So I’m not going crazy right? Like WP really just woke up and decided to change a bunch of stuff? Are you guys able to access your dashboard/admin page like before? I don’t have the classic editor option anymore which is what I used to use all the time. I am not a huge fan of change as it is especially when it comes to WP because I feel like every time they change something it just makes it worse. I really liked the classic editor- it was simple to use and I had been using it for like 6 years. What do you guys think of these changes?

Sorry if this post looks weird I’m using the stupid block editor.

On the plus side I made a reel for Instagram for the first time which was fun- fee; free to check it out below if you haven’t already:

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74 thoughts on “Ummmm

  1. The folks that call the shots at WP are idiots. They change things that they believe are what the lot of us want, not true. The Classic or Legacy editor worked just fine. If it works, don’t fix it! I never gave that block thing a try. I now have the Business plan and am using a Plugin to continue using the Classic editor. I hope that this isn’t taken away in the future. Shame on WP… My Admin area has not changed – yet.

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  2. I notice some changes. I’ll find out when I try to do my next blog post if it interferes. Hope you get it figured out. Hopefully I can too 🙂 Kind of makes things confusing when they change things. It does take a bit to get it figured out.

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  3. WordPress has been toying with their editing/posting features for a while now. I’m not a fan of the block editor but I’ve kind of gotten used to it. I think they’re trying to make their platform similar to many other writing platforms, but I think that’s where they’re failing. I like WordPress because it was different. At least, it was to me.

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    1. I’m seriously considering that since I really hate writing rough drafts on WP itself. I was using the editor until this point… now I really can’t stand It. I might switch to Microsoft word or something, and see if that’s better. Thanks for the idea!

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  4. My dashboard is different and when I try to write a blog post the font is tiny and the Title is ugly in the draft. My classic editor changed a while ago so I’ve been stuck using block editor which I hate as well. I’m forced to write from the laptop rather than my phone which is much less productive.

    Today I was planning to write a blog post but didn’t have the time to write one. It typically takes me 4-6 hours to write and edit a post, depending on the topic.

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  5. I always have used MS Word to create my posts. Many of the changes WP have implemented have been below my radar, but the linking to Twitter has become a pain because whatever I type for the Tweet disappears. I’d like to go over to a paid plan, but I find WP hard to understand and uninviting to learn, so I’m waiting for lightning to strike or something. Changing to another platform is even less inviting. Grrr.

    Writing is my life, with slight exaggeration; I’m not sure that I get enough out of blogging to make it worth even the little time I spend on it, since I get very few likes and never a comment. If I ever get around to publishing, I’ll have to make more of an effort blogging.


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  6. I think they migrated my blog to the block editor about a year and a half ago. I hated it. It took a lot of getting used to, but apparently the classic isn’t as responsive to change size automatically when the screen size changes, so there was a lot of scrolling back and forth.

    When I worked with my old company to develop the Sharepoint Intranet site, which is based on the block style, we were given classes on the different aspects of the block editor and it started to make more sense.

    It takes getting used to! Hang in!

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    1. That’s just exactly it!! I feel like it was fine and didn’t need fixing. I can think of a number of other things that can be improved on WP that they don’t seem to care about at all.

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  7. I feel for you. I got a lovely hang of the block editor for the mobile app and once I learnt the hacks, I decided never to update the app, and turn off automatic updates for it. I’ve been at peace since then. I don’t use the desktop WordPress, it’s a little too laboured for me. I type then send to my phone, copy and paste, then edit in bliss.

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    1. That’s actually a good way to use WP. I think I just got very used to the classic editor since that’s what I’ve been using since day one. I guess I’ll get used to the changes it’s just a bit annoying that they keep changing things that really don’t need changing while ignoring actual issues.

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  8. I have been using block editor for a while now and I quite like it🙈. I think it’s the paragraph by paragraph that helps me organise my writing but I can understand it can bit annoying at times.

    Pooja —just to throw it out in the universe, I would love to see another “What I Eat In A Day” post, if you have the time😘Thanks🤗 xx

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    1. Yeah that’s what annoys me too- they keep changing things that are fine as they are and meanwhile there are a lot of actual issues that bloggers complain about all the time that they ignore 🙄

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  9. I logged into WordPress a couple of days ago and I found out that they changed the dashboard. The dashboard before was fine but at least this one has everything in one place. I use WordPress to write my posts, I don’t use MS Word. The classic editor worked just fine I just wish WordPress would just create a survey or something so we as a blogging community can vote or something

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        1. Right?? They never tell us in advance or properly explain how to use the new features. People shouldn’t have to do hours of research to understand how to use a platform properly it’s ridiculous.

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  10. I’m a big fan of the Classic Editor. You can get it back though.
    1. Go to your account settings (click on your profile picture in upper right corner)
    2. Click on the Account Settings (left hand side of page)
    3. Scroll down to Dashboard appearance and move the selector to ON for “Show advanced dashboard pages.”
    4. At the top of the page for POSTS, there is a little drop down selector that includes Classic Editor. (Also, in the list of posts, one of your format choices will now include “Classic Editor”) Good luck!

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  11. There was a classic editor? Sounds interesting. I just joined WP a week back and I’m facing the block editor since I started writing here. Would like to know more about the classic editor and how it was and the changes.

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    1. The Classic Editor is really wonderful- it’s so much simpler and easier to use. I actually just posted something on how you can continue to use it- feel free to check out my latest post for more on that.

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  12. I’m glad to know it was not me; I wasn’t able to view my stats in the format I had become used to. I am still able to use the Classic Editor though, thankfully. It also seemed as if there was a drop in my usual number of views…

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    1. Nope it’s definitely not just you! I don’t have an issue with my stats but I did with the editor which luckily I have been able to fix. My views decreased a little too and I just assumed it was because of my post but it may be connected to this I guess?

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  13. I don’t like the changes either… I hated going into my admin page and now that’s all I see when I log in. I liked the old view that let me just see my posts when I clicked on posts, but now it looks like they are spam messages 🤦🏾‍♀️

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