Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid


I haven’t been writing a lot of advice posts lately since they tend to take much longer than my regular posts but I wanted to still write them at least once every week or two weeks since I know a large number of you seem to prefer them the most (judging by the spike in numbers, comments etc when I post blogging advice content). I also know some of you find it helpful since I am sort of an OG blogger (okay, I’m just old compared to most of the new bloggers these days. Happy?) and have picked up some valuable information over the years.

Blogging is great but it’s also easy to make some blogging mistakes especially when you first start out.vI generally tend to focus on the do’s but today I thought we could talk about some blogging don’t’s. Trust me when I say I have made more than my share of mistakes when it comes to blogging. For example, I straight up randomly picked my blogs name out of a name generator on Google and now I kind of don’t love it and feel like it doesn’t go with the vibe of my site anymore… But back to the post, here are some major blogging mistakes you should be avoiding if you aren’t already:

Churning Out Content

I say this on a lot of my posts and I’ll say it again, for emphasis- do not just write and post content for the sake of it.

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I know a lot of people realise that the more content you post the higher your numbers will be sometimes (depending on other factors too of course). This is a way of spamming the system into thinking you’re more active and popular than you actually are.

Here’s the problem with that though. You’re not actually active or popular. This isn’t your high school experience, bud. The system or WordPress algorithm may be fooled for a little while but over time it will catch on to what you are doing and stop pushing your content. Furthermore, your actual followers will most likely not love the fact that they are getting notifications about a new post being published every five seconds and will probably unfollow you. I know I had to unfollow a couple of bloggers that were clearly just posting every few minutes (literally!!).

My advice is, be yourself, publish content that you are passionate about even if that means you publish less often. You would rather publish quality content and grow slowly rather than spam the system and get a handful of short term followers.


I know most bloggers will answer yes to this but have you ever got those super annoying spam comments telling you to view or follow their blog? Yeah, those really suck. If you are leaving comments like that with your link, I would highly recommend stopping. Like, immediately.

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Those comments can be incredibly frustrating and somewhat insulting because it feels like you put so much effort into your content and the person didn’t even take the time to pretend to read your post but instead took the time to leave a comment asking you to view theirs. I have even had some people ask me to go through their blog and tell them ways to improve it when they have never taken the time to even read my posts. That’s quite insulting and most bloggers tend to block or ignore such comments.

Leaving such comments will not help you grow and if anything it will probably repulse bloggers from ever visiting your blog. If you do want to get more followers or traffic, try actually reading some posts and leaving likes or likes and comments if you have the time. Leave a genuine comment I mean, about their content and they will most likely come over to your blog too.

Not Doing Research

Not doing enough research is one of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to blogging.

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Before you start blogging or at least in the early stages of blogging make sure you do some research on things like how to grow your traffic, followers and more if that is one of your long-term goals with blogging. I am saying this because I didn’t do that and now I am stuck reformatting and re-writing some of my older posts to make them more SEO friendly.

I would highly recommend taking some time and at least researching SEO and the WordPress algorithm because these will be vital if you want to grow your site.

Not Taking Advantage Of Free Stuff

Did you know that WordPress as well as the internet in general offers a really large number of free stuff for content creators? If your answer to that was no, I have a follow up question. What’s it like under that rock that you’ve been calling home for the last two decades?

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But seriously, WordPress and the internet in general offers so many free things it would be crazy not to make the best of it. For example, WordPress offers a lot of free features such as images- why not use some on your posts to make them more interesting? You can also find sites online that help you find the right tags, keywords and more. Use them!

And of course don’t forget to learn how to use all these free features well. The tags feature can make or break your blog- that’s not even an exaggeration. The categories section is super important. The comment and reblog features exist for a reason. Seriously, all these features are so vital for your blog to succeed so use them!


I want to thank everyone for the really great comments and feedback you left on my last advice post. It was my first one in quite a while and I truly appreciated it. I also hope this post was helpful and if it was do let me know because I have enough content to make a part 2 of this post if you guys are interested.

What are some blogging mistakes you have made on your blogging journey? What are some blogging mistakes you have avoided? What advice would you like me to share next? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you!

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80 thoughts on “Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t have a problem with comments…any comments….so avoid the asking to review their blog post thing ☺

  2. Don’t try to be humble, you’re an OG blogger😂 so far, I’ve avoided all of these especially the comments. I genuinely enjoy reading other blog posts. I Half-read a long post once and left a comment under it when the blogger replied, I felt so apologetic and went back, took my time and read it. Then left a sincere comment. Long or short, bloggers must a lot of enough into their post even if it isn’t visible. Yes, I would love a part 2😊❤️

    1. Aww haha thanks 😜
      Yeah I always feel guilty if I comment without reading so I always try to read the post. I feel it’s unfair to leave a half hearted comment.
      Part 2 coming soon!

