The Same Routine

The same routine Nine to five Working like robots Without looking up Never once looking out of the window Collecting material items Never asking why Never thinking what more is out there ————————————————————————————————————————- Inspired by The Little Prince. For more poetry click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment! [...]

The Entertainer Blogger Award

I was nominated for The Entertainer Blogger Award by Munira Chowdhury. She has an awesome blog and she is always so sweet and nice whenever I talk to her on her blog! Please do take some time to check out her blog!! The rules of the award are: Write a post  including the award picture [...]

Desert Island Book Tag

Before I start out this post I just want to give a big shout out to theorangutanlibrarian for nominating me for the Desert Island Book Tag! Theorangutanlibrarian has an amazing blog and if you are interested in books and pretty much anything to do with reading this is the blog you need to follow! Desert Island [...]