5 Makeup Gifs That Will Give You Life

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I’m Feeling Twenty-Two💃

So I am officially twenty-two years old! Wooooohooo I'm officially old and greying... I feel like twenty-one was one of my most successful years and I had so much fun with it. I tried so many new things and let go of a lot of things that were holding me back. I also learnt how [...]

5 Cofacilitations And A Presentation

So thankfully my semester is almost over which means I'm done with my cofacilitations and presentations. I have a really hard time with these as I've told you guys because I am one of those people that is just not great at speaking in public or to groups. So two of my cofacilitations I did [...]

Another Scary Experience!

A lot of universities need students to do co-facilitation's which is when you teach the seminar for one class. My university is one of them. I have five of those to do this semester and I just finished my first one yesterday and I thought I would tell you guys about how it went! Firstly, [...]

Vegan Ice Cream, Broken Bed And A Photo Booth

I have had a very interesting day today to say the least... I thought I would share it with you guys since I wanted to start sharing more about what's going on with me on this blog. Especially because it included vegan ice cream lol! A Broken Bed So I wake up in the morning [...]

Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas For Halloween

It is officially almost the most spookiest, scariest day of the year! Now what do we all think of when we think of Halloween? That's right, murderous, killer clowns and how they are probably going to kill us on Halloween. However, that's not what I meant. So what do we think of next? That's right, [...]

e.l.f. BB Cream With SPF 20 Review

e.l.f. BB Cream With SPF 20 Review I have started using the e.l.f. BB Cream for a few weeks now. And I decided to do a little review about it because I was so freaking impressed! Now if you've read any of my other makeup posts you'll know I love e.l.f. It's my favourite vegan [...]

3 Year Blogiversary!

So I just got the notification that it's officially been three year! That is right, it's my Blogiversary! I have been blogging on WordPress for three whole years. I am so excited for this Blogiversary and I honestly can not believe it has been this long. Like it feels like I just started blogging a [...]

How To Appreciate The Introverts In Your Life

How To Appreciate The Introverts In Your Life As you may already know if you've been following this blog for a while, I am a pretty introverted person. And sometimes I find that people that aren't introverts just don't get me. So I thought I would write a guide on hoe to appreciate the introverts [...]