get my undergraduate degree. As you can imagine this was a huge change in my life and a lot changed after I moved. I have been in Canada for about three years now and a lot has changed in my life in those three years. 

A while ago I asked you guys what you wanted to see on lifesfinewhine and one of the suggestions was a post about how my life has changed after moving abroad. I thought this would be super interesting to share with you guys because as I mentioned so much has changed in the last few years. 

More Independence

Moving abroad gave me a lot more independence than before. When you live abroad there are certain things you can do that you just can’t do back home- mostly because everyone knows you lol… But seriously, I finally started to feel like a real adult and it was also a lot of fun pushing boundaries, trying new things, discovering more about myself and basically just doing stuff I have always wanted to do. 

Adulting Is Hard

Independence and feeling like an adult is all well and good until you have to take responsibility and do stuff on your own. Then it’s a total nightmare. Back home I was pretty used to relying on my parents, other family members or friends for assistance with stuff. Now I have to do everything on my own and as fun as that can be sometimes it can also be awful other times. 

I mean you have to pay the bills (did you know you have to do that every month??), book appointments (why are those still a thing??), go grocery shopping (this one is actually kind of fun!) and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  

New Experiences

One of the best things about moving abroad is that you get to have all these amazing experiences. One major way that my life changed after moving abroad was that I became a different person. No, I did not turn into Winder Woman unfortunately but I did become someone who explores a lot more. 

Back home I was pretty anxious and did not go out or do stuff as much. However, after coming to Canada I decided that I want to get out of my comfort zone and make as many memories as possible so whenever I could I would travel, go somewhere new, try a new place to eat or just do something new in general. 

I was also able to meet new people which was super fun!

I Was Forced To Grow Up

To an extent- I still think cartoons are awesome and pjs should be ugly, old and comfy af. But it did force me to mature and to think of things in a more mature way. Instead of freaking out about every small thing I learnt how to deal with my problems. 

I also learnt how to take better charge of my life, take control of things and to also be more comfortable with fighting for myself. I learnt leadership skills at school which I have found helpful in life too. I also realised that adults really don’t know what they’re doing as much as we think they do- we’re lost and confused almost all the time too! 


I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a little more about the ways in which my life has changed after moving abroad. 

Have you ever lived abroad? If so, how did it change your life? If not, would you ever want to live abroad? Are you currently living abroad? Have you studied abroad? If so, could you relate to any of the things I mentioned on this post? Let me know in the comments below or if you don’t want to answer the questions simply stop by and say hi!


No, not the band… I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes/blooper story about this post. So, I finished writing this post and made the cover image for it which took forever because I had to make it HD and stuff. And finally I was done and added it to the post and that’s when I realised it said “Changes” instead of “Changed” and I had to do everything all over again 🤦‍♀️

Original cover image:

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