Quote Of The Day #5

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42 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #5

      1. Yes✨✨

        I think it’s true for most of us. As we grow, we develop better understanding towards ourself and outside people really don’t matter as much as used to.

        Thanks for sharing for✨🙌🏽
        I am always looking forward to these💕 xx

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  1. Well said. Also do not seek happiness in another, but seek happiness inside yourself. To seek happiness in another is to be disappointed. If you are happy inside and who you are, then you will be able to be happy with another 🙂

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  2. Words of truth. No on is going to make the right decisions for us. We have to choose happiness. It’s not always easy, I know from years of struggling with depression, but it’s there if we can practice the thought processes to make it our reality.

    Kia kaha (stay strong) everyone. Keep on keeping on being awesome. ♥

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