Six Word Story #73

He tapped her on the shoulder.

I loved the six word stories you guys left last week so today I decided to write this six word story and I was you guys to continue it and leave a six word reply/addition to it! Tell me in the comments what happens next in six words!
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181 responses to “Six Word Story #73”

  1. She gasped and prepared for death.
    *I tried 😭 I love your six word stories!!

    1. I love it- that’s such a good one!!

  2. She told him to leave her

    1. Aww so sad but such a good one!

      1. Well, it could also be her telling her creepy ex she wants nothing to do with him

        1. I didn’t think of it like that- it totally could be! This is what I love about six word stories- we all interpret it differently. So fun!

          1. Yes! Indeed! Guess my self-defense training and my own past kicked in there

            1. Yeah I guess so!

  3. Let’s run away and get married.

    1. Aww I love the positive direction you took with it!

  4. She averted her gaze on him.

    1. Ooh love that addition!

      1. Thank you!

        1. You’re welcome!

    1. I love that- now I’m kind of wondering what she did!

      1. A lot, but I think forgiving people is the best thing to do no matter what they did.

        1. Yes forgiveness is definitely important.

  5. I love all of those comments 😄

    1. I know everyone is so creative!!

  6. And pointed road ahead is flooded

    1. Haha at least she was warned on time!

  7. But he’s always been that way.

    1. Really good one- I love it!

  8. She shuddered to think what’s coming.

    1. Oops… I meant shuddered. It’s late, guys.

      1. No worries I’ll edit it for you!!

    2. I love horror so I totally love this one!

  9. Cold fear moved down her spine

    1. Love this one!! I kind of want to know more now lol!

  10. There could be only one reason

    1. I want to know more now!!

      1. It might be better to wait!

  11. Startled. Had she been daydreaming again?

    1. This is such a good one too!

  12. This is fun! 😀

    1. It is- it’s so fun for me to read everyone’s as well!

  13. She grabbed to check his phone

    1. Ooh that’s such a good one!!

      1. Thanks I became an immediate fan of these six word stories

        1. So glad to hear that!

  14. She silently stole his willing heart!

    1. Aww that’s so romantic!

      1. I enjoy your quick impromptu challenges…

  15. Found angel fluttering…in fresh snow!

    1. That’s such a good one too!

  16. Awesome Idea so to add another six word story to “He tapped her on the shoulder” – No one was there she froze…Then another six word story…Must Be My Guardian Angel Tapping – There’s no one at my door…You can use any of these it’s a great idea…Namaste

    1. I thought it would be a fun way to interact! They’re all so good I love them!

      1. Pooja check out my latest crazy six word story that i turned into a crazy advertisement on you tube…”Bestie Hot Head Oil For Beastie”

        1. I’ll definitely check it out!

          1. Pooja I trained my brain to think in terms of six word stories watch out our world is in trouble now cause I created a crazy new six word story recipe play list called are you ready?…”Bestie Breakfast For Beastie Hot Heads”…

            1. Thanks for letting me know I’ll check it out!

  17. Beautiful six word story. A small attempt
    She was afraid to look back.
    And before your six word sentence
    He followed her down the lane.

    1. They’re both so perfect for before and after- thank you!

      1. Thank you very much. This concept of six word story is real fun 😊

        1. It’s very fun for me too!

    2. These are both so nice

      1. Thank you Nehal. Glad you liked it 😊

  18. She was startled by his presence

    1. You’re are definitely the queen of six word stories- love that addition!

      1. Oh you’re too kind. Thanks a lot, Pooja ♥️

        1. You’re very welcome!

  19. Always in hurry should I stop,
    Loved yours too 💖 👍🏻👍🏻

    1. Thank you and I love yours!

  20. naked she hoped for his coat

    1. Ooh that’s such a good one- I would never have thought of that!

      1. Wohoo! Thank you so much! I absolutely love these. I would do my own if I could figure out how to ping to the original post! My dilemma, is keeping me from doing more! *sigh*

