Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I don't have a post today because I had a research paper to finish but I just wanted to say hi and hope you guys have a happy Easter. I know I haven't been responding to comments lately but I've been super busy but I will try to catch up to them whenever possible. I [...]

My Courses For This Semester

This semester I'm only taking history courses because I finished my electives last semester and I have to say I am really enjoying it. As most of you know my major is History and I am loving concentrating on it and learning all these amazing history courses. Here are the courses I'm taking this semester: [...]

Courses I’m Taking This Semester

History Courses Roman History- okay not going to lie this one isn't super interesting but I still enjoy it to an extent. I really like learning about Roman history but I am more of a modern history kind of person so this is a little out of my area of interest. It also doesn't help [...]

Finally Done With Exams!

Finally Done With Exams!

I'm finally done with my exams and this semester of university! I am very happy to finally be done. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love university but it can be extremely draining and exhausting. So, when it's the end of the semester most people are at a point where they are very ready [...]

Exams Are Upon Me

It's that time of the semester again folks where life revolves around coffee and studying and more coffee and more stuDYING... Yes, it's that time of the semester when exams are upon us. You guys might have noticed that I am not as active as I usually am on WordPress. And that's because my exams [...]

5 Cofacilitations And A Presentation

So thankfully my semester is almost over which means I'm done with my cofacilitations and presentations. I have a really hard time with these. As I've told you guys because I am one of those people that is just not great at speaking in public or to groups. So two of my cofacilitations I did [...]

Another Scary Experience!

A lot of universities need students to do co-facilitation's which is when you teach the seminar for one class. My university is one of them. I have five of those to do this semester and I just finished my first one yesterday and I thought I would tell you guys about how it went since [...]

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So I had one of the terrible days ever today. I woke up thinking I would finish my research paper and hand it in by five in the evening. And do some revising and stuff. But when I woke up all the work I had done was gone! So anyway I had to retype the [...]

Another Quick Life Update!

I have a life update for you guys. I know I haven't been blogging much or keeping up to date with everyone else's blog. However, I thought I would share a life update about everything that's going on right now (admittedly not a lot...) I have a bunch of assignments due soon (one tomorrow and [...]