How To Use The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog

Using The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog

For more on what an algorithm is click here.

I wrote a post recently where I mentioned the WordPress algorithm and how you can use it in your favour to grow your blog and a lot of people in the comments mentioned they would be interested to learn more about it and how one can get on its good side.

The WordPress algorithm is similar to social media algorithms so if you know how to grow on social media a lot of that can be implemented on your blog. The algorithm basically looks for posts that it believes will be popular on this platform. A post that people will interact with.

And most importantly a post that will keep people online and using this platform because at the end of the day the goal for most platforms is to get people to be as active on it as possible. The tips I have below aren’t specifically for creating an algorithm friendly post but rather tips in general. I wasn’t sure if you guys would be interested in the post but if you are I would be open to writing a more specific post about that. Let me knw in the comments if that’s something you would be interested in.

If the algorithm finds that your posts are user friendly and getting people to interact they will push the post in the system which will get you more traffic which consequently will get you more followers. You may be wondering how an algorithm can push your posts. Well, it will make sure your posts gets more views through a number of ways. It will put your post at the top of the reader for your current followers. It will also put your post at the top when people use their reader to search about a similar topic or about something you mentioned on the post. And it will put your post at the top when someone searches a tag you use.

Once your post is picked up by the algorithm, it can go from a couple of likes and views to hundreds in just a few hours. This will lead to more likes and follows which is what you may want if you are looking to grow your blog.

Just a heads up that these tips make your blog posts more friendly but it still depends on a number of things whether your posts succeed or not

These tips will most likely help you but if you feel like you are still not fully understanding how to make your posts and blog algorithm friendly or if you just don’t have the time to make so many changes I wanted to let you know that I do offer algorithm services now. I can personally both make your site as well as your blog posts more algorithm friendly. For more on these services click here.

Here are three ways to make your posts more algorithm friendly:


First, we’re going to talk about repetition because from what I’ve seen it is one of the most important things when it comes to pleasing the algorithm. Like most of us with anxiety, It seems to enjoy repetition.

What I mean by repetition is not posting the same thing a million times. What I do mean is that the algorithm will look at which of your posts are doing particularly well and what tags, categories they have. When you write another post with a similar topic, use similar categories and use similar tags it will assume, based on the knowledge that your last post did well, that this post will do well.

I’ll use my blog as an example. I have a multi-niche blog which means I write about multiple topics. There are some that are more popular than others. I know my blogging advice posts, SWS, travel posts and poetry posts do particularly well. Some of my posts are not as popular as they are very specific such as my fashion or makeup posts because that’s not something everyone is interested in. Now the algorithm knows all this and therefore, I see that my advice posts, travel posts and other popular posts are often pushed by the algorithm. Therefore, I try to write these posts as often as possible.

So, by repetition I mean find topics that work for you and then try to post about these topics as often as possible. Try to make sure you use similar tags, categories etc. But of course don’t force it- write when you have something to write about with that topic.


I know I just said that repetition is good but it can also be bad depending on how you use this repetition. If you use it to make similar posts, find your niche, have a schedule etc. it’s a good thing. If you use it spam the system your blog is probably going to get shadow banned and have little to no help from the algorithm which will actually begin limiting how many views you get.

By spam, I mean a couple of things. Firstly, we all know these blogs that post almost every five seconds. That is a prime example of spamming the system. These blogs are pretty much just playing the numbers game. They are assuming that the system will see they are active and since they publish so many posts they are bound to get lucky and have a couple of those posts get pushed by the algorithm. Sure, this may work at the beginning but most algorithms are pretty sensitive to this kind of behaviour and pick up on it pretty quickly. Since the algorithm will now assume that your blog is a spam blog it will probably limit your views and may eventually delete your site if your spamming doesn’t stop.

Something else that will piss off the algorithm is using the exact same tags for every post especially if the tags are random and have nothing to do with the topic of the post. Although writing on similar topics is encouraged make sure to switch up the tags every time. Use similar tags but not the same ones. And make sure to only use relevant tags.


The algorithm does definitely favour people talking/writing about what’s trending but it also really likes uniqueness. If you can bring something unique to the table even if it is about something that is popular/discussed often your post is quite likely to be picked up by the algorithm. This is particularly so if your audience enjoys the post and there is a lot of interaction with the post.

So remember to write your own unique posts, preferably in a way that the audience can connect with you.

Final Thoughts

Just a heads up that these tips make your blog posts more friendly but it still depends on a number of things whether your posts succeed or not with the algorithm. If you found these tips helpful and want more tips on how to make your posts algorithm friendly please let me know in the comments because I have a lot more information about this to share. Your feedback is really helpful to me because it helps me figure out what to write about next.

Did you know these tips or was this new to you? Do you try to make your posts algorithm friendly? Would you like more tips about this in the future? How do you make your posts algorithm friendly? What are some ways you grow your blog? Let me know in the comments or simply stop by and say hi- don’t worry this blog has been bite free since midnight!

