Udupi Palace- Experience And Review

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This is another restaurant that we were super excited about. We hadn’t had South Indian food in forever and we were really looking forward to trying this place out. Plus the Udupi Palace had really good reviews online and the food looked good so we were excited.

When we first walked in we saw the beautiful decorations. They were so pretty and gave the restaurant a really nice Indian feel to it. The paintings were really beautiful in particular and they were so nice to look at while were eating.

We ordered the fries, the assorted palace hor-d’oeuvres, the idli manchurian and the vegetable uthapam. The fries are fried potatoes so literally there is no way you could mess that up (some people do apparently…) so we loved them. The assorted palace hor-d’oeuvres were really good and the portion was great for the price. The idli manchurian was the best out of all the dishes and I am definitely going to try to replicate that one at home! The uthapam was good but bland- it didn’t have much spices or the right amount of salt for my sister (I didn’t try it myself because I was preoccupied with the fries…). I would definitely recommend checking out this place if you like Indian food and especially if you’re a fan of South Indian food because their idli was amazing and their dosa’s have gotten really good reviews too although I haven’t tried the dosa’s out myself.

Overall, I think we had a great experience here and the majority of the dishes we had were absolutely delicious.

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33 thoughts on “Udupi Palace- Experience And Review

    1. You should try out South Indian food sometimes I’m sure you’ll love it! I love samosas and pakoras but not pappadums I’m not sure why but I just don’t like them.

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