        1. I recently came across a post that explains how to do it and has a video too-
          Hope that helps!

          1. You’re the best! For real! Thank you so much! You’re rad! 💜 Watch our here I come, lol! Blessings Lisa

            1. You’re totally welcome haha!

  21. …..she held her breath and fainted

    1. Lol love this one!

      1. Yay!!!😂
        Thanks 😊

  22. She flinched and kept moving hurriedly.

    1. Very realistic- love it!

  23. ^Any last words? He whispered in her ear.^Before she had the chance to reply, he stabbed her-

    1. Ooh I love it!

    1. Not at all- I’m a huge fan of psycho-thrillers so that was one of my favourites!

  24. and passed out in his arms…

    1. In a good way or a bad way??

      1. looking for ways to end the story are you? hmmmmm

        1. Haha maybe…

      2. he gave her a kiss and she woke up a ?

        1. Lol that sounds about right!

  25. She stood still and smiled shyly.

    1. Aww that’s so sweet!

  26. Can you pass the milk, please?

  27. And asks for the nearby shelter.

    1. Ooh good one!

  28. Staring deep into her hazel eyes.
    Em, I tried, did I?

    1. You did really well!!

  29. “May I have the next dance?”

    1. Aww so romantic!

  30. Nice! I like this one.
    My attempt:
    She turned, fear in her eyes.

    1. Ooh loved that- I love horror!

  31. I love your story and all the comments! so many clever responses!

    1. Thank you and yes people have come up with such great responses!

  32. Oh six word stories is back! I love these.

    1. Thank you so much!!

  33. Swimming…then something touched my foot

    1. Oh no!! Loved this!

      1. Thank you.

        1. You’re welcome.

  34. She kept walking across the woods 😨

    1. Ooh very scary!!

  35. And after looking at him, she ran away😅🤗

    1. Lol good one!!

  36. He tapped on her shoulder
    And the mysterious morse code continued (I tried😅)

    1. I really liked the morse code twist!!

      1. 💚💚thank you!
        I hope one of your readers continues it then. Or you perhaps😁

  37. She took gender equality too personally

    1. (Why the villain’s always got to be a man? 😆)

      1. Social distancing doesn’t apply to murderers 😈

        1. Social distancing doesn’t apply to sociopaths!

          1. Lollll 😂😂

      2. Because women are better at getting away with it!

  38. He swung the wooden baseball bat.

    1. Haha good one!

  39. This was a fun variation on your six words. I’ve enjoyed them. I think I was most surprised at the “would you pass the milk, please.” That was funny.

    1. Thank you and I found that one funny too!

  40. And she smiled and looked back.

    1. Aww so sweet!!

      1. Yes! It has to be a good ending this time.

        1. Sometimes you need a happy ending!

  41. “Are you sure we are pregnant?”

    1. Ooh that’s such a good one!!

  42. Her face lit up the darkness

    1. I love that!

      1. Oh, thanks, you’re so kind.

        1. You’re very welcome!

  43. She was shocked to see him !! 💟

    1. Ooh good one!

  44. And that’s where it all began….

    1. Ooh I love that because you can do so much with it!

  45. That one gave me chills!

    1. Thank you!!

  46. A little late to the party, 😅 anyway here’s my continuation.
    He called. She turned. With tears.

    1. Ooh that’s so good!

  47. I woke and went right back.

  48. They ate, he spoke, she smiled.

    1. Aww that’s nice!

  49. Walking away from his past forever.

    1. Wow that could be both sad and happy.

  50. Cold shivers ran down her spine

    1. Ooh good one!

      1. Thank you 🤗

  51. She looked back, there was nobody.

    1. Ooh that’s such a scary one!!

  52. She healed him and remains injured.

    1. Aww that’s so sweet!

  53. She crumbled under his tender warmth.

    1. Ooh good one!!

  54. And grabbed her in his arms…

    1. Aww that’s sweet!

  55. Also on her knees and toes

    1. Nice addition!

  56. A gesture of loving her mysteriously🥰

  57. But it was just an illusion.

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