The Mindset Of A Millionaire (Guest Post)

The Mindset Of A Millionaire

Growing up as a child, mind I was strange yet fascinating. I have always love numbers and money. I grew up in isolation from the world as a kid and focused half of my life on social media. This is what made me who I am today, an entrepreneur. I see numbers on every object and how I can profit on every item I see. My mind was strange. I would think day and night, listen to podcasts, and browse motivational videos. Am I a millionaire yet? No. Do I see myself as one? Yes.

I will carry that spark of fire in me until the end. (motivation)

As an introvert, I excluded myself from social interactions my whole life even though my goal is to make a difference and impact on the world. I went through a dark path that diverted me into becoming who I am today. The goal I had in mind, is to inspire the kids of many generations and that anything in life is possible.

Success is Inevitable

There will be times where you feel like you want to give up but you know you shouldn’t. You feel lost. But life can only progress if you want to become successful and to me, success is inevitable just like how Thanos believed that he’s inevitable. Except we’re not the villain here but the hero to ourselves.

When you start on a project, you will fail. When you fail, you will learn. When you learn, you will gain new knowledge. When you gain new knowledge, you will twist your blueprint. When you twist your blueprints, you will fail. From all your trial and errors will then lead to a successful path.

You endure pain, sweat, and tears that will leave a stain and trail to your success. Success is inevitable. That is the beginning stage mindset of a millionaire.

You realize you are sacrificing your time that can’t be bought but you know the rewards will be tremendous in the end.

Every Person You Meet is an Opportunity

Every person you meet is an opportunity in my eyes. Whether you meet them online or offline, every person has some knowledge that you don’t know about. To become successful, you exchange your knowledge. You provide them with your service and they provide you with yours. They can be your customer, friend, acquaintance, or even family.

If you help the right people into a successful path, you are already on the right passage to success. These people are the bus of opportunities. You can find jobs because of them, you can survive because of them, or anything that is to your content.

Networking is powerful because every person can shape a little part of you in life while you’re shaping theirs.

The Doubt

No doubt but in life, people will continue to doubt you. Especially when you’re dreaming of bigger things in life, the doubt will come at you every day and night. The bad news is that the majority of doubts will happen at the beginning of your projects. Your family will tell you to find a real career, your friends will say good luck, and strangers will say good luck. The good news happens right after success. Your family will be proud of you, your friends will support you, and strangers will ask you how you did it?

Think of all the famous YouTubers before they were famous. How much were they doubted before they were famous?

I’ve been doubted my whole life but I carried that fire in me and I will continue to do so. To you, as the reader, I hope that you are too. I wish to see you on the greener side of life when we both achieve financial freedom. The days where we can sit on our lawn chairs on top of a yacht. You can light up my cigar and I’ll light up yours. We will celebrate victory together.

The Loneliest Journey

As you know, being an entrepreneur can be quite a lonely journey. You will have hardly anyone to relate to on your projects due to the fact that barely anyone shares the same goal. Your project could be unique because it’s your idea. You can hit depression at times but I’m going to tell you that it’s okay. Life will be tough but time and hard work will heal. 

If you have the mindset of a millionaire and are doing well, I applaud you. I struggle with sadness and stress but I know it won’t be for too long. The pain that you endure at the beginning stages will determine how you live your life for the rest of your life. Imagine working a full-time job on your project but having the freedom to build and nurture a plant. The freedom to spend time with your family whenever you want.

I just want to let you know that you will be okay. If you are going through depression, talk to a person or watch motivational videos. If you are stuck, watch tutorials and invent new ideas. If you can endure and carry that fire in your body until the end, I can assure you that success is waiting for you. There will be many bus stops, and waiting at those stops are the bus of opportunities.

We can change and impact the world together.

Thank you to my friend, Pooja~

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31 thoughts on “The Mindset Of A Millionaire (Guest Post)

  1. Success makes a difference. But in both cases, the world runs behind you. Before success to tell “You are wasting time to do this, and after success, “You did a great Job”. Enjoy the difference.:)

  2. You are right. When people can’t see your vision,they look at you like you are crazy and will encourage you to do what everyone else is doing. And yes, when you get through it and make so many people are proud of you. I enjoyed this post. Stay focused. We will get where we need to get!

  3. No matter how successful you want to be, no second is worth feeling depressed or stressed over. Money cannot bring you eternal happiness. It is great to be motivated for success and work hard, but being thankful and happy doing it will get you where you want faster than feeling down and worried.

  4. well said,well drafted….that was an epic,inspiring,captivating blog Really loved the flow…just to add up something…”.its always lonely at the top .(when you make it) reasons being part of the journey many people never believed in you and you lost some through the process.Never stop believing in your journey. there’s always light at the end of a tunnel

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