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102 responses to “How To Use The Algorithm To Grow Your Blog”

  1. Interesting!

  2. Hey Pooja! Thanks for sharing! I have not been on here for a while. It was nice seeing your post pop-up. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Peace.

    1. It’s nice seeing you back here! I’m doing good and hope you are too.

  3. Thanks, Pooja. I am guilty of using the same tags often, busted!

    1. Lol I used to do that too but I try not to now!

  4. Publishing, unpublishing, and republishing confuses the algorithm for personal blogger gains. I’ve noticed that some bloggers do this so that their most recent post shops up at the top of my feed several times. I had to unfollow a few bloggers who did this often and whose content I wasn’t too interested in. In some ways, this method can backfire. I completely agree with unique content – If the blogger’s content and/or charisma is good, readers will keep coming back.

    1. Yeah I think it’s annoying for your followers when people do that and the algorithm considers it spamming so it will probably limit your audience to an extent. I’ve had to unfollow a few blogs for that too.
      Absolutely- if a blogger puts out quality content people will keep coming back for more.

      1. As much as I’m tempted to “compete” with other bloggers, I’m indifferent towards competition. I used to be more competitive, but that just made me frustrated and annoyed b/c I felt that I always lacked something. So I stopped caring.

        I realize that bloggers will naturally gravitate towards a blogger with good charisma and good content. Thankfully, WP is less of a popularity contest than other platforms. One cannot BS good content on here. It’s so obvious when bloggers try to fake their way into becoming something they’re not.

        1. Yeah I don’t think blogging should be a competition- it’s more of just a platform to express yourself.

          Yup you can’t fake it- most people who try to fake it tend to steal content or ideas from bigger bloggers without giving any credit.

          1. Even if they try to steal content, it won’t have the same tone as the original blogger if they copy word for word. Bloggers have unwritten personalities. It shows through tone, writing style, humor, sarcasm etc. I appreciate bloggers who can think for themselves and express themselves authentically!

            1. Yeah absolutely and most people have seen the original post so they know it’s stolen.

              Yup everyone’s work shows their personality in different ways and that’s actually what I love about blogging. I think that’s why I tend to gravitate towards reading more lifestyle blogs or multiple niche blogs because I like learning more about them and being able to converse about stuff.

  5. I must be living under a rock or maybe I quarantined too long, but I never realized or thought about the blogging WordPress algorithm. Thanks for writing this. Sometimes we over focus on Google rankings when WordPress is so different.

    1. Yeah a lot of people don’t think of the algorithm or traffic from WP itself but it’s a very good source for traffic.

  6. Good pointers. Did you ever hear that Al Gore invented the internet? It’s true, because algorithms.

    1. Hmm I knew it sounded familiar.

  7. Thank you for all of the pointers and information you give. I have been writing for years now and there is still so much I don’t know. I would like to see more of the information you have on these topics. It is really helpful to me. I always learn something new. Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

    1. Glad this was helpful and a second part should be coming soon. Thanks so much.

  8. Hey Pooja. My brain is full…. 🤪 Algorithms (or the mere mention of them) make me go cross eyed. SO much to learn and absorb. Great post.

    1. Lol yeah it’s a lot of information to take in for sure 😂 Thanks 😊

      1. Lol. I don’t know how you do all of the social media and school. Amazing !

        1. I’m done with school now so that helps!

          1. omg! That’s huge! Now I hope you get a chance to relax a little and have a break.

            1. Yes I’m very excited to take a little time off before I start working!!

  9. Thanks for the info! I never thought about it. I try to write from the heart, but yeah, I get it. More, please!

    1. Writing from the heart always helps in my opinion!

  10. This is so interesting, I’ve heard of this before, but it always seemed so confusing. Your post made it seem much more plain. Really helpful, thanks!😊☹️🤗

    1. Wrong emojis lol

      1. No worries it happens 😂

    2. I’m glad this made it easier to understand- I tried to keep it simple so everyone could understand not just people who are tech savvy. Thanks!

      1. You really helped.💖🌷

  11. These are excellent points, Pooja. Being at WordPress for more than a year has taught me quite a few things related to that.
    One more thing to add up is that always use user-friendly tags & titles. The more the complicacy, the more it’ll be difficult for your post to be in the top search result.

    One more thing, one of the comments in this post has criticized “republishing the blog post many times”
    What are your views on that?

    1. Thank you. Yes, that’s an excellent point thanks for mentioning it.

      I personally would not recommend republishing posts too many times because I have heard from multiple bloggers that this annoys them. By multiple I mean A LOT. I think republishing posts multiple times a day it’s exactly wrong but it is a form of spamming and people will often see it as such. It’s annoying to continuously have the same post at the top of your reader. If you absolutely need to republish something do so occasionally and only once a day max.

