Similarities Between Two Universities

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a fellow university student blogger called Camille. She studies in a university in France and we began talking on a post I published about the courses I had taken last semester and she had actually taken some similar ones. We started to chat further and realised that it would be really fun and interesting to compare the similarities and differences between the two universities since they are in different countries. We expected our experiences to be quite different but we ended up having quite a few similarities as well. I decided to post the similarities on my blog which you can read below and to read the differences in our experiences be sure to go over to Camille’s blog by clicking here. She is an amazing blogger and I can guarantee that you will very much enjoy her post!

1) Teachers are very knowledgeable in their field.

We found that in both universities the professors are experts in their field. They are very knowledgeable and it is clear that they know exactly what they are talking about and have done a lot of research. We found that in many ways this enhances the experience of studying under them because it’s always a plus to learn something from someone who knows what they are talking about and are an expert in that subject.

2) Teachers have their own views and opinions.

As mentioned above the professors are definitely experts in their respective fields and it is clear that they have spent a lot of time doing their research and studying in detail different aspects of the subject. As great as this can be it also has some negatives. At the end of the day the professors are people too and have their own theories and opinions about things. We found that since they are experts in their field they have quite strong views and opinions and this may make them a bit stubborn towards someone who may have a different opinion. We saw that in both cases this stopped students from fully forming their own opinion about the subject or rather fully expressing their views when they disagreed with the views of the professor and they may receive a bad grade for their honesty.

3) Many courses to choose from at both our universities but not at all universities.

We found that both our universities offered a large variety of courses in a large variety of subjects. I have talked about this before in my other posts about my courses but basically my university offers us two half credit elective courses a year so that you can take some subjects outside of your major and kind of expand your knowledge in other fields. Camille also mentioned how she was able to take different courses and broaden her knowledge in this way. I think it’s a really good idea to take other subjects especially those that may be unrelated to your major because it will help you pick up a variety of skills that you may not get from just doing courses for your major alone.

4)Interesting/unique courses

As mentioned in the last paragraph both out universities offer a number of courses and when we talked about them in more detail we realised that they both also offer a lot of unique and interesting courses. Again I have talked about this in more detail in posts I have done about my courses but my university offers a number of unique courses such as courses on country music, hip hop, the Sixties and more. Camille and I realised we both took similar courses about American History which was quite interesting.

5) Both offer scholarships but it is easier to get and apply for them in France.

Camille mentioned how scholarships are quite common and very easy to apply for and get in France at her university. In Canada, the scholarships are harder to get and there is quite a long process that goes into applying for them. Although this is technically a difference I decided to add it as a similarity because they do both offer scholarships and although it is a little harder to get the scholarship here it is not impossible to do if you work hard and do your best.


I just wanted to remind everyone again to go over to Camille’s blog and check out the other half of this collaboration. She wrote her post about the differences between our universities and university experiences. You can check out her post by clicking here.

Your Thoughts

Let me know what you thought about the similarities between the two universities. Did you expect there to be these similarities? Did you have similar experiences at university or were your experiences different than ours? What did you think of Camille’s post that is linked above about the differences- could you relate to the differences? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
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Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award #3

Thank you!

I want to thank Rising Star for nominating me for this award. He has a really interesting blog with inspirational posts, photography and more. Check it out by clicking here. 

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.
  • Answer their questions.
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 What inspired you to start a blog?
A friend of mine who suggested I start blogging as an outlet.

What inspires you to write?
I write a multi-niche blog so basically what I’m interested in at that moment is what inspires me to write.

Who is your ideal person?
Mr. Darcy… don’t @ me (can you @ people on WP??)

How long do you think you will blog?
As long as I can and as long as you guys keep wanting to read my posts.

What else you do along with blogging?
I’m a full time student so I guess I study along with blogging.

