Six Word Story #13

Six Word Story:

Can you just take the hint?

Have you ever met someone that doesn’t really take the hint. I have very unfortunate luck or so it seems because I have met so many people like this. Some people just seem very oblivious to the obvious. And that annoys me sometimes. But I also know that not everyone is that way on purpose. Some people just don’t know how social cues work or how to navigate life with them. And that’s fine. But sometimes, it seems like people also ignore hints on purpose. Especially when you are a woman and particularly a woman of colour. People sometimes feel as though it is easier to walk all over you. That’s why I’m trying to get better at setting boundaries.

I also just really wanted to thank everyone for the positive responses to my last six word story!

What did you think of this weeks SWS? Let me know in the comments below and do feel free to leave your own six word story. Either with this theme or any other theme. Or simply stop by and just say hi!

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