5 Foods I Love And 5 I Hate #2

Foods I Love Vs Foods I Hate

A few days back I did a post about foods I love and hate but concentrated more on specific brands. Today I decided to share some specific foods that I love and hate. This post is a little shorter than usual but I just was not feeling it today and didn’t want to force myself to write.

Foods I Love

I am one of those people who love most foods so it was so hard for me to pick just five but I thought about it and narrowed it down to these five.


I love peas so much. They are probably my favourite thing to put in pretty much any dish ever. I know a lot of people don’t like the texture because they get really mushy when you cook them but honestly I kind of like that. I love the way it tastes good no matter what you add it to and I also really like that it’s a good substitute in dishes which generally have avocados because as you probably know I’m allergic to avocados.


I LOVE tomatoes!! I think they’re just the perfect addition to any dish and even if you just eat them raw they taste amazing. I think tomatoes are one of those veggies that you don’t think of a lot but also use a lot. At least that’s how it is for me. Like if someone asked me what vegetable I love I would not instantly think tomatoes but if someone took away my tomatoes there are so many dishes I wouldn’t be able to make.


This is my favourite Indian food and it’s been my favourite ever since I was a child! My mum didn’t make fried food a lot so she didn’t make samosas very often but when she did I was the happiest kid ever. I used to help her with the stuffing sometimes and it was just so fun. Also in Kenya we sometimes eat samosas with mandazi which is the best combo ever. To this day eating samosas brings back really great childhood memories.


I know a lot of people hate broccoli and I’m not really sure why but I absolutely love it. I usually don’t even season mine a lot- I just add some salt and oil and grill it. It just tastes so amazing! I also love adding it to rice based dishes because it tastes so amazing with rice for some reason. I think broccoli is one of those things I eat almost daily and still don’t get sick of.


Mexican food is probably one of my favourite types of food and as much as I love other Mexican dishes tacos are probably my favourite. I like the hard shell tacos the best because I really love anything crunchy but I don’t mind the soft ones either.

Foods I Hate

This was so hard to write because I don’t know if I really hate any foods in particular. I dislike some foods but I don’t know if I would go as far as saying I hate them. However, I ended up picking five foods that I really dislike.


Okay, these maybe I do hate. I just have a problem with the taste and texture. I will avoid eating carrots as much as I can although these days I do eat them occasionally because apparently they’re good for you… But yes if I had to pick something to never eat again it would be carrots. It’s so funny because one of my friends loves carrots and hates peas and we’re always making jokes about it because we’re literally similar in every way except when it comes to peas and carrots.


I don’t have a big problem with the taste but I just don’t like the texture of apples. I don’t know how to describe it but honestly apples kind of make me feel like I’m eating socks. There is literally no other way for me to describe it and please don’t ask me why I know what socks taste like…

Mung Beans

I’m generally not a big fan of beans or lentils but usually when they are well seasoned I don’t mind having some in my dishes as long as I can’t really taste them because you know protein is important especially when you’re plant based and don’t get any animal protein. Mung beans, however, I just can not eat no matter how well cooked/seasoned they are. They just taste really gross to me and I just literally feel sick just looking at them.

Really Sweet Foods

I like sweet stuff occasionally but I don’t eat a lot of sweet food on a regular basis. Really sweet foods make me feel kind of sick after a while and you get that gross too sweet feeling in your mouth which I hate. I also don’t like food in general that’s very sweet. I prefer savoury or spicy dishes in general- I always have. I was talking to my mum a few days back and we were talking about how my dad’s side of the family loves sweet foods but my mum and I really don’t so we always love the same foods and our cooking tastes very similar.

Cheddar Cheese

I don’t eat dairy cheese anymore but when I did I was not a big fan of cheddar. I just feel like it tastes super sharp (I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it but that’s the best I can come up with right now) and I just don’t like that cheddar flavour. I don’t mind vegan cheddar cheese though. It doesn’t taste very similar to the dairy one- or maybe I just haven’t tried one that tastes very similar.


What foods do you love? What foods do you hate? Is there any food you avoid at all costs? Is there one food you can’t live without?

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115 thoughts on “5 Foods I Love And 5 I Hate #2

  1. I have had tacos a lot during the lockdown and they are a good staple to have. Also, take out the beans, you get a quesadilla. Have you seen Trevor Noah’s comedy routine about the first time he had tacos?

  2. Tacos are definitely high on my list of favorite foods. I also like broccoli but not when I was younger. And I love apples! Lol Especially applesauce. This was an interesting list.

  3. Tacos are great especially in authentic Mexican restaurants but I have to have the corn tortillas.
    Sweet- chocolate? do you prefer dark chocolate that is less sweet?

    1. Yeah authentic tacos are just the best! Yes, I always go for dark chocolate since that’s less sweet but when I’m craving something really sweet I go for white chocolate.