My Nominees

If you’re reading this post and feel as though this may be something you want to participate in please consider yourself nominated and use the same questions I did- I would love to read your take on them! And if you don’t want to do an entire post dedicated to it you can leave the answers in the comments below.
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My Courses Reviewed

I had such an amazing time at university this semester but I was quite sad that we could not properly finish any of the courses the way we should have due to everything that happened in March/April which forced the university to stop in class lessons. However, I definitely understand that the decision the university made to shut down all in class stuff was for the best. Even though we could not properly finish the courses properly at university this semester I decided to still do a review for my courses since they have all been so great. I feel like I have really enjoyed almost all the courses I’ve taken at university so far but this year may be the best ones so far. Last semester I was able to take some really unique courses like a course on country music, archaeology and more. For more on that click here. And this semester I was again able to take some unique and interesting courses at university. I’m super thankful that my university offers such unique and interesting courses because I know not all universities do this and a lot of universities do tend to have a much more rigid syllabus. However, our university is pretty liberal about what courses it offers and what courses you can take and I am truly lucky to be able to take such interesting and fun ones. I always like to take courses about topics I don’t know a lot about or that I have not studied earlier because I think that helps me broaden my knowledge and teaches me new things which in my opinion is what university should be all about. Oh and all the courses I took this semester were history courses because my university only allows you to take two electives every year and I used up my electives last semester. Anyway here is my review of the courses I took this semester:

The Sixties- This was my favourite course that I have taken at university so far! It was such a phenomenal course and I learnt so much from it. The professor was really good- she was super nice and understanding and definitely knew what she was talking about- and the content was something I was already interested in so I found it absolutely fascinating. I have always been interested in the counterculture, 60’s music and the New Left so it was really interesting to learn more about it especially through primary sources I had never read before. One of my favourite sources was the letter by Janis Joplin sent to her mother where she is fangirling over George Harrison from The Beatles because honestly I get it- he was gorgeous! It was also really interesting to see how it wasn’t just mindless rebellious behaviour, it was so much more than that and it was also the foundation to the 70’s and the groups that emerged in the 70’s. I am definitely really happy my university offers a class on the Sixties because it is so specific and so interesting.

Middle Eastern Culture- I really enjoyed this course too! I had never taken a course about the Middle East before and to be honest I did not know too much about their culture and history so this was really fascinating and eyeopening. The only thing is that because of the whole Corona situation we couldn’t finish the course the way we were supposed to and I was really sad because there were some really interesting topics I ended up not being able to learn about properly. One thing that I really appreciated about this course apart from the stuff I mentioned earlier was that it was taught by someone who was Middle Eastern and therefore had experienced a lot of what she was teaching first hand. And she also tried to mainly use primary sources that were unbiased and more descriptive rather than opinion based which was really great. We were able to see the Middle East more realistically and draw our own conclusions based on the information she provided. We also spent approximately half of each class watching a video about the topic we were discussing which was very helpful as no one in the class had been to the Middle East and the videos allowed us to experience their culture more accurately.
The American Revolution- I have taken like every single course this professor has taught and as you guys know I really enjoy learning American history because I have never learnt American history before university. I really loved learning about the Revolution in detail even though I had learn about it in previous American History courses. I thought it was particularly interesting because my professor taught us a lot about not just the more famous figures but also regular people. I think we tend to forget to underestimate the role of “ordinary” people in battles and revolutions and it was fascinating to see their point of view for a change.
Women In China- This was another one of my favourite courses! I haven’t learnt much Chinese history before but I did take one other class with the same professor and really loved it so I decided to take this one. I’m also very interested in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies so since this was like a cross between those I thought it would be perfect. I particularly enjoyed this course because of how the professor taught it. I’ve said this before but this professor focuses on making sure we learn and understand the content instead of focusing on research paper or assignments and I truly appreciate that. Plus, his content is always fascinating and so well researched.
Hope you guys enjoyed that little review! I know I couldn’t review them fully due to our university not having in-class stuff anymore but I tried my best to review the course as much as I could depending on how much I had learnt before the quarantine. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite courses were at university/college or if you would take any of the courses I took!
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5 Things I Learnt While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has been a very interesting experience and these are some of the things that I’ve picked up over the way:
Change is good- as someone with anxiety I am not a fan of change in any way whatsoever. Weirdly enough though I love the idea of change but moving to Canada taught me that change in real life is good too and sometimes taking a chance can be the best decision of your life.
You need to find your own happiness- moving to a new place isn’t going to make you happy or satisfied. You need to find your own happiness.
Everything is a challenge- living abroad is not always what movies make it out to be. Yes, it’s an amazing experience if you make the most of it but it can also be extremely difficult. You’re in a new place where you probably don’t know anyone or anything and adjusting takes a while. Doing your research helps though!
Make the best of everything- bad things will happen but instead of fixating on these make the best of the experience and make as many memories as you can!
Every place is unique- every place is unique an beautiful and remember to appreciate this whenever you can! Make sure to make memories while you’re there and make the most of it!
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Your Questions Answered!

