Writer’s Block Strikes Again

Writer's Block Strikes Again Something Happened

Writer’s block strikes again

Once more I am left holding my pen

With nothing to say

It’s been like that all day

I tried to force it

But that. didn’t help one bit

Time continues to slip away

But my writers block seems to be here to stay

Now I sit here and sigh

And pray that the end of this torture is nigh

About The Poem:

I sat down with my laptop hoping to write a poem since I generally post a poem or short story on Tuesdays. However, my brain seemed to have other plans. I tried really hard to think of something but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t even come up with a topic or theme to write on. And today was the worst day for this to happen since I was incredibly busy. I was making a huge Korean feast for dinner and spent a lot of the afternoon in the kitchen. Of all days, I really didn’t have time to deal with writer’s block today.

So instead of feeling bad for myself (something the old Pooja would have done) I decided to make the best of the situation. A lot of my writing is about what is happening with me (self-absorbed much?) and so I thought I would just write a little poem about my writer’s block. Is it the greatest poem I’ve ever written? Nope, far from it. But it’s better than nothing!

Have you ever experienced writers block? Let me know in the comments section below because I would absolutely love to hear from you.

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109 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Strikes Again

  1. Korean feast?! You should write about that, Girl! That takes skill and commitment. I found myself craving bibimbap just the other day, but would never attempt to make it (I can literally screw up toast). The writer’s block was well-earned, and you’ll bounce back in no time! 😉

    1. Omg I just made bibimbap today since I had some ingredients left! 😯 I made spicy rice cakes, noodles, Korean style spring roles and Seaweed noodle rolls yesterday and everything turned out great. Wish I had documented it for the blog lol. Maybe next time 😅

  2. That shows your versatility 🙂
    You used the situation accordingly.

    I never exactly experienced writers block. But sometimes I don’t feel like writing at all. I have ideas and all, I keep on working them. Like rn, I don’t have any plan for next blog post, however I have tons of ideas with me.

    Korean feast? Tell me more about it 😍

    1. Yeah, I think most writers experience not feeling like writing. That’s usually me lol.

      I made a bunch of Korean dishes since I hadn’t had Korean food in ages 😊

  3. I love the post. I don’t get writer’s block, but I don’t write every day under pressure, so that may be why.

    I have been saving fortune cookie fortunes in a jar. My plan is to pick one and write something about it if I get lost for something to post, lol.

    You can have this one: You have plenty of insight. Share it with others. 🙂

  4. I take writers block as a sign to rest/refresh my mind. Writing during the block is too stressful, so I ride it out. Let it do its thing. I’ve found the final product turns out better after a break. 😊

    1. It can definitely be a sign of that. I either take some time off writing or power through and write anyway. Meditation helps a lot with writers block 😊

  5. ah… a writer’s block poem…. your poem flows so very nicely, Pooja. may we all write like this when we feel blocked 😁


  6. I have writer’s block usually when I want to be perfect but I can’t and since that’s hard to conceptualize , I end up procrastinating and get nothing.

    I like what you did. It actually is so interesting that you committed to your schedule. I want to do a good schedule to commit to as well.😁

    1. I have that problem when I’m working on my novel. I want it to be perfect and I end up overthinking it and procrastinating.
      Yeah, I was like writers block or not I’m writing something lol 😅

  7. Nice poem. I have been having writers block off and on for days now. I try to make myself write something, but it doesn’t always work. That’s why when that happens, I read something I have written before to help it subside. I helps sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t.

    1. True, reading definitely helps get rid of writer’s block in some cases. I generally meditate or relax which helps my brain focus better.

  8. Writer’s block is terrible and the more you think about it, the worse you feel. I’m glad you turned that situation around and wrote a poem about it.
    What Korean food did you make? I’m Korean and I’m kind of psyching myself up for making kimchee this summer.
    BTW, Pooja, your posts about SEO has helped my blog a lot; I’ve gotten more mindful about tags and it has give me more views. I didn’t really know what it was until I read your posts about it. Thank you!!

    1. I made a big batch of kimchi a while back and have been eating that. I always get too lazy to make it very often so I just make huge batches. Last night I make spicy rice cakes, gimmari, ramen, rice balls and spring rolls (technically Vietnamese but I added some ramen noodles in them). Everything turned out great!

      I’m so happy to hear that! Using the right tags makes a big difference and I’m glad you’re seeing more views already.

      1. That’s fabulous cooking!! Impressive that you made kimchee…that’s a big undertaking.
        All the items you mentioned are ones I like eating too.
        Using the right tags has been helpful and I’m surprised at the increase in views and shares. Thanks again!

        1. I love making kimchi since I can’t buy it at stores where I live. I made radish kimchi this time but my favourite is the green onion one.
          Yeah tags makes a bigger difference than people realise. I’m happy to help!

  9. in this poem I feel you observed your experience exactly as it was in that moment (rather than forcing something different) and that’s what makes this poem so good to me. Because it’s analogous to healing.

