Six Word Story #39

Six Word Story:

Sometimes you have to be selfish.

About The Six Word Story:

As you guys know, I love writing these six word stories for you. And from the feedback and responses that I have received on them, I am happy to say that it seems you like reading these little stories too. I am really thankful for that since it is always a win when both you and your audience enjoy the same thing. It gives me a reason to continue writing these, knowing you enjoy them so much.

This weeks six word story is honestly just something I have learnt as an adult. We are constantly taught to be selfless but it’s not always the right route to take. Some times you have to put yourself first and be your own number one priority. And that’s not really selfish it’s just self-care. And as we know, self-care is absolutely vital to our mental and physical wellbeing. So go out there and put yourself first today. Don’t forget to treat yourself!

Did you enjoy this SWS? Do you enjoy doing these prompts on WordPress? Are you a fan of self-care? Let me know in the comments section located below because I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts. And if not you can simply just stop by and say hi!

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6 responses to “Six Word Story #39”

  1. True story 🙂

    1. Absolutely!

  2. It’s so true but also so hard to do !

    1. Yeah it is definitely not easy but I think you have to keep at it until it becomes a habit!

  3. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. If you don not recharge than you are no good to anyone.

    1. Yes absolutely you should be your own priority!

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