So recently I had done a post telling you guys to leave a question in the comments below and this is the post with the answers! I also tagged everyone who left a question so be sure to check out their blogs too!
From Garrett Karrot
Getting cosy in my pj’s and lying in bed is probably my favourite retreat!
From Matt:
I think what surprised me most- in a good way- was how friendly everyone was including the professor’s most of which are really nice and easy to talk to.
From Neha Nandwana:
I love that I’m a very empathetic person because I think it’s so important to remain empathetic especially in this day and age when it sometimes feels like the hate is growing.
From Cindi Moore:
A lot of travelling for sure!
From Joshada Nondan:
I love the moon and the sun although I may love the sun a little less soon with summer coming up! And I love the rain- especially falling asleep in while it’s raining out.
From Oliveunicorn:
From Cethru Cellophane:
I think the fact that it was similar to English was one of the things that attracted me to it and the other was that as a history enthusiast it makes it easier for me to read sources in their original language because I think translations are never really fully the same.
From Gina:
Of course the first would be that I try to be honest and transparent with my followers. The second would be to always write about things you actually care about- the audience can definitely tell if your writing is forced. The last would be that I’m just lucky to have an amazing audience that are so active!
From Pranita:
Thanks I’m taking my own advice lol!
From Robin:
I don’t think I’m scared of any animal in particular but I guess I wouldn’t exactly want to be in a room alone with a snake lol!
From Aditi Verma:
It was the perfect outlet for me when I needed one really bad.
From Eromosele Emmanuel:
It’s complicated lol!
From Opher:
Omg so many questions and they’re all so good! I don’t really know if there’s a God or not but I personally think that despite whether or not you believe in God you should just try to live your best life, be kind to all living beings and be caring and compassionate. Overpopulation is definitely one of reasons for a lot of the problems. I think the only way to solve global warming is if we all work together to change our ways. No, realistically I don’t think the rapid extinction rate can be reversed. If it was a perfect world where everyone cared maybe but not in the reality we live in. I love Jimi Hendrix and I personally think he’s an incredible guitarist! I think Phil Ochs was better than Bob Dylan if I’m keeping it real.
From Kiran:
I’m from Kenya, studying history in Canada.
From Dr. Thomas Maples:
I’m majoring in History hoping to pursue a career in that field. Thanks and I agree WordPress is so much more positive and supportive! It’s like a huge family!
From Phanuel Ayelum:
I started blogging as an outlet and I continue to blog because it has remained a great outlet for me and I just have such an amazing audience it really encourages me to continue!
From Haroon Mirza:
Mental health posts or six word stories are probably my favourite!
From Joyce Holzman Hanscom:
I’m not Christian but I love the Christian community on WordPress they are so supportive and great!
From Uma:
Mr. Darcy is probably my all time favourite! And I totally love Bridget Jones she is so hilarious and relatable!
From A. Shepherdson:
Lol I have a silly and funny story about that but long story short no I do not 😂
From Karac Avalron:
I don’t really like pies so much and cakes are okay but I definitely prefer cupcakes and yes they are totally their own classification lol!
From Tiani:
Oh man there are so many things! I think what I love most about Kenyan culture is how everyone is so ready to help one another and how everyone is connected. I also love the food- nothing in the world tastes as good as Kenyan food!
From Shruti Dubey:
I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now!
From Ajay Patel:
I would have to say it’s a tie between Imagine by John Lennon and I’m Going To Say It Now by Phil Ochs. With Imagine it really speaks to me on a spiritual level and with the Phil Ochs song as a student I find it extremely relatable.
From Adlerwrites:
I was looking for an outlet and for a place where I could write and WordPress/blogging ended up being the perfect way to do that.
Thank you so much for the questions everyone I had so much fun answering them and I can’t wait to do this again!
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My Courses For This Semester

