Want To Cook Like A Beatle?

I had a busy day adulting today and didn’t have time to write an entire post but I did want to share a little gem I found on YouTube yesterday.

As you guys may or may not know I love sixties and seventies music. And obviously I love The Beatles and in particular Paul McCartney. Apart from being an absolute musical genius I also just find myself agreeing with so many of his thoughts and beliefs. I think it’s really cool that he’s still fighting for what he believes in like animal rights.

Anyway, I was watching some stuff on YouTube when I saw this recipe by Paul McCartney. As you can tell from the quality it’s pretty old but it’s still easy to follow/watch/understand. I’m not a big mashed potatoes person (I prefer my potatoes fried lol) but this made me want to make some!

I think what I enjoy most is his personality- he’s way funnier than I expected lol- and how down to earth he is when cooking. I usually watch recipes by professionals and it’s NEVER as easy as it looks but this made me feel better about my subpar cooking skills. At least I can say I cook like a Beatle!

I hope you enjoy this little throwback as much as I did and if you haven’t tried the Linda McCartney line of vegan meat alternatives I would really recommend trying them. They’re really good and the ingredients are very clean compared to some of the vegan alternatives out there these days.

Do you like The Beatles? Are you a fan of Paul McCartney? Do you have any Beatle stories like randomly running into Paul in Liverpool or something? Lol. I’d love to know so please let me know in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Want To Cook Like A Beatle?

  1. I am a fan of the Beatles, and in particular, my favorite my far, is Paul McCartney. I have been fortunate enough to see him twice live in concert. I didn’t realize this video was out there. Thanks!

    1. Oh wow that’s amazing- I really wish I could see him live one day but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen. Glad you enjoyed the video!

  2. If you come from an Irish run kitchen with an Irish Mom, you forget the onions (though you can put them in but boiled in with the potatoes etc., Put in carrots and/or turnips, mash the whole thing up adding the margarine (or butter) and a bit of milk and you have your Mash. We put less margarine and milk than he did. Potato staple 🙂

    1. According to what little I read….Irish tend to have less liquid and the mash he made sounds like American version. I was surprised to see so much margarine and milk added 😀 That’s why I looked it up 😀

      1. My mother had Irish father and Acadian mother. So, likely that she had to follow Irish cooking as they lived with the Grandmother at the time who was definitely Irish. That’s the way things were done in those days 🙂

  3. I don’t have ears to be a fan of music, but I admire people who enjoy music. It is said that people who love music have much less rate of depression or other mental issues–all because of the music they listen to. I obviously don’t belong to this lucky group. However I am always on the lookout for new recipes. My healthy diet has made my constant search for new recipes a necessity.

    1. Yeah music can really help elevate ones mood. This recipe isn’t exactly healthy but it’s not unhealthy either. If you’re ever looking for healthy meat alternatives though I would recommend checking out Linda McCartney’s products which he mentions here.

  4. I have a friend who had a friend who knew the Beatles. Apparently, he paid them to play at his club often (before they became famous). Then they did become famous and he never saw them again. I tried to get tickets to see Paul McCartney once, but they sold out in less than 3 minutes. Did you know he’s also referred to as Macca?

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