Only Murders In The Building

Only Murders In The Building

I had a six word story post planned today but decided this was way more important and we as the WP community need to talk about this. And by this I mean the absolute brilliance which is the show Only Murders In The Building.

This show came out a couple of weeks ago and stars Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. I know you may be thinking what is Selena doing in this mix but you know what? It just works. Like she’s perfect for the character she plays.

The show revolves around the lives of these three people who live in the same building and listen to the same true crime podcast. They didn’t interact much until a suicide in the building brought them all together. Behind each character there’s more than what meets the eye and they all have personal things they are dealing with.

The plot of this show is so unique, the actors are obviously brilliant and it pulls of being funny, interesting and thrilling at the same time!

The reason I’m talking about this show is because my sister and I have been binging it for the last few days and anxiously waiting for the next episode to come out.

If you are currently watching this show and caught up with the latest episode please let me know in the comments below because we absolutely need to talk about it. If you haven’t seen this show I don’t know what you’re waiting for. This is a sign to go watch it!! Like right now stop reading this and go watch it! If you want me to write a detailed review on the show please let me know in the comments.

Edit: You guys my lights just went and came back and as soon as I they came back I saw a HUGE spider sitting on the wall. I almost had a heart attack y’all I’m not even kidding. I’m not usually scared of spiders and generally find them very cute but this thing looked like it would murder me in my sleep. Wow, Halloween month must have come early this year.

Edit 2: A super weird looking insect that looks like it crawled out of hell came out of my wall?? You guys, I’ve never been so scared in my life. It looked like a tiny scorpion. Wtf is going on. I think I’m going to die.

Edit 3: Here’s a picture of what I can only assume is one of Satan’s pets:

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70 responses to “Only Murders In The Building”

  1. I have got those bugs too! Not sure what they are but they are super weird!

    1. Apparently they’re called earwigs and are pretty harmless just scary looking lol!

      1. Okay, thanks. I saw a different kind of earwig in California. It mainly appeared on the artichokes my Mum grew in the garden. It was quite a job removing them before cooking!

        1. Oh I see- I guess there are different ones depending on the area. Yeah I can imagine they were hard to take off the artichokes before cooking!

          1. Yeah. I tried a lot of things but I never completely removed them

            1. Oh that sucks. Did they get all the way into the artichokes?

              1. Yes, sometimes I had to pry them out

  2. Picture is too small for me to tell really well, but the Ground Crab spider looks like a crab painful bite, but not harmful to humans though deadly to insects…not quite scorpion. Also there are Pseudoscorpion which are harmless. … both are found in Ontario. Hope this is of use and solves the mystery 🙂

    1. As you know they turned out to be earwigs but thanks for trying to help!

  3. I can’t get past the name of the show. Pass!

    1. Lol that’s fair!

  4. I saw the ad for it and it looked good. Is it on Netflix?

    1. I know it’s on Disney but not sure if they also offer it on Netflix. Hope you find it because it’s really good!

  5. Ugh! That’s a hideous looking insect!
    Is this show in Netflix?
    Hopefully it shows up in Netflix India.

    1. It was such a creepy looking thing!
      From what I know it’s on Disney (Hulu) at the moment but hopefully Netflix will get it too!

  6. You have piqued my interest. I’m definitely going to give this show a watch!
    And that bug really does look diabolical.
    And that’s the thing, out of all the animals present on this earth, insects just had to be the most in number. 😣

    1. The show is great I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

      I know it’s crazy that there are so many insects when animals go extinct every single day 😥

  7. Since I don’t get Hulu, am waiting for it to come out in DVD. My library is great: buys a lot of series.

    1. Oh that’s great- hope you enjoy it when you get the DVD!

  8. The show sounds so interesting and different. I have to watch this!

    1. It’s really good- I love the plot. Let me know if you like it!

  9. That spider sounds like it’s from a horror movie. I hope you didn’t kill it.

    I’ll check out the show. When you said it’s important I took that literally.
    Great weekend 💙

    1. Don’t worry it’s alive and safely away from my home! I never kill insects I usually just put them in a container and put them outside 😊

      It’s a great show- let me know how you like it!

      1. That’s so humane of you.💙
        I’ll let you know, alright. The link to your Instagram is taking me to my homepage. 🤔 I thought I should let you know.

        1. That’s so weird I’ll have to check the link- thanks so much for letting me know 😊

  10. After reading this, It feels interesting. I will give it a try dear.

    Happy Halloween 🎃 sweetheart with me it happens a lot 😛.

    1. Hope you enjoy it!

      Lol thanks!

