Escaping Rocks

So I’m trying to escape another semester of  Earth Science but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. I was thinking of taking Astronomy instead because I love literally everything to do with it! Also I am pretty sick and tired of learning about rocks in Earth Science… I’ll keep you guys updated and let you know how it goes!

I am hoping to talk to some people tomorrow and see if I can move some things around. From my experience people at Brock University are really cooperative and helpful. Although I had some issues with my history course last semester. However, that was solved and now I am okay with my course. Anyway, I really hope that I am able to solve this and get out of Earth Science. Let me tell you, if I have to sit through another hour of someone talking about rocks I’ll jump out of the window.

Wish me luck, I am excited to never learn about rock again lol! Fingers crossed!

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16 thoughts on “Escaping Rocks

  1. Rocks, hmm, what did you have to learn to make you so tired of them?😊 .
    I find rocks so interesting. Their shape, composition, energy, the way they travelled…….stories to tell. ( should I duck now) …

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