What I Eat In A Day #9


I feel as though I haven’t done one of these posts in a little while so here I am with another What I Eat In A Day post. I would also love it if you check out my older WIEIAD by clicking here if you’re into those kinds of posts. I really love making these posts because I have kind of a basic meal on most days but when I write these kinds of posts I get to try new things or things I’m really craving.

Just a little heads up- all the foods mentioned are vegan/plant based and do not contain any animal products.


For breakfast I usually like to keep it simple and not really eat anything heavy. I know some people love big breakfasts but I am clearly not one of those people. I am not a big soy milk fan but I do love anything strawberry flavoured so I decided to drink some soy milk for breakfast.

This is probably my favourite strawberry flavoured soy milk because it doesn’t have that fake strawberry taste some things have. It tastes like real strawberry which I love. I would definitely recommend trying it if it’s available in your area.


For lunch, I had something rice based like I usually do. I had some plain rice with. chickpea curry and roasted eggplant and tomato. I’m not a huge fan of chickpeas but they are a good source of protein and I hadn’t eaten them in a while so I decided to make some. They actually turned out quite delicious but the real stars of the meal were the roasted eggplant and roasted tomato. They had that delicious smoky flavour that I love. And yes, those are my pjs in the background lol!

I made the chickpea curry myself but my mum made the rice, eggplant and tomato. So, if I’m being honest she was the one I have to thank for most of the meal. I would highly recommend this combination, it was so delicious. However, if you’re not that into chickpeas, beans and rice would go amazing too.


So, this was a recipe I was so extremely excited for. If you’re brown or even just co-exist with brown people, you probably know about Maggi noodles. They’re really delicious although admittedly not the healthiest. But, sometimes unhealthy food is great for your soul lol!

I saw a recipe for soupy Maggi on YouTube a while back but for some reason there was like a Maggi shortage in Nairobi and I couldn’t get it for a while. But I had saved the video and was finally able to make it some time ago. It was so incredibly delicious. It had that Maggi flavour but also other flavours from the vegetables. If you like Maggi noodles I would highly recommend trying them like this. In case you’re interested, this was the recipe I used however I modified it because she made it quite spicy and I didn’t want to be in the bathroom for the next 24 hours so I left out the pepper powder and added only one green pepper. If you’re not great with spicy food I would recommend doing that or clearing your schedule the next day…


I had some vegan homemade strawberry ice cream but I think it was too sour cos it made me feel nauseous and gave me acid reflux. Whoops… Also, I forgot to take a picture of it. Double whoops…


This was the absolute worst day I picked to write a WIEIAD post. I have been nauseous all day and just there up while writing this. Thinking of all this food made me feel so much worse lol. But I’m a trooper so I kept going for whatever reason… (I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed)

That being said, I did love these meals when I stay them and I would so recommend trying them out if you haven’t already. If you would like me to share the recipes for any of the above mentioned dishes please let me know in the comments because I would love to share them if you guys are interested.

What did you eat today? Would you try any of the dishes I mentioned? Do you have a good recipe for strawberry ice cream that won’t give me acid reflux? What is your favourite food at the moment? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you!

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45 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day #9

  1. Like I said before, Pooja, it’s no wonder that you’re so slender! That’s a compliment, not a negative. 😂 Have a great weekend. 🍻

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I had porridge with banana maple syrup flax seeds chia and pecan – then a lentil bolognaise for lunch and dinner is lentil soup and salad

  3. I hope you’re feeling better now. ❤️

    I rarely ever eat breakfast. I just don’t have the appetite for it. Unfortunately I’m allergic to both strawberries and soy milk so I wouldn’t be able to try this but it looks soooooo good! Also, I’ve been on such a noodle kick lately! I love spice too.

    1. Aww thanks- I’m a bit better now!

      Yeah breakfast is definitely not for everyone. Oh no that sucks- my sister recently became allergic to strawberries and it sucks because strawberries are the best. Noodles are soooo good I always have some at least once a week! Have you tried the Nongshim ones? The veggie flavour is so good 😋

  4. I never tried anything soy before, but that looks good. I haven’t seem it in the stores here though. Spice is not one of my favorite things, but I do like jalapeño peppers. The dishes looked healthy though. I hope you are feeling better. God bless you, stay safe, and have a wonderful day.

