Six Word Story #169

Humans- often fractious and rarely sagacious.

I feel like us humans think we’re so much more intelligent than we actually are. Sometimes I feel like the cat is the smartest one in the house 😂 Also, I used two new words instead of just one- woohoo!

Today’s Words:


1: tending to be troublesome
2. Quarrelsome, irritable

More about the word.


1: having or showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense; shrewd:
2. Obsolete. having an acute sense of smell.

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43 thoughts on “Six Word Story #169

  1. Sagacious seems to be fractiously defined.
    Not sure how obsolete meets with a sense of smell…but then I’m a little toasted as been on road a good part of the day and am not even sure who I am let alone whose sense of smell is obsolete…or I could have misread the whole thing.

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