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39 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. I say never write the ending, otherwise it’d be be a suicidal story. Let your story remain open so others to carry it on with their own

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    1. “Owning our story” to me means not hiding from or denying the shadows of our lives and actions, for we’re all a work in progress and we all deserve great opportunities! When we’re ashamed about and feel guilty of our pasts, we reduce our abilities to fully embrace our future, and we can self sabotage ourselves, when in fact we may have learned our lessons and be fully ready to step into a wonderful future!

      Blessings! You’ve got this!

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      1. We are too preoccupied by a causative past and fixated on a prominent future. We need to realise there is no other experience than the now. We are therefore detached from ourselves and from reality.

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      2. True, but for many people this remains a wonderful goal but it can feel unattainable! Our negative self talk gets in the way! Silencing the mind becomes a game of “wack-a-mole” for when we can no longer silence the thoughts they come pouring in!

        I have learned that doing the inner work of teaching ourselves to like ourselves, and healing from our pasts actually helps to remove those negative self thoughts, which in turn helps to build honest self confidence and helps us to truly own our stories!


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      1. It would impossible to write the ending of your own story, as you would be at one with the story. If you realise you never end the story, you bookmark it, you are in the position to revisit it. No story has ever had a start and an end. The opening chapter lays down the backstory, whilst the closing chapter leaves you wondering what is next

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