Six Word Story #122

Six Word Story #122


The inimical weather really desiccates one.

I ended up using two new words for this one- woohoo! Did I use them correctly? Not sure but at least I tried 😂

Today’s Words:


1: being adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence forces inimical to democracy
2ahaving the disposition of an enemy 
breflecting or indicating hostility

More about the word.


1to dry upthe desiccated land
2to preserve (a food) by drying 
3to drain of emotional or intellectual

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60’s/70’s Music I Love


The Sixties And Seventies

This is a post I have been wanting to make for such a long time now- for literally over six months lol! As some of you may know I took a course on the sixties last year/semester at university and I learnt so much amazing stuff in it. One of the things that really stood out to me was the counterculture and the music that was such a huge part of this counterculture.
I love music so much and I’m always willing to give something new a listen especially when it will get me a good grade. Since I have not really made a post about music in a while I thought I would share this one and talk about 6 of my favourite songs from the sixties and seventies.
Also, I know the class was technically supposed to be about the 60’s but we learnt…

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I Still Love You

I Still Love You


It still makes me angry to think of you

Sometimes I wonder if you've moved on

Then I remember all the things you did

I can't believe I ever let you into my life

Like an unexpected storm you turned it upside down

Love isn't supposed to hurt like this

Love is supposed to be pure

Or maybe I'm just delusional

Vile words we yelled at each other still haunt me

Every single day and every single night

You broke my heart

One word at a time

Until you turned our love into hate

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A Classic Love Story

A Classic Love Story



I was not the kind of person anyone looks at twice. I don’t mean that in a quirky, average looking, clumsy hipster in a cheesy romance movie that no one notices until they do kind of way. I also don’t mean it in a self-deprecating way. I don’t mean it in any particular way because it’s simply a fact. I’ve always been just average. I got average grades in school, I have an average job with average pay, I have always and will always look just average, my family is average, my parents have average jobs and average lives, my friends are average with average jobs, my fashion sense is average. I just am AVERAGE. I’m not the girl that men chase halfway across the world hoping to make her fall in love with them, I’m not the girl everyone stares at when I walk into the room and…

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A Thing Was Done

You guys I forgot to write a post for today!! Like I don't even have any excuses I somehow totally forgot and I literally just remembered I haven't posted anything. It's so peculiar because I do this everyday and my brain knows that. This is the first time I've completely forgotten but there's a first [...]

Bibimbap Recipe



“Bibimbap simply translates to “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables“.”- Sue from mykoreankitchen
Bibimbap is probably my go-to when it comes to an easy home cooked meal. I love that it’s super easy to make, delicious and also really healthy because it has so many veggies. I make it vegan of course so it pretty much just has vegetables and rice which I think is really healthy.
I also really love Korean food because the flavours are just so perfect for me. I like spicy, sour and savoury food and Korean food is usually the perfect mix of this. It’s honestly so delicious I literally can’t stop eating it.
I also want to specify that I don’t make it the traditional way which is a lot more time consuming. I usually make bibimbap when I’m in a hurry so I make it in a quick, kind…

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5 Ways To Deal With Back To School Anxiety


Back To School Anxiety

As you guys know my online classes started yesterday and after reading your posts or some of your comments I know that a lot of you guys are back to school or are going to be starting school soon as well. I haven’t made a post about mental health recently so I thought that I write one today.
I am very happy that school is starting again because it kind of gives me something to do but at the same time it can be quite anxiety inducing for people who suffer from anxiety or even for people who don’t.
I think this year in particular is a bit more difficult because online classes can be a lot different from regular in-school classes and if you do have in-school class that’s probably still quite anxiety inducing since you have to be extra careful.
Here are five ways…

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How To Manage Your Blog While Having A Busy Life


Managing Your Blog While Having A Busy Life

I took a survey/poll a while back and asked what you guys wanted to see on lifesfinewhine or if there were any specific blogging topics you guys wanted to see me write about and one of the suggestions I got was to write on how I maintain by blog while having a busy life.

I am a full time student at university at the moment and as a history major you can image how busy I can get sometimes with all the reading and writing that comes along with history. I also get super busy with blogging because over the last few years my blog has grown quite a bit and it takes a lot more time to respond to everyone and maintain my blog- not that I’m complaining because I truly do love blogging!

Here are some of the tricks I…

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My Bipolar Perspectives of a Unipolar World by Stuart Sanderson.

Since today is Thursday I thought I would share this post by a fellow blogger who share post on mental health along with other things.

My Bipolar Perspectives of a Unipolar World

A Selection of Perceptions and OpinionsFromthe Point of View of a PersonWitha MentalIllness.

“Wake Up!”

You are part of a generation that relies on social media for interaction rather than actual physical interaction. You watch a TV that in essence actually watches you. Butting into your life and thrusting fantasy lifestyles, conglomerates products down your throat, fear via the media and secure your insecurities for yourself. You have become afraid of being left behind and you can’t settle for what you have.

The virtual insanity of the situation is utterly depressing. You have become hypnotised in belief that nature is not normal and growing old is sacrilege. Botox, tummy tucks, liposuction, face lifts, anti-wrinkle cream, spandex pants, hair transplants, veneers, boob jobs, lip fillers, fad diets, PT sessions, false this and false that. When you come to realise that you have the most beautiful asset…

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