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I really want to thank Shannon for being part of this interview and she has a really interesting blog about a large number of topics so please do take a minute to check it out because I’m sure you’ll find something you love on there! As always it will be linked below.

1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your blog is about. 

My name is Shannon, I’m 24 years old and I work for the fire service, in September I am starting a law degree and my blog is about everything and anything, I felt like I didn’t have a specific angle to tailor my blog to, so I left it open for constant interpretation and anything that interests me or any issues that I’d like to talk about.

2. When did you start your blog and what made you decide to start blogging?

I only started my blog in April, so it hasn’t been too long and the main reason I decided to start blogging was because I am going to university in September and I really wanted to get used to constructing long passages of writing and another reason was to write about things I am interested in and care about, I love having a platform to be able to speak my voice into the world.

3. You write about a number of topics on your blog- do you have a favourite topic to write about?

Well, because I am very new to blogging (I really am a total novice), I decided to start off writing some lighthearted fun posts, but I am progressively moving onto more in-depth things that interest me, I do prefer to write about deeper issues and social problems, I like being a voice for those who may not be brave enough to speak their minds or their truth, admittedly, I am a long way off this at the moment but eventually I’d love my blog to be a place where people feel safe to share their thoughts and experiences and opinions, a place to create real discussion.

4. As a newer blogger what have you learnt about blogging so far? Has anything about it surprised you?

As a new blogger I have new found respect for other bloggers, who have a wide following, because it does take a lot of hard work to get your blog to a place where you’re getting regular and consistent interaction. I have learnt that it can be a very slow process, but for me that works well at the moment, as I am working to improve my writing skills, my blog at the moment is in what I like to call “the practice phase”, where I am building my identity and creating solid foundations to really elevate my blog in the next year or 2.

5. What are some of your long term goals for blogging?

I have just touched on this in the previous question, but my long term goal is to create a place for conversation, discussion and a change in perception. I have a unique outlook on the world and I love to share my thoughts on topics that are important, but I like to do fun lighthearted posts as well. I would love to get to a place in a year or so where I am getting a lot of engagement and feel as if my writing is getting read and thought about.

6. Where do you draw inspiration for your posts from? 

I draw inspiration from everywhere really, if there’s an issue going on in the world, I like to research and write about that, I meet a lot of inspiring people that spark my interest in their interests. I love to learn about new things, so that’s where I get my inspiration from, if I learn about something new, I like to do research and learn as much as I can and write about it.

7. What is your favourite food?

This is a very difficult question, I love roast dinners, I love traditional Indian food and seafood is a big favourite as well. I am not a fussy eater at all, so I like a lot of stuff!

8. What was something crazy you believed was real as a child?

I was once took to a ladies day for horse racing (which now I do not agree with as I think horse racing is a cruel way of entertaining humans), but I was really excited because me and my grandmother put some bets on and we won and at the end of the event I was waiting around and my grandmother said “Shannon what are you waiting for?” And I replied saying, “well I’m waiting for my horse, I won the horse”. I was very disappointed to find out that wasn’t true.

9. Do you have any phobias and if so which one’s? 

I have a massive phobia of flying, I love going on holiday and travelling the world, but I absolutely hate flying, it’s the only thing I hate doing but can actually force myself to do, but only because I know otherwise I’d be stuck in England and that’s a terrible thought.

10. Thanks again and please feel free to add anything you would like to share with the readers. 

Thank you so much for having me and letting me feature on your blog, the questions have been great fun to answer and I appreciate the time you’ve taken to interact with me.

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  1. Thanks again for taking the time to interact with me, I love answering questions like that, it really makes you think about things and gives a little bit of outside perspective on where my blog is now and where I’d like it to be in the future!

  2. LOL. I have friends who have to take pills whenever they fly. Fear of flying is quote prevalent, I guess. “I really wanted to get used to constructing long passages of writing and another reason was to write about things I am interested in and care about”. Actually that was my initial intention too that I want to practice writing. LOL.

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