  4. Our lists are opposite. I don’t care for peas but will eat them. Tomatoes are OK raw but kinda gross cooked. Carrots are pretty tasty but boring on their own. Tacos are “meh” and mung beans… I grow them into bean sprouts which I use to make raw soups. Apples are really yummy when they are crisp and not starchy. Cheddar cheese is addictive I love old cheddar especially. Broccoli isn’t that great… I will eat it but it has to be cooked.

  5. I am not the biggest fan of tacos anymore… I love sweet food although I have a major savoury tooth (weird). I love cheese how can you not LOVE cheese????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m with you on your love of samosas! They’re the best-when my Indian friend makes them-true authentic Indian.
    I really don’t like snotty, runny egg white! Ravioli is gross too! White custard with no flavouring served at Primary school was the worst!

  7. I love this post!! I love so many foods (even apples and carrots haha). Tacos are super high on my list and apart from mung beans I love all the foods you’ve mentioned!! One I really don’t like though is spinach and certain egg dishes – the sliminess freaks me out. Great post!!

  8. The five foods I love are Ice-cream (salted caramel), ice-cream (Belgian chocolate), ice-cream (praline and caramel), ice-cream (Phish food) and ice-cream (honeycomb)
    I sometimes mix them all together in order to have a balanced diet.

  9. Oooh, so much on which to comment! First, tomatoes are a fruit. Yeah. Weird, right? I generally think of them as a vegetable too, but they’re not. Ok. Now that that’s out of the way…I really hate lima beans. They’re so dry and yucky! I don’t know how anyone can stomach them! Oh, also pickled herring in cream sauce. I shudder! I know it’s a New Year’s tradition for some cultures, but no. Just no!
    I guess I do, in general, have a problem with fish. Don’t get me wrong, fish can be delicious. However, I am not a big fan and I find most fish hard to stomach, especially the very “fishy” varieties.
    I do love apples, though. My suggestion to you is to go to an actual apple orchard to pick them yourself. They are much different than the ones sold in stores! If you like more sour, I’d suggest Granny Smith, Johnathan, or Macintosh, or even Winesap if you can find it! If you like a little sweeter, try Gala or Johnagold. I think the eating socks feeling you’re referring to means your apples are mealy. This can be avoided by picking your own so they’re really fresh. Give it a try! Happy eating!!!

    1. I know that technically tomatoes are a fruit but I refuse to believe it lol! Fish in general grosses me out so much even the smell alone is enough to gross me out.
      Thanks for the apple recommendation- there are a lot of apple orchards in my area so I’ll definitely look into that!

  10. I mostly love what you hate and hate what you love. Peas especially confuse me, they don’t get any softer after cooking.

  11. I know you already said why but I’m just gonna ask. Take it as rhetorical.
    Y u no like carrots?! 😂
    Apples I get, especially the overly ripe ones.
    Well, I love…
    Avocados a lot (opposites 😂), Eggs,
    Legumes, (peas, beans, daal, peanuts)
    Brown chapati (esp prepared with pumkin, coriander and carrots)
    Broccoli and rice 👍
    I hate…
    Any slimy food

    1. I really like the taste of avocados it’s just I can’t eat them since I’m allergic. And yes slimy food is sooo gross! Honey is so popular and everyone seems to like it but I just find it pretty gross.

  12. I love both carrots and peas 🙂 I would be devastated if I couldn’t eat potatoes or tomatoes. I’m not that keen on leeks, but I’ll eat them if they’re mixed in as part of a recipe. I can’t imagine not having avocado, but I’d heard peas can make a good substitute – I’d love to see a post of how you substitute with them 🙂

  13. Same her. Even I hate over sweetened food. I also like to have them occasionally. Chocolates and pizza are my favourite. Sambar dosa too, I love south indian so much😋

  14. I’m yet to find out foods I hate😅😅.
    I’m the kind of foodie who loves food, any food.
    It sucks that you hate carrots and apples. I’m eating apples while typing this and now you’ve got me thinking I’m tasting socks in my mouth😅😑

            1. I’m the opposite. I loved cheese and it was the hardest thing for me to give up. I literally gave everything else up and it took me like 6 months more to finally give up cheese.

  15. I’m so totally the opposite! I eat carrots like they are going out of fashion and I hate peas. Mushrooms, broccoli, smoked fish and salmon would also be on my hard list. As for loved, basically any mild curry, chocolate, tuna, almost any fruit and most cheeses. I discovered feta recently.. i am in love!

  16. I love all things sweet but as you said “too sweet” is something I can’t take. I start to gag😂
    I love food blogs, while reading it makes me hungry xx

  17. I love avocados, mushrooms and tomatoes. I can’t stand carrots either. It’s just something about how they taste. I also love cheese. The sharper the better for me. Unfortunately cheeses doesn’t love me so I tend to stay away from it.

  18. We’ve grown fond of vegetarian tacos in this household! I also don’t really like carrots…unless they are extremely roasted. Also, Isaiah surprisingly loves peas too! I thought he wouldn’t.

    1. I love veggie tacos- I’ve been using cauliflower as a replacement for the beef these days instead of soy protein. Yay he already has good taste in food!

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