5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Blogging

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Blogging

Some times you want to give up on blogging especially when you’re not doing as well as you expected when you first started out. But here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t quit blogging:

1. It takes a while

If you’re a newbie and are thinking about quitting because you’re not getting the traffic/following you expected then I would suggest you wait a while before calling it quits. When it comes to blogging it’s something you need to build and unless you’re really lucky it’s unlikely your blog will take off overnight. Take some time and try some stuff to increase your following/traffic first.

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2. Make changes instead of quitting

Instead of giving up completely why not try making changes to your blog to increase your views/follows/comments. Here is a list of things you can do to increase these. You can also get more activity by working with other bloggers- this blog offers collaborations- email for more information.

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3. It’s perfect for making new friends

Even though you aren’t getting the views/follows you expected take advantage of the interaction that occurs on WordPress. Not only will this help increase activity on your blog it will help you meet lots of new people too!

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4. Pay attention to trends on your blog

Don’t ignore your stats because they are very important if you want to grow your blog. Notice when you have the most activity and what the peak times are for publishing posts and take advantage of this. Instead of quitting take a look at what works for your blog and stick with it!

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5. Stop trying to be perfect

No one is perfect and no ones blog is perfect. That’s why no one wants to read an over edited post about something mellow. Instead be yourself and write from your heart. And don’t be afraid to switch things up- try writing about new topics, share your hobbies and interests, try some awards/tags/challenges. This will help keep your readers engaged. So again instead of quitting completely just try something new and fun instead!

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88 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Blogging

  1. Thank you so much for this! It’s encouraging and useful 😊 I’m not only a newbie but s part-timer for now. I haven’t gotten discouraged but I am definitely still finding my footing and getting more comfortable with sharing my thoughts. That’s the toughest part as I’m my worst critic. I do love the fact that blogging isn’t meant to be perfect and I appreciate how supportive other bloggers on this site have been. Such s great read I went over it twice, thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah people are very encouraging here and it’s actually better not to strive for perfection because then you can actually enjoy what you’re doing.

  2. I’ve noticed my traffic really increases when I get involved in one of the challenges like Thursday Doors, or Monday Windows. It’s also a lot of fun to see what others come up with.

    1. Yeah it’s a really good idea to get into challenges and things. It helps increase activity and gets you to be a part of something bigger.

  3. Great tips shared. Sometimes i think even when all going ok why bloggers quit blogging. Maybe the busy schedule is not allowing you to give time but then how come the efforts given and your hard work given in the your thoughts make you delete your site or quit blogging.

    1. Yeah I guess some people can’t keep up with it because of their schedule. Either way it’s always sad when people delete their site.

  4. Great post Pooja! Good advice.
    My favorite;

    “5. Stop trying to be perfect- no one is perfect and no ones blog is perfect. That’s why no one wants to read an over edited post about something mellow. ”

    I definitely did that until the point that I lost my voice in the beginning. Overthought it.

    1. Thank you! I was the same way at first and kept editing things and changing things to a point where my blog posts started getting boring but once I kind of just went with it and did what I felt was right there was definitely a difference to how the audience reacted.

  5. Good advice. I’m one of those who tried before but gave up. I think it has to do with the moment you’re living sometimes. I do think also that it’s more a question of sharing. Focus should be put on this idea rather that success. Commenting and sharing, otherwise, what’s the purpose? I still don’t understando sites were you are just a number. Thank you for the post! 🙂

  6. The Post looks so much cooler with multiple gifs/images, like an online comic book of sorts.

    Easy to read and comes with pictures while still getting the same points across.

    1. Thank you! I noticed people enjoy it more with the gifs and it keeps then attentive because let’s be honest it gets a little boring sometimes when someone just keeps writing without a break!

  7. I love the new image at the top! Awesome pic.

    So many times I have become discouraged and almost deleted my entire blog. Not so much from the lack of traffic but because I couldn’t change the world overnight.

    I still swing back and forth between realism and idealism. Luckily my pendulum knows when to go the other way.

    If I were Christ or Mary I guess I wouldn’t have that luxury. But I’m not, so have to get off my high horse whenever mounted… 🙂

    Glad to see you’ve taken off. Your blog feels fresh and vital.

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yeah sometimes we try really hard but of course we can’t change the world overnight but the fact that you’re trying is still a big deal!

  8. Huh. Just discovered you – why did you come up with this username? :] your articles resonate with me too, so that’s NEAT I guess!

    1. Thanks so glad to hear that! I came up with the username ages ago when I was in high school but now that my blog has evolved I’ve kind of moved away from it although I still tend to whine sometimes 😂😜

  9. thanks for the encouragement; I have no intentions of quitting, but it is good to be reminded of why we blog. And thank you for the tips on how to increase our view and follows and comments – they’ve worked for you!

  10. Another fantastic post! This prompts a question and I can definitely use your advice.

    As you know, I started blogging using Blogger.com in December of 2018. it’s built a small following, but I’d like to close that site and bring the activity here. I’ve be reposting those blogs here on WordPress for the potential new audience. I’d like to make a formal announcement that the site location has changed, but after I’ve reposted the majority of my 30+ posts.

    The question is it a bad thing for me to post a blog (maybe 2) a day, to expedite this or should I just make the site change and move the old material at my convenience? In other words, is it a bad idea to post 1-2 / day?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thanks glad you enjoyed the post!

      I think posting once or twice a day isn’t a bad thing in fact it will probably increase activity and views but don’t post both of them at the same time if you’re going to post two. Wait at least an hour or two before posting the second one. Hope that helps!

  11. Couldn’t agree more with these reasons. I remember feeling so disheartened when no one was reading my blog or interacting with me… but like you mention, I made some changes and put myself out there more to make friends and it really has helped me to grow.

    I know I’m still growing slower than I’d like to, but progress is progress.

    Hope others read your post and feel encouraged!

    1. I’m so glad you continued with blogging and yeah it takes a while to get to where you want but it is so worth it when you do!

  12. Loved this post. I started a blog like three or four years ago and I quit cause I wasn’t getting any traffic but this time around I’m gonna stick to it and your post gave me the motivation to keep going at it.

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