Cooking and Poetry: Around the world in a day of meals

I had the honour of being in included in this wonderful post by Jude Itakali and I would love for you guys to take a minute to go check out the post on his blog and leave a like and comment! I really hope you enjoy all the different foods he shared from around the [...]

Royal Dosa Hut Review

Recently I found out about this place in Niagara called Royal Dosa Hut which is a vegetarian restaurant that offers mostly south Indian food. I was super excited because there aren't a lot of vegetarian/vegan Indian restaurants in the area although there are a few with vegan/vegetarian options. It's pretty far from where I live [...]

Udupi Palace- Experience And Review

To check out more posts from my trip to Toronto click here. This is another restaurant that we were super excited about. We hadn't had South Indian food in forever and we were really looking forward to trying this place out. Plus the Udupi Palace had really good reviews online and the food looked good so [...]