Six Word Story #144

Typing on laptop with notepad on table

Blogging extricates us from real life.

At least for a little while…

Today’s Word:


1.To free or remove from an entanglement or difficulty

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64 responses to “Six Word Story #144”

  1. I agree, Pooja. It’s also a nice escape when you want one!

  2. YouTube extricates me from daily blogging….

    1. Haha same here!

  3. Blogging extracted life to examine it.

  4. I need to be extricated now.

    So, I’ll go read more of your blog 😁

  5. Especially when we can speak freely 🙏🏿

  6. Real life is completely over rated
    Laugh a while

    1. Agreed lol!

  7. Sometimes we need to be extricated!

    1. Absolutely!

  8. Easy to entangle, difficult to extricate.

  9. She extricates me from my reality

    1. Love that addition.

      1. Good to read my friend.

  10. Must extricate myself from tempting desserts.

    1. Same here…

  11. Question: Is there such a thing as intricate?

    1. Yeah absolutely.

      1. but I don’t think it means the same as extricate…

        1. No I think it’s a totally different word.

          1. I suppose there has to be a word for the opposite of extricate?

            1. According to stuff online the opposite is involve

              1. Good to know, Thanks Pooja…

  12. Blogging is literally the best therapy!

    1. And so much cheaper too 😂

  13. He extricated her family from Hell.

    1. Ooh love this one!

      1. Thank you! 👌🏾👍🏾

  14. He thought death would extricate him…

    1. Sometimes even death can’t do that.

  15. Extrication is difficult to do even if the entanglement is toxic.

    1. So true- it’s always very complicated.

  16. Giving us a peace of mind.

    1. Absolutely.

  17. Good music & food extricates me.💕✨

    1. My two favourite things 😊💕😁

  18. The number of people involved with a project is inverse to the number of minutes before extrication¡

  19. Fiction extricates us from real life!

    1. And I’m always thankful for that!

  20. I must extricate myself from naysayers.🤷‍♀️

    1. They’re useless anyway lol 😂

      1. I sooo agree hahahaha!👍🏼

  21. For me, blogging accounts my reality

    1. I think blogging allows people to express different things and that’s awesome.

  22. Blogging is how we extricate ourselves

  23. Extricate me from this pale reality.

      1. Only one of many reasons to love reading!

        1. Same here- books are such a great escape!

          1. A friend once told me that we “Read to escape and write to purge.”

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  26. May the world extricate from actuality!

    1. I actually dont know how this went, but do consider givin’ feedback pls))

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