4 Things You Need To Have The Perfect Blog Post

Topic- Your topic is one of the most important things about your blog post. It doesn’t matter how much of an amazing writer you are if your topic isn’t something people want to read about. If you are looking to increase followers and traffic I would suggest looking into what topics are the most popular and writing on those. Not to say other topics aren’t great if you can pull it off feel free to write about unique topics. However, statistically already popular topics are much more likely to get you more traffic and followers.

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Title- The title will decide whether or not someone will click on your post so make sure the title is catchy and will make the reader click. How-To’s and lists are usually very popular. However, don’t lie in your title because click baits are annoying and will probably make people unfollow you.

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Introduction- The introduction is also very important because a lot of people don’t read past it if it’s not interesting enough. Make sure it precise and well edited so there are no spelling or grammar mistakes because this can be a huge turn off to readers.

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Conclusion- A lot of people seem to skip this but I think including a conclusion is a really great way to summarize your post and let the reader know what your concluding arguments/thoughts.opinions are. Plus if you have a great conclusion you are much more likely to get likes/follows.

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87 thoughts on “4 Things You Need To Have The Perfect Blog Post

  1. 🙂 Your title drew me in I just had to read! I ALWAYS aim for a memorable conclusion, however I’d suggest write a VERY short ‘intro’, readers are pushed for time and impatient.

  2. Great post! Whether you’re a new or experienced blogger, it’s always good to revisit the basics.

  3. A well thought out and enlightening post! All the way through I was saying to myself: [ These are all good points, but I know all about it…] Then I got to the last part about wrapping up your post with a conclusion and lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! You made me see what all my posts have been lacking all this time; an anti-climax! Sounds sexy huh? I should have known better! I learned all about this stuff in school. I guess I wasn’t paying full attention that day. My birthday just past yesterday. I didn’t want to mention it cuz I’m so new. Here is my blog: myopinion5.wordpress.com The other site is coming down shortly. The design folder has some neat templates and designs I made in Photoshop. Once again, a post I can really sink my teeth into!

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