    1. It’s quite delicious. Most soy milks are. I quite like jalapenos too they can add a lot of flavour to a dish. Thanks I’m much better and have a wonderful day too.

  5. Hi Pooja,

    How are you doing, now? I surely hope the nausea has ceased.

    Personally, I noticed it makes a difference which variety of strawberries I eat. It seems there are different types and some of them make me feel acidic, too. Where I live, unfortunately most sellers don’t lable them so it’s difficult to know in advance unless you can try one before you buy a bunch. Also, I always take care the strawberries are well ripened, before I eat them.
    My fastest and simpliest recipe for strawberry ice cream is to clean up and freeze the fruits and then blend them. As I only have a cutter and not a high speed blender, I sometimes add a bit of chilled homemade soy yogurt to make it easier on the machine. Depending on how sweet the fruits are and how sweet you like it, you can add some sugar, too. I usually don’t. The ice cream needs to be eaten right after preparing because it melts quickly.

    Now I’ll go and check out that Maggi noodle recipe! (In Germany we have a liquid spice called maggi which somewhat tastes like lovage.)

    Much Love,

    1. Hi,

      I’m so much better thank you. The nausea is pretty much gone now.

      Yeah I think it has something to do with the type of strawberries too because sometimes I’m okay but these ones really did a number on me. I think I’ll have to be careful and only pick up the kind that aren’t too acidic.

      Your recipe sounds wonderful I’ll have to try it next time I try to make some ice cream although after this reaction I’m sticking to chocolate flavoured for a while haha.

      Oh yum I love the liquid Maggi too! I would highly recommend adding a bit into fried rice with veggies.


      1. I’m glad you’re doing better, Pooja. 😃

        Understandable that you stick with different flavours for a while (and who doesn’t love chocolate?!). If you like bananas, you can also freeze those and eat them frozen – or stick them into melted chocolate before eating.

        Yes, I saw the noodles were the same brand and can see how the liquid spice goes well with fried rice and veggies. 🤤

        1. Thanks so much!

          Oh wow that sounds delicious. I’ve never had frozen banana before. Definitely going to try some with got chocolate 😋

  6. I did make myself chuckle at the part where you said, “If you’re brown, you’ll know about Maggi noodles” because I know about them and I’m so very white 😳 that was, until I read the, “Or co-exist with brown people”. And I thought ah yes, my wild, noodle-loving half sister is why I know about these! She is so obsessed that she asked for a noodle birthday cake for her 10th birthday 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

    Ps – Great post, I never knew about strawberry soya milk! Ans I do hope you’re feeling a bit better now! 💖

    1. Hahah well we have your sister to thank for the noodles then! A noodle cake sounds very interesting lol 😆

      Thank you so much- I am much better!

  7. Can you share the recipe for the lunch and dinner?
    And did you actually used “nestle Maggi”?
    I didn’t know maggi was available there, At what price?
    What time do you eat your lunch and dinner?
    Don’t you feel hungry between the 2 meals?
    Sorry, I have so many questions!

    1. I linked the recipe I used for the dinner and yeah I can share the recipe for the chickpeas and the eggplant and tomato are just roasted with some salt and pepper. Yes, Maggi is very popular here. The small single packet is 50ksh-60ksh. I eat lunch between 1-2pm and dinner between 7-8pm. Sometimes a bit later. No I never get hungry between meals. I don’t like snacking. Lol no worries!

      1. Well I would definitely try these.
        Btw, I do get hungry around 4-5, so I was wondering this girl didn’t even mentioned snacks, fruits or anything that can satisfy the hunger in between lunch and dinner. 😝
        Aha, so maggi is popular there as well. Great 🤩

        1. Yeah some people like to snack which is totally okay but I just don’t like snacking and don’t find it necessary since I don’t do too much exercise which would make me hungry. Lol Maggi is famous everywhere in the world. I have eaten it in so many countries.

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