This semester I’m only taking history courses because I finished my electives last semester and I have to say I am really enjoying it. As most of you know my major is History and I am loving concentrating on it and learning all these amazing history courses. Here are the courses I’m taking this semester:
The American Revolution- This course is kind of tied in with the course I took last semester on the American Enlightenment. As you guys know I’m really enjoying my American history courses because I had never done American history before university so it’s all new and exciting to me. I also like how it’s taught by the same professor I did the Enlightenment and early American history courses with because I feel like now I have enough information to tie everything together and do well in this course. The professor is really interesting and I love the course material but the only problem is the lectures are at 8 am in the morning and are slowly killing me.
The Sixties- This is another American history course that I am really enjoying. It focuses mainly on the sixties but we also got a bit of an insight into the 50’s and how they lead to what became the 60’s. The professor is really great for this course too and it’s in the afternoon which is perfect because it gives me time to take a short nap before class!
Middle Eastern Culture- I thought this would also be very different from other history I’ve learnt so far because I haven’t learnt much about the Middle East before. So far it’s pretty interesting. I also like that it’s being taught by someone who’s actually from the Middle East which I think gives a better insight into their culture and what’s currently going on there.
Women In China- I think this is probably one of my favourite courses that I’ve taken at Brock. It’s taught by one of my favourite professors and I think he does a good job in trying to give us an unbiased view of women in China. I also like that he wants us to enjoy the class and not be stressed about assignments but rather learn the material well.
So those are my courses for the semester. I am really enjoying them so far and I think I made good choices when picking my courses for this semester.
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What Every Student Needs

So I did a post about what I take with me in my school bag every day and decided to do a more specific post about what items I always have in my pencil case. Since absolutely no one asked here’s what I carry in my pencil case and why you should always carry these items too:

Pens/pencils- You almost always have to write at some point every day even if you tend to type your notes. A pen and pencil is definitely a must have for students.

Highlighters- You never know when you need to highlight something. It really helps to have one with you though in case you need to remember something specific.

Paperclips- This one sounds a little random but trust me you’ll need paperclips way more often than you think. It always helps to have a few paperclips with you because you tend to get a lot of papers and it helps keep you organized.

Rubberband- Again you’ll need these way more than you think you will. It’ll help keep stuff together, work as a hairband, help stop you from yelling in public by flicking it on your wrist every time you’re frustrated…

Whiteout- It looks neater to use whiteout instead of cancelling something every 5 seconds. It just makes your notes looks more neat and help when you’re rereading them.

Clearly stationery is important whether you’re a student in school, college or university or even just someone who likes stationery. I’m one of those weird people who loves collecting stationery and thought I would leave a link to a post I really enjoyed that talks much more specifically about stationery and where to find the best kind. You can check it out by clicking here. 

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5 Things You Need In University

You never know what you’ll need at university but it’s a good idea to always have these items with you!

Water/snacks- If you’re in university you probably know that students rarely have time for proper meals. Even though I think you should definitely try to eat actual meals sometimes you end up eating a little later than expected and for these times it’s a blessing to have some water and snacks with you. It really helps refuel and it saves you time since you don’t have to stand in line at Starbucks for like an hour trying to get some snacks since you already have some with you.

A notebook/pencil case- Even if you type your notes (I always do) I think having a notebook and some pens/pencils/stationery in general is a good idea. You never know when you’ll need it and it’s one of those things that you are likely to need very often.