  11. The show sounds interesting.

    1. It’s definitely very interesting.

  12. Omg, I literally started the show a day ago and it is soo interesting!

    1. Omg I can’t wait till you reach the latest one it gets even better!

  13. Obsessed with this show!! 🤩 Tuesdays always feel so far away!

    1. Right?!? I’m so excited for the next episode!


    1. It’s sooo good!!

  15. I watched the first episodes. It is a fun quirky comedy

    1. Yup it’s a lot of fun!

  16. Wow, Pooja, I hope you and your sister are fine after the insect scare. Do you have insect spray at home? You can just spray it and get rid of it. I guess the weather is getting cold and the insects are doing all they can to crawl to a warmer place. For that show you are talking about, I wonder if the dialog is any good. Well it doesn’t have to be as good as Seinfeld, but still I really enjoy a little spark once in a while. You certainly have piqued my interest in the show.

    1. I don’t have bug spray but I caught it in a container and threw it out. Apparently it’s not a harmful insect just scary looking. We’re both find- just a little traumatised lol.
      The show has really good dialogue- it’s very clever and cynical and sarcastic like Seinfeld so I think you will enjoy it.

  17. I have heard good things about this show – thanks for the additional confirmation!

    1. Yup it’s a fantastic show so far- I’m absolutely hooked!

      1. nice to find a show like that!

  18. I’m watching this show and I LOVE it! 😂 I don’t know anyone else who is watching it so you’re the first one for me.

    I think I’m a bigger fan of Selena the actress that Selena the music artist. However, they can both exist. 😂

    Such a good show and I think the casting was perfect.

    1. Yay another fan!! I’m a bigger fan of Selena the actress too. I used to like her music but I wasn’t that into it. Her acting however I’m obsessed with!

    2. I’m watching, too! 🙂 (I’ve seen the first six episodes and look forward to watching the latest one this evening.) I’ve been scouring my Reader to find another fan, and I’m so happy to have come across this post. 🙂

      I agree about Selena Gomez. At first, I was hesitant about her being in the mix (as, on first impression, it seemed to be a desperate attempt at “relevance”) – but the combo REALLY works. She fits in so well – and she’s making me love Mabel – so I guess I’m a fan of her acting, too. 🙂

      In regard to theories (which I am always down to discuss!), I shared mine in detail in my own comment below.

      So, you are definitely not the only one who’s into this show. 🙂 I’m glad to have finally found some fellow fans!

      (Also, I’m a blogging newbie. 🙂 I’d love it if you checked out my site:

  19. Hahahahaha that was fun at the end.
    But you won’t die, don’t worry.

    On the other side, that sounds like a great show.
    You definitely should write a review about it👌🏿

    1. Thanks and I’m luckily still alive and kicking lol.

      It’s a great show and I’m definitely thinking of doing a full review once the season is over.

      1. 👍🏿❤️

  20. How did I not know about this? Looks like my weekend plans are already set! And, no bugs allowed! Just sayin’

    1. But bugs make it more fun lol! Hope you enjoy the show and let me know what you think.

  21. I’ve been scouring my Reader to find someone else who’s following Only Murders, and I’m so happy to have stumbled across your post. 🙂

    I’m really enjoying the show – almost to the point of obsession. 🙂 (I’ve seen the first six episodes, and I’m looking forward to watching the latest one this evening.) I love a good mystery, and I appreciate that this is such a well-rounded mix of so much more. I’m into the “classic with a modern twist” style and puzzle-piece storytelling – plus its dreamy “fancy New York in the fall” aesthetic.

    As for theories (which I’m always down to discuss!), Theo is one of my top suspects – either on his own or along with Teddy. I’d also like to work in Cinda and her look-alike assistants somehow, as I feel something is off there. According to IMDb, one of the assistants (whose character’s name is Poppy White) will at least be back in the final episode – and the other one (Cindy – who interrupts Cinda to let her know her call is in) is actually played by Steve Martin’s wife, Anne Stringfield! 😀 (She’s only listed as being in Episode 4 so far.)

    Right now, I think maybe Theo (and/or Teddy) did everything but actually kill Tim. Or they may have poisoned him as well, but Cinda (and/or Poppy) also shot him (which may explain why there’s a note on the laptop as well as paper drafts). The Cinda connection is admittedly far-fetched, as I assume neither she nor Poppy live in the building (although Cinda IS “parent friends” with Charles’ neighbor, Arnav) – but something just strikes me as off about her and her assistants. Same with Theo. Even if they are innocent, I feel they’ll be important in some way. 🙂

    That’s all I have as far as theories. What about you?

