Affordable Cruelty Free Brands

Recently one of my followers Shweta Suresh suggested that I do a post on cruelty free brands because I had talked on one of my posts about how I think testing on animals is wrong. Thanks for the suggestion Shweta!

I thought that was a really good idea because I actually love makeup and people who have been following me for a while now may remember I used to do makeup posts regularly before pretty regularly. I also have a lot of makeup posts on my Instagram. I decided that for this post I’ll talk about brands that I use on an almost daily basis and really enjoy. Here are my four favourites:

ELF So ELF is probably my favourite cruelty free brand of all time. It has a very impressive range of products for really affordable prices. And for the price the quality is super impressive. I have multiple different ELF products and the only problem I have had so far with any of them is that you kind of have to build up the eye-shadow before it shows really well however this makes them perfect for the everyday natural look. I use their foundation and concealer whenever I have to go out and I am so impressed by how long it lasts and how well it blends. The only problem I have with their foundation and concealer is that I wish they had more options for women of colour because I have to mix two shades to get my shade which is kind of annoying. All ELF products are cruelty free and vegan. Oh and if you have an account with them you get a free gift on your birthday
NYX- I really love NYX and their lipstick and lip liner are products that I use almost daily. They are one of the few drugstore brands that actually have nude or natural lipstick shades that don’t look insane on people of colour and for that I’m very grateful. I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks from multiple brands that just look so weird on me because of the shade contrasting with my skin tone. They are fully cruelty free and partially vegan so if you’re looking for vegan products make sure to check their site for what products are and are not vegan.
Kat Von D- KVD is among the most affordable brands at Sephora. Obviously they are not drugstore brand affordable but for a high end brand they are quite affordable especially if you get the products when they are on sale. Their products are really great quality and even if it is a little more expensive than brands like ELF and NYX personally I think they are worth the splurge. Kat Von D is fully cruelty free and vegan.
Essence- Essence is another brand that I wear almost daily. Their lip gloss is one of my favourites- usually lip gloss annoys me because it’s sticky but this one isn’t annoyingly sticky at all. And literally all my nail polishes are from Essence. They last for ages and have such pretty colours! Actually when I went back home to Kenya last year I put on some nail polish and it lasted so long without chipping my mum was like omg what nail polish is that it’s been on for like forever and then she told me to get her some when I go back this year! All Essence products are cruelty free and partially vegan so again check their site for what’s vegan.

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29 thoughts on “Affordable Cruelty Free Brands

      1. OH I meant to mention this but when you add back in Canada you should check out Bite Beauty – they are 100% clean, 100% Cruelty-Fee, and 100% Vegan!! Priced similar to KvD and sold in Sephora!!

        1. Yeah I’m in Canada at the moment and I really like Bite Beauty as well. I tried some of their lip products after getting their birthday gift from Sephora a while back. They have really good quality stuff and pretty affordable for Sephora!

    1. Yeah I think it’s just unnecessary in this day and age to test on animals and I’m glad these alternatives exist too!

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