Six Word Story (Guest Post)

Six Word Story:

How the hell would I know?

About The Six Word Story:

Todays guest post is so exciting and special y’all. I was talking to my dad today and he reads all my posts. He noticed how I have been posting a lot of six word stories recently and wanted to add his own. So today is technically a guest post from my dad. He told me he came up with this six word story yesterday and told me I could post it if I liked it. So I did because I did! I hope everyone enjoyed this little story and tell me what you think was the reason behind it. Or how you interpret it.

What did you think of this six word story? Could you tell it was written by someone else before reading the “About The SWS” section? Have you ever created any six word stories of your own? Do let me know in the comments section below because I would love to hear your answers and chat. And don’t forget to leave your own six word stories either with the same theme/continuation of this six word story or a random one. Both are welcome. And if you don’t want to do any of that, simply stop by and say hi!

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