    Also, I’m a blogging newbie – having launched my blog, The Classic Film Connection, in July. I’d love for you to check it out!

    Thanks – and I hope you’re free from Satan’s insect pet! 😉

    1. Omg yay a fellow Only Murders fan!

      I am absolutely obsessed with the show as well and I watch it as soon as a new episode comes out. I am not going to say much about Theo and Teddy right now in case someone is reading the comments and hasn’t seen the latest epIsode but OMG! The latest episode was crazy but it did confirm some of the things I suspected.

      Cinda is most definitely a suspect in my opinion. I have a strong feeling she is personally involved in both murders somehow. I also have a weird feeling about Jan. I don’t know why but she just seems a little off to me but maybe that’s just my paranoia lol.

      I’ll definitely check out your link and yes I am earwig free for now lol!

      1. Oh, yes – I was late to the party initially, but I watch week-to-week now, too! 🙂

        Episode 7 was WOW. 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it! So creative and original. And tying in the song from Carousel made me tear up. I’m not sure I ever would’ve connected Teddy with Billy Bigelow, but there are definite similarities there – and Nathan Lane totally sold it. He is really killin’ it – like the rest of this fantastic cast. <3 In fact, maybe I’m drawing too many parallels to Carousel, but I’ve thought about it enough that I’m officially still keeping an eye on Teddy (even though that was not my original thought after this episode). **Also, how far does Teddy’s reach extend?** To how much is he connected? Could he be the reason Tim’s evidence wasn’t processed?

        Also, thinking of a “parents and children” theme is making me pay more attention to Oscar’s father, which I wasn’t doing previously…We don’t know what floor he lives on. (I’ve always assumed the first, but we don’t know that for sure.) And, as the super, wouldn’t he have easy access to poison – for killing vermin and things?

        But I haven’t let Cinda go either. You’re the only other person I’ve come across who’s suspicious of her, too! She definitely set off some sort of red flag warning in me. And she’s someone they wouldn’t suspect, because she’s separate from the building and they love her so much. **Far-fetched thought: Did Teddy “acquire” Cinda?**

        Or maybe the guilty party is Poppy (with a name like that, she could be more dangerous than she appears). Of course, maybe she’s in the last episode (according to IMDb) because Cinda is out of the way, the Only Murders podcast is doing well, and she wants to be their assistant instead! 🙂

        I didn’t suspect Jan at first, but she did strike me as INTENSE on their date. At the time, I thought it was because I, like Charles, tend to be quieter and slower to share. But since then, I’ve heard and read comments by other people who found her off-putting. Maybe the idea is her intensity is what Charles needs to push him to open up – or maybe it means there’s more to her? You’re certainly not the only one who suspects her – and you may not be paranoid at all!

        I think I will only officially suspect her if the show continues to keep her separate from the case. She needs to pull an Oscar, get caught up, and jump in to help the team. She has a perfect opportunity to do so now – but if the show doesn’t go that route, I’ll find it (and her) suspicious.

        I’m glad you’re earwig free 🙂 – and I’m looking forward to Tuesday! 🙂

  22. 🙂 Happy “Only Murders” Finale Eve! 🙂
    Do you have any theories / thoughts to share before the final episode drops?

    1. Omg yesss I’m sooo excited! Okay so here is what I think happened and if it’s actually true I’m going to lose it. I think Tie dye guy shot Tim and I think Jan poisoned him and it had something to do with the girl who replaced her as the first chair bassoon player. What about you? What do you think happened?

      1. That’s a good theory! 🙂 I haven’t watched yet, so I’m still theorizing myself…Oscar and Jan are inexplicably suspicious. I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly WHY, but they are. :/ However, I think all of our suspect “narrators” (Cinda, Oscar, Theo, Jan – and throw in Teddy, with his creepy Yaya monologue) are the people the show has purposely made the most suspicious. Something has seemed “off” with each of these characters from the get-go. But I wonder if these narrators might actually be red herrings, and our murderer is someone who hasn’t had the chance to “speak” yet?

        My first thought after last week’s episode was, “Jan LIED. 😮 She was never first chair! She’s CRAZY.” But since then, I’ve also wondered if her “lie” about being first chair, and the assumptions Oliver and Mabel have made about her involvement, are really just misunderstandings. She could’ve been first chair, but was replaced due to her injury – and she didn’t tell Charles or want him to come because she didn’t want him to feel guilty. But the bassoon cleaner in the toy box is harder to rationalize – and admittedly does not look good. :/

        However, I can’t help but think that if it’s solved now – Jan is a liar and a murderer – it’s too easy and too early. Maybe the finale really will be just watching all this unfold (seeing how Jan did it, how she’s caught, and setting up Season 2), but I still feel there’s at least one more big twist headed our way. Of course, that twist may simply be that someone else is working with or “above” Jan. She certainly does have a lot stacked against her. (And you know what? If she’s guilty, I won’t miss her! 😉 She’s made me uncomfortable since her first date with Charles.)

