The Same Routine

The same routine

Nine to five

Working like robots

Without looking up

Never once looking out of the window

Collecting material items

Never asking why

Never thinking what more is out there


Inspired by The Little Prince.

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27 thoughts on “The Same Routine

  1. “The same nine to five,
    While in the morning the sun always rise
    And in platforms the train always arrive
    Without having to look up i’ve come to realize
    When nature and technology portray better meanings to life
    What have we lost in the midst of life?
    The meaning of life.”

    An inspiration from you, a continuation of yours if you find it worthy of. Have a good day ☺️

  2. We build these protective walls around us transfixing a routine and abiding by it. Sooner or later these high walls shall suffocate us to mental outburst.

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