  12. Such a very helpful post, Pooja… and more information on this subject would be wonderful!

    1. Thanks and I will be writing a part two on this soon!

  13. I’d like to read more about this. I feel like I knew nothing about wordpress algorithm.
    Thank you Pooja

    1. Part 2 is coming soon 😊

  14. Lots of good tips.. coming back here!

    1. Thanks- glad they were helpful!

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  16. Wow! Nicely written! Didn’t know that about tags? I tend to get lazy and select the same ones! Good to know!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I used to copy and paste most of my tags but I realised they were decreasing my reach so I did some more research and saw that you shouldn’t use the same tags too often.

  17. The behavior of algorithms is very unpredictable. One thing which may work once, might not work again.

    1. Yeah that’s absolutely true. Plus, it’s always changing so what works now may not work in the future.

  18. I try not too worry too much about the algorithms and post what is in my heart to say. However, I do try to be intentional about tags and I have been using the same ones over and over. I read somewhere that was preferable. Thanks for the advice to get more creative with them. I will do that. I am interested to see what happens :). Have a great day!

    1. Writing whatever comes to mind actually helps a lot to an extent so keep following your heart!
      Yeah switching tags up can really help especially if you do a little research into keywords and use those as tags. Have a great day too!

  19. Ohh this is definitely helpful!! thanks for posting this

    1. Happy to share it!

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  21. Wonderful advice. I need to bookmark it so that i can come back to re-read it again. I even heard that one should not repeat a tag within 3 or 4 weeks. Using another word to represent the same tag is the advice, but I don’t really see the wisdom in the 3 or 4 weeks gap.

    1. I haven’t really heard about the 3-4 week period for tags but maybe that’s how long the algorithm takes to get the tag out of its system. I’m not too sure about that because I usually use tags after a couple of days and haven’t had an issue with that.

  22. Thanks. Very interesting. I have never used a tag so I guess it is amazing anyone ever found me! I have however searched for “humor.”

    1. Oh wow that’s so interesting- I guess there are other ways to find posts but your audience is sometimes limited if you don’t use tags.

  23. Hi Pooja, thank you for the great tips. I wouldn’t have done better without you on my blog as a beginners and so thank you I will be really thankful for more future tips

    1. So glad you found the tips helpful and more tips are definitely coming soon!

  24. I guess I should do some research to figure out which, if any, of my posts might be considered popular and see if I can go from there. Great advice as always, Pooja!

  25. Great 👍 its very easy to understand your language and all were fabulous
    Die heart fan for your language

  26. This post is really helpful! Thank you so much and yes, I’d love to know more🤍

  27. 👋hi, pooja wow Ave really been away felt so good to see this post after such a long time.

    1. Glad to see you back and thank you! 😊

  28. Thank you!! Finding my niche was the most difficult because I like to talk about so many different topics

    1. I so get that- I write about a bunch of topics too so it’s difficult to narrow it down sometimes.

  29. Thanks for sharing these tips, Pooja.

    1. Hope they help!

  30. This post is an eye-opener. I’m happy I took the time out to read. It’s quite informative. Continue to write more of these posts. They are beneficial 😊

    1. So glad you found the post beneficial.

  31. I’ve definitely got a niche, but the stats are…shall we say, reflective of that? Handy tips to know though, so thank you

    1. Yeah certain niches are just smaller but that’s not always a bad thing. Glad the tips were helpful!

  32. Very interesting article and I’d like to challange you a bit. I know you’ve read my blog and you probably know I post once a week. I try very hard to make them algorithem friendly and like most of your points. BUT what do you think I could more to make them better able to rise to the top?
    Try Laughter You might like it

    1. Hmm good question. I would recommend using more images, subheadings inclusing H2, H3, H4, and H5. Oh and make sure to switch your tags up and not use all fifteen tags unless absolutely necessary.

      1. Thanks You have me thinking What are H2, H3 4 and 5?

        1. They’re the types of headings that are offered. You’ll see them at the top left of your post when you edit it.

  33. Hey Pooja. Scheduled this to share next Friday Oct 15. Fyi

    1. Thanks for letting me know- I’ll check it out on Friday!

      1. you bet. Happy Thanksgiving.

        1. Happy Thanksgiving- hope you had a good one!

          1. Hey Pooja. Yes, we did. thank you. We did a roast chicken this year instead of chicken. So good. and there’s room in the fridge!!

            1. That’s great! A friend of mine did that too since it was just going to be a couple of people and she didn’t want to make a turkey just for like four people.

              1. exactly. lol. Make more sense. Was so good too.

  34. Great post! 🙂 These were very helpful tips.

    1. Thanks- glad you found them helpful!

  35. Good post.
    Any one who blogs definitely looks at increasing his readership….whether you accept it or not..
    So I think this post gives general guidelines..
    Do check out my blogs at
    A feedback will help me to improve..thanks

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    Part 2 coming tomorrow 😁

  38. I’m thinking that I need to update my Tags and Categories… Great post, Pooja!

    1. Yes, that helps a lot!

  39. So I never really understood much about the Algorithm thing and this info was quite a good help. Looking forward to see more tips from you on this!😄

    1. So glad this helped explain things a little more clearly!

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