  10. I’ve been on the writer’s block. It has a cul-de-sac off of a circular road that often has broken glass strewn on it. When I try to take a broom from the house on the cul-de-sac and sweep up the glass so that the circular path is usable, everyone comes out of their houses and throws pens at me. My shirt gets full of black ink, and if someone throws an old-fashioned pen with a sharp tip, red blood gushes out from a wound. That’s usually when I drop my wine glass and it shatters and leaves more glass in the road. If the wound is minor, I go back home. If it’s serious, I make a blood red painting on the sidewalk next to the nearest chalk drawing. Usually mine is not as good as the chalk drawing. Because of the glass, ambulances won’t come, so there’s no point crying over spilled wine or people who have their portraits on milk cartons.

  11. It happens even more when you have been blogging for a long time because you have written about almost everything and now it seems nothing is remaining to write about. In my opinion, reading helps because you can get new ideas when you read.

  12. I love the poem! And writing about yourself isn’t being self-absorbed, it’s sharing! You are so considerate of other people; you read their blogs and you care. That is not being self-absorbed 🙂
    As for writer’s block, I get it for books I’m working on, but never for articles or blogging. If anything I have writer’s overload. I just want to write non-stop, 24/7.

    1. Thank you! Haha yes, I like writing about myself it’s like free therapy.
      Lucky you don’t experience that with blogging, I get writer’s block with blogging sometimes and it’s really annoying.

  13. I always get writers block. Like constantly. I try my best to not worry about it too much. Please never stress me out cause that always leads to writers block lol.

  14. I don’t write poetry, so I just did a remix. 😅

    Writer’s block strikes again

    Once more I’ve an idle pen

    With nothing to say

    It’s been like that all day

    I tried to force it

    But couldn’t seem to give a shit

    Time continues to slip away

    So I scroll through my library of games to play

    Now I sit here and sigh

    At least the Adderall gets me high

    1. Thank you! I’ve got my skates cleaned and ready so that might just be the best way to have some fun and get some inspiration 😊

  15. Thanks for sharing this very relatable poem really great work especially if you couldn’t think of anything to write it certainly didn’t show✍🏾👏🏾

  16. I occasionally get writer’s block and it can be so frustrating, especially if on a deadline (real or imagined 😜). Sometimes, I’ll put down the task and listen to music or read something and that will sometimes shift it. Other times, I could write all day! How was the meal, by the way?

    1. Listening to music or reading can definitely help with writers block. I get it occasionally and it’s always at a bad time lol.
      The meal was great although my rice ball sort of fell apart but other than that everything was awesome.

  17. Oh Pooja , I feel for you and don’t beat yourself to it, these things do occur you know. Writers block happens even to the experienced writers but what you need to do it is to relax and take a break, go for a walk and do a hobby besides blogging that will enable to think and clear your mind.

    This is how I overcome a Writer’s block, either I read more books and other blogger’s work to feel inspired and motivated or I go on a break or as Renard Moreau from Renard’s World would say it, a “Hiatus”. You can conquer this writers block Pooja💯

  18. Pooja, I can definitely relate! Sit back and relax with a cup of tea or coffee and the words will come easily.

  19. Oh, I have writer’s block very often. Right now I am having a block and don’t know what I should write. Probably it is because of the fume, haze, and smoke coming from Canada that is making me sneeze many times an hour. Just kidding. I am only trying to find an excuse for my inability to find anything to write. Or it is because my life is too routine, friends unvaried, mind too absorbed in trivial. Yes, writing about the block is a great way to deal with it. I am also thinking of writing about my relatives, who provide inexhaustible stories of narcissistic nature. Also I can probably complain about something, which I enjoy doing too. LOL. Life is short but complaint can be long.

    1. Don’t worry we all have these blocks. What helps me is taking a walk or meditating.
      Writing something real is also helpful since we don’t have to use our imagination.

  20. I’ve had writer’s block before, too, Pooja, and also wrote a poem about it. 🙂 It won’t last forever though, so don’t worry. When it happens to me, I immerse myself in something else, and the writer’s block will soon fade. I love your poem!

  21. It’s the first time I’m facing writer’s block since I’ve started writing.

    Yes, that’s the reason for no blogs from me for the past few days!

    It’s so annoying that I don’t even want to do anything but keep sleeping like a sloth bear the whole day! 😫

  22. Writer’s block is a killer! I find myself sitting in front of the computer just starring at it. I try scrolling through social media or reading other reviews to give me inspiration.

    1. I know what you mean, that’s what happened to me. I was just sitting there and getting nothing to write. So annoying!

  23. I’ve experienced writer’s block on multiple occasions. Usually because of life stress. When it happens I will announce that I’m taking a blogging break. However last year it got really bad where I just disappeared without announcing anything. This year it is a struggle to keep the momentum going so some months there’ll be weeks where I post nothing and other months I’m posting every week. It happens to the best of us.

    1. Yes, I think most writers experience writers block. Something similar happened to me two years ago and I ended up not blogging for a few months due to really bad writers block.

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