5 Makeup Bag Must Haves

Makeup Bag Must Haves Collaboration

This post was written in collaboration with Ananya! These are her 5 must haves and feel free to go over to her blog to read my five! Check out her blog by clicking here. 

Our makeup bag must have versatile products such that a single product can be used for a variety of purposes. Today I am going to mention 5 which serve various multipurpose beauty tasks.

1. Coconut Butter

Coconut products are well known for their versatility. It has excellent moisturizing properties than the usual creams and lotions. It also gives long lasting effects. I suggest you can get this at any organic store or you could create it on your own by freezing coconut oil overnight in your fridge.

2. Lip And Cheek Tint

Benefit had come up with this idea long back and it has really been a blessing. It is one of the best dual purpose product. If you are not able to get this product, you could always use a lipstick too!

3. Mascara

You may have read this million times in a lot of blogs but these little wands are a must! They give a dramatic effect to your eyes and it could also be used as Khol for your waterline.

4. Face Mists

In case, you look tired, face mists will always help you give a fresh look and some even come with properties to keep your makeup set for a long time!

5. Makeup Wipes

These come really in handy in case you have disturbed your eye make up or lips and are a really good fix. Always carry makeup wipes as you may never know what could go wrong.

Hope you enjoyed those five and do go over to read my five on her blog by clicking here. Also let me know what you makeup bag must haves are in the comments below!

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53 thoughts on “5 Makeup Bag Must Haves

  1. I look forward to wearing makeup again come Fall. It always melts off my face in the Summer time, because I use mostly organic wear. It’s the only kind I’m not allergic to! Yay, Fall!

  2. A lippie and mascaras are definitely must-haves.
    However, you may want to add a disclaimer regarding the coconut oil. Unfortunately, it is a known pore-clogging product that can cause bad breakouts if applied directly to the face or if included too high up in product ingredient lists! 💔💔

    1. Lol I do that in winter too because I get super oily and it feels sticky and gross. I always have lip balm and an eye brow pencil with me too!

  3. Love this! I couldn’t go out without having lip balm and hand cream in my bag, and I always carry around a sample of whatever perfume, just in case! I love the idea of the lip and cheek tint though! Thanks for sharing 😊

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