Perfume- Sometimes you sit really close to people after spending all day running from one class to another like a headless chicken. For these times it helps to have some perfume with you (samples are perfect for this!) that you can quickly spray. It helps make you feel more secure and smell like a treat!

Gum- Coffee is a necessity but coffee breath isn’t. Having gum with you can really help especially if you have one of those annoying classes where you’re forced to talk to everyone. I also read that chewing gum helps you concentrate too so there’s another reason to carry some around with you!

Tissues– Honestly carrying tissues with you is a huge help even in general not just at university. You never know when you’ll need them- and trust me you will need them- so it’s really just a good idea to keep some on you at all times.

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Favourite Courses I’ve Taken So Far

American history- I have taken four American history courses so far and I’ve really enjoyed all of them. I think my favourites so far have been the History of American Popular Culture and American History 1865- present. I don’t think American History is particularly more interesting because I genuinely think all history is really interesting no matter what country it’s about but what really makes me interested in American History is that I’ve never done it before. I had never learnt any American history before so I find it new and exciting compared to some other courses which I kind of already know a bit about.

Country Music– So this is a random elective course I took that I ended up absolutely loving! My professor is really witty and interesting which makes a course that could have been kind of lame super interesting. I have always liked country music but I never though I would learn about it. However, I’m glad I did because turns out there’s a lot to learn! I was also introduced to so many new (technically very old just new to me because I hadn’t heard them before) country songs. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on my favourite country songs I’ve learnt about so far!

Introduction To Sociology- This was the first ever sociology course I took in my first year and honestly it was life changing. It was so eye opening to see the world the way that sociologists do and it really put certain things into place for me. If you are picking your courses for university I would highly recommend taking a Sociology or Women and Gender Studies course at some point.

African History- I took two African History courses so far and I really enjoyed both of them. They were both taught by the same professor who was super nice and a very good professor. I learnt so much about Africa that I am ashamed to say I didn’t know before even though I was born and raised there. I absolutely loved learning about African history and hope to learn more.

Women And Gender Studies- This is the only WGST class I’ve taken and it was really great. Although as a feminist and woman of colour I already knew a lot of what we learnt it was nice to learn about it in more detail as well as discuss it with other like minded people.

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Courses I’m Taking This Semester

History Courses

Roman History- okay not going to lie this one isn’t super interesting but I still enjoy it to an extent. I really like learning about Roman history but I am more of a modern history kind of person so this is a little out of my area of interest. It also doesn’t help that most of the people in my seminar class are kind of unfriendly.

History of Diaspora’s– This class is super interesting to me and I am so glad I took it. So far we have learnt a lot about Jewish diaspora communities and soon we’re going to learn about other diaspora communities. Since I am from a diaspora community I find it very relatable and I really like my professor he has such a mellow vibe. The only problem is that it’s a three hour class and sometimes I end up tuning out by mistake.

American Enlightenment- I have taken quite a few American history classes and one with the same professor so I knew I was going to like this one. It’s been so fun and interesting and I look forward to learning more. We are reading both Franklin’s and Jefferson’s autobiographies which are so fascinating.

American Popular Culture- This is a Popular Culture/History course that I am so obsessed with. This is one of my favourite classes I’ve taken so far. My professor is so understanding so we have a much smaller workload and a really fun final paper. We are basically learning about the past American culture and often we compare it to the American culture now.


Archaeology- Not going to lie- the Indiana Jones movies had a lot to do with me taking this course. It’s super fun and interesting- nothing like Indiana Jones though- and I think learning it really compliments the history courses I’m taking. Plus, my seminar class is really fun and friendly!

Country Music- Okay, so this is just the best class ever (may change my mind after I get my marks for my first assignment…). It is super fun, absolutely fascinating and my professor is really good. Even though we have no breaks the two hour class flies by and I rarely tune out. I love country music and learning about it in detail is so interesting because I knew nothing about its origins and how it became popular. Seriously loving this class!

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