Motivational Monday?

So usually Mondays are the day I have ‘Motivational Monday’ posts mostly quotes that I like and find inspiring. But I have had such a rough day today I just don’t have anything inspirational to say.

Before I tell you the story of my day I would like to point out that I really enjoy studying at Brock. And there are always negatives and positives in everything. This particular incident happens to be negative.

What happened…

So I’m taking a History course that I kind of had to take because I’m majoring in History so it’s mandatory. But I was looking forward to it because it’s different than any other course I’ve ever taken before. It is slightly boring sometimes but it’s still pretty interesting most of the times. Unfortunately, the universe does not seem to want me to enjoy this course. Because for some reason something or the other comes up that ruins it.

Firstly, it’s on Monday morning. Like why? Juts why are there even lessons on Monday morning??

Secondly, my seminar got cancelled and they didn’t even email me about it which I thought was kind of unprofessional. Like you email me a bunch of university crap about events I couldn’t care less about but you don’t email me about my seminar being cancelled? To be fair it was shown on my schedule but I had just taken a screenshot of it earlier. And I didn’t really bother checking again and I didn’t realise I would have had to. I’m also not used to checking everything online since it’s the first time I’m doing that. We never really did much online in Kenya.

Now what…

That brings us to today. I had to hand in an assignment and apparently I can’t hand it in till I go to the Registrar’s Office and change my schedule. I started going to the Wednesday seminar but I hadn’t been able to officially change my schedule because it takes forever in the registrar’s office and I had gone there earlier but I waited for 2 hours and then had to leave because it wasn’t my turn yet and I had a class. And no one told me that I would have to go to the Registrar’s Office before I have to hand in the assignment. Is it really that hard to give me those details? I’m a new student and I don’t know how the system works. So now I need to go tomorrow and get it done before 2 in the afternoon. That means I’ll have to miss my Earth Science lecture because there’s not other way. I’m so mad because I’m already falling behind in Earth Science and I like going for the lecture because at least with the explanations I can understand better.

I mean everything is online in this university so why do I have to go to the stupid office for the seminar? And they’re the ones who cancelled the seminar so isn’t it their job to put me in another one? I feel like they’re trying to make me do their job for them and I hate that.

Sorry for the rant I’m just very mad right now.

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44 thoughts on “Motivational Monday?

  1. Yep – some days are just like that pooj. Take the good with the smooth. It all works out in the end. When I get like that I just say FUCK ‘EM really loudly. Usually works for me.
    Two cows in a field – one say Mooo – the other one says – I was just about to say that!

    1. Hehe thanks for the inspiration Tash 😭😅😜 But at least they fixed it and hopefully there won’t be any more glitches like this!

  2. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. Every new culture has their own way of doing things and they often expect you to just know. They don’t realise that it’s not done that way in your country. But try not to get upset by it. It is all so new and different at the moment and after the novelty of first impressions, it’s hard to cope the problems that hit you. But you will. This will pass and you’ll settle in to your new life. Now I can laugh at all the silly things that happened to me!

    1. Yeah I guess they don’t realise how hard basic things are because of the cultural difference but I feel like they should still understand that as a first year I’m new to everything and I obviously need some help. But at least it’s done!

  3. Bureaucracy is never very feeling. Believe me, it continues after university.

    You are young and strong. Monday morning could be good for a lovely walk, maybe a picnic and reading outside…….
    Being mad and angry just eats at your inside and darkens your heart.

    1. Yeah I’ve been trying to deal better with my negative emotions and meditation definitely helps! Thanks for the positivity ☺

  4. Hi, I remember sitting in 2 hour seminars every Monday morning for 3 weeks, just so the teacher could tell us “everything I have been teaching you up until now had been wrong” you’re not alone! Hope the rest of the week is better 🙂

    1. Oh no that’s so horrible. Wow that’s such a crappy experience but I guess everyone has a few crappy experiences in university. Haha I hope so too and I hope your week goes great too!

  5. I just want to give you a little word of encouragement. As I read through this article, I noticed one thing that was very prominent. You are a basically positive person, and you have the ability and the will to look at things from the other person’s point of view. Even though what the school authorities are doing is very unfair and unkind to you, nevertheless, even in the midst of telling us about them, you’ve also stopped and told us things that indicate you can still see their position. And even though you’re angry and hurt (and rightly so) you seem to be able to make allowances for their ignorance of the problems of students who are new and/or from a different culture. People who have the ability to see things fairly — as you do — are people who succeed in this life. They are not overcome or destroyed by problems or problem people, because they can see the situations from all sides, and making allowances — even small allowances — for the people on the other side of the issue helps them keep their sanity and their sense of humor. And people who can do that always figure out a way to make things work out. They get the job done, regardless of stumbling blocks put in front of them by ignorant people. You are one of those people who gets the job done, no matter what. You are a succeeder — a winner — so just keep your head up and keep going forward.

    1. Wow thank you so much for your words. That really means a lot to me and as you can guess I was having a very horrible week and this was very inspiring.
      It’s hard not to let stuff like this get to you and sometimes you do tend to snap but I’m working on calming myself in such situations.

  6. You’ll do fine because I can see that you have a very positive attitude! if this had happened to me I would be too angry to put it into words xD I really admire the way you can see over obstacles. It’s a talent that most of the world has lost.
    Hope that you have an excellent day!

    1. Yup I got through it and you’re right we just have to stay grounded and try to fix the problem. Thank you and hope you have a great day too!

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