        I’ve gone through phases of suspecting Will, Oscar’s father, or a large “team effort” by staff and residents – but eventually eliminated those possibilities as well. The guesses I’m left with are admittedly far-fetched and not very detailed, but here they are – missing pieces and all:

        • My Main Guess: If all the identical handwriting is intentional (one of the handwritten suicide notes, the Valentine, the threatening note on Oliver’s door, possibly the note on Jan’s door, and possibly even Tim’s GM post-it), it has to be a grown-up Lucy. It’s taken me this long to come around to the idea because I thought Lucy had to be a young teenager and the handwriting was a production fluke. But Lucy is more likely in the Hardy Boys age group – and there’s been so much individualized handwriting shown at this point, it’s harder to believe any matches are coincidental.

        • My Alternate / First Impression Guess: Even though this is the longest of long shots, and despite my “red herring narrators” theory, I’m going to say Cinda anyway – IF there’s a time jump OR she isn’t technically caught by the end of the season (otherwise, it won’t work). She was the first to rouse my suspicions (her narration was just so creepy and smug!), so – in spite of the odds – I can’t let her go completely. 🙂 (And gut feelings and are often right.)

        That’s officially all I’ve got. 🙂 I’m glad to have found your blog by way of this post. And it’s been fun to know someone else shares my interest in this show and is also trying to solve the case! 🙂 I plan to watch tonight – and I’m so excited to see it all play out!

        1. I just watched the final episode and all I’m going to say is that it’s going to blow your mind- especially the end!

          I still think Cinda is slightly suspicious just because she’s always lurking and kind of weird. Like she would do anything for a good murder mystery even if it meant she would have to get involved.

          Let me know when you watch it!!

          1. First of all, when that very first “Previously On…” clip was a callback to Lucy, I nearly lost my mind! 😉 I thought I’d solved it all – LOL. 😀

            Overall, I thought it was a lot of fun! 😀 I still have (mostly note-related) questions: What about the note on Oliver’s door? Did Jan really leave a note on her OWN door??? And what about the “suicide” note that wasn’t in Jan’s handwriting? Did Tim write that one? And why were there more in HER trash??? (Did I miss something?)

            Regardless, I 100% see why they went this route – if for no other reason than giving Steve Martin a chance to shine! 😀 He is 76 years old, by the way – which made all that even more impressive! 😀

            And yes, that was quite an intriguing set-up for Season 2!

            Interestingly, even though my “official” guesses were off base, most of my gut feelings / first impressions were right. 😀 (My problem is, I either overthink and talk myself out of them, or I let someone change my mind.) Like, the only reason I didn’t think it would go the way it did was because I totally overthought how Charles would feel about it – which made me disregard all the internal red flags that were going off, even the ones where I literally thought “Insanity is the only option here.” 😮 So, I should really learn to trust my instincts, because they were indeed right – except the one about Cinda, apparently. But I still don’t trust her either. 🙂 And I like your idea that she’d do anything for a mystery! 😀

            1. Lol I have sooo many questions too! I guess I was wrong about tie dye because he seems innocent and I also agree Cinda is still a suspect in my opinion. She’s just too sketchy not to be lol!

              I’m very excited for the next season because I don’t know how the final murder is connected to Tim but I’m sure it is in some way we don’t know about. I also think something is a bit off with the guy who has all the cats. He was okay at first but now I just have a weird feeling about him.

              Steve Martin was so good in this episode and has been amazing throughout the first season. I’m so excited to see what happens next!

              1. That would be awesome if the final murder is connected to Tim’s. 😀 I hope it is!

                You know what? I think Oliver himself summed up this season best when he said to Teddy, “No one who promises big things knows what’s going to happen, but it’s the ride that counts.” Ultimately, I feel this show didn’t entirely live up to the big things it seemed to promise – but it certainly was a fun ride. 🙂 (So fun that I’m still interested in Season 2!)

                1. Yeah the end was SOOOO random I would never have predicted it but that’s definitely sums it up perfectly. Very excited for what’s next!

  23. Tarot of the Missing Avatar
    Tarot of the Missing

    They are so creepy looking (the bugs)

    1. They were incredibly creepy!

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