  3. Pooja, you’re an OG blogger- I mean, your blog’s huge!
    And I’ve posted a bit too much *cough* 3 posts in a day *cough* and I know it can be annoying, but I didn’t post them just for the sake of it, so I guess that saves the day, haha!
    And yes, tags are super useful! And so is SEO, even though I’m not the master of using it! I am better than I was before!
    And I literally didn’t research before starting my blog either, and ended up not gaining any traffic in the first six months of blogging!

    This was a super helpful post Pooja, wish i found something like this when I started blogging!

    P.S.- Would love to see the part 2!

    1. Aww thanks!

      Haha well at least you didn’t just post to spam everyone and actually had content to put out.

      Yup I’ve made that mistake and that’s why my blog barely grew the first few months but soon we learn!

      Part 2 coming soon 😄

  4. I made the same mistake that you made. I just named my blog without thinking too much and now you can’t change the blog name. WordPress should provide a way to change it without losing posts.

  5. Love these posts – they are so helpful!!
    All these points are so true. Spam comments are so annoying – I’ve literally never checked out a blog via a spam comment.
    I’d love if you’d do a post on building and sustaining a blogging community/family.

  6. We have changed our blogs name several times, as cannot come up with one we really like.
    Easy to do, but not a good idea, as it takes a while for Google to recognise you again…

    1. Yeah that’s why I never changed my name even though I wanted to. It would just mess up my SEO and DA and stuff too much.

  7. I noticed growth when I commented on other people’s post. Sadly, I haven’t got enough time now to do so. Likes are great but genuine comments get to the heart. I agree with you, Pooja.

    ‘Not doing enough research’ that one was for me🤣. I have no information about the WordPress Algorithm and making your site SEO friendly. I read one of your posts on it though but it’s been a while. I’d have to revisit it. I’d check the links in this post too.

    Thank you, Pooja. We are all ears for part 2.

    1. Thanks and I think comments are great too. They just make the blogger feel more connected with the audience.

      Lol yeah I only recently found out about those too so I’m guilty of not doing enough research too lol. Hope the post helps and hoping to post part 2 soon!

  8. I’m always amazed that others can post so any times in a day. I can barely keep up with posting three days a week haha, but it pays off by taking the time to create quality content. Great info Pooja! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Not really related but a tagline is your way of telling the reader what your blog is about and is most commonly displayed under the name of your blog.

  9. Yes, part two would be great. I have learned so much about blogging, and I appreciate everything you share with us. It takes time and thought to write all of the information you share to help us learn about different things. I have been blogging now for three years now, but I still don’t know it all, I am still learning as I write and post, so yes, thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Keep doing what you are doing. You are truly a blessing to all of us. God bless you, stay safe, and have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks so much- I really appreciate your kind words. I think we are all still learning and I like to share what I know as much as possible. Part 2 should be coming soon.

      1. This comment here is the absolute best. Not many people are willing to pass out what they have learned to others. Thank you for doing such a great job at doing that.

        1. Yeah I’m not sure why people like to gatekeep information haha but I always like to share it because why not? May as well help other bloggers rather than keep things to myself.

  10. Still learning, some great points here Pooja, I love your advice posts because they always deliver something fresh I need to hear.

  11. This was great! I’ve started I don’t know how many blogs and never stuck with it. I’n determined to do it this time. And this advice was amazing. Thank you!

    1. So glad you found the advice helpful and yes definitely stick with this blog and keep going! It takes a while to grow but it’s so worth it.

  12. Useful tips, very educative. Churning out content is something a lot of bloggers are guilty of.
    Though am not one of them. I post less often because of my busy schedule.
    Am even trying to create more time for my blog to post consistently.
    I pray it happens😄. Some times I disappear and reappear😥.

    1. Yeah I think a lot of people put out content for the sake of it which isn’t great for the readers.

      I wish you the best with your blog and I am sure you will be able to post more consistently soon as long as you keep trying 😄

  13. Thank you so much. Thu was a very helpful blog I often look up my questions on do’s and don’ts and this was much more helpful than anything I’ve ever seen. have a great day

    1. So glad it was helpful. Yes, we tend to concentrate on the do’s so I thought I would write one about the don’ts since they’re just as important.

  14. Thanks for sharing – quite insightful. This is just about my 6th month blogging. Admittedly, I haven’t done much research or invested the time needed to grow this. You gave me somethings to think about…

    1. You’re still quite new so I’m sure you weren’t really thinking of research yet. Most people don’t till like a year in but I always think the earlier the better. Good luck with blogging!

  15. Can you please tell me how many posts I should make in a day… I am a biggner.. I want to achieve something with my blogging passion in a year.

  16. Great post! I love your advice to readers on what to avoid. I am working on something like this for new bloggers on my site, so it is interesting to get different perspectives! ✨🙂

  17. Thanks once again for some sound words of advice. New bloggers like myself tend to forget there’s lots of free content on WP itself and on google that we don’t take advantage of and doing your research is a must. Very much enjoy reading your content

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