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Hello and welcome to lifesfinewhine! My name is Pooja. I’m Kenyan but I was living in Canada for the last few years and now I’m back to Kenya. I am studying history and sociology at university at the moment. I love writing, reading, music and more! My preferred pronouns are she/they. Thank you for stopping by little corner of the Internet! Lifesfinewhine includes a majority of lifestyle, travel, mental health, beauty, blogging advice, six word stories, poetry and inspirational posts along with other occassional posts.

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Travel is something I’m super passionate about! Whenever I’m on vacation from university I try to take some trips- they may sometimes just be me discovering new things in the same city but I still love it. I love exploring the outdoors (even when the weather gets crazy in Canada…) and seeing something new even when I don’t have a specific destination in mind! To view the travel posts click here.


I love writing lifestyle blogs because over time the blogging community and my readers/followers have kind of become like family. That’s why I want to share what’s going on with me and what I’m up to at the moment with them. I love reading the comments I get on these posts and sharing my thoughts with them. To view lifestyle posts click here.

Mental Health 

Mental health is something that is very important to me. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I chose to write about my experiences with having an anxiety disorder, anxiety symptoms and the anxiety treatment/anxiety medication I’ve tried. I also like to share what helps me out with my mental health in the hopes that it may help others as well as reduce the stigma around mental health. If you or someone you love are suffering from mental health problems please seek counselling/therapy. To view mental health posts click here.


I have always loved makeup and fashion- seriously I used to put makeup and dress up my dolls and totally ruined their faces because of the makeup- and I love writing about makeup and fashion! I do reviews for makeup products, try out the best/top products as well as drugstore/affordable products and I also write about outfits I love, which outfits I’ve worn on my travel posts and more. To view fashion/makeup posts click here.

Blogging Advice

Since my blog started growing quite fast over the last three or four years I get asked quite often about how to get more followers and how to get more traffic. That’s why I decided to start an entire section with blogging advice for bloggers looking for grow their following, traffic or make money off their blog. For blogging advice click here.

Six Word Stories

When I first started blogging I saw some bloggers writing six word stories and was very intrigued by the concept of a six word story. I think it’s absolutely fascinating how you can write an entire story in just six words and I have therefore been doing six word stories ever since. To view six word story posts click here. 


Blogging actually reminded me of how much I loved writing poetry and earlier on during the first year or so of blogging a large number of my posts were poetry. I don’t write poetry as often now but I still try to as much as I can or whenever I feel inspired. To view poetry posts click here.


Inspirational or motivational quotes/images posts are one of my favourite types of posts to write. I think it’s important for us to try to spread positivity in a world that can be filled with negativity. I try to post some positive/inspirational/motivational quotes at least once a week. Just to lighten the mood a bit and help uplift everyone reading. To view inspirational posts click here. 

Thanks for stopping by Lifesfinewhine and if you enjoyed my blog feel free to follow it! To view all my posts just keep scrolling!

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  1. It’s nice to meet you Pooja. I love your about page and how you have integrated all your interests. Cindy sings high praises of you and your blog, so I’m anxious to take a look starting with your review of her new book. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much and lovely to meet you as well. I’m excited to read your posts too and get to know more about your blog.

      1. Yours too. Cindy recommends you highly and I see why after one brief visit – too brief – but I’ll be back. 🙂

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