Affordable Cruelty Free Brands

Recently one of my followers Shweta Suresh suggested that I do a post on cruelty free brands because I had talked on one of my posts about how I think testing on animals is wrong. Thanks for the suggestion Shweta! I thought that was a really good idea because I actually love makeup and people [...]

5 Super Cute Tiny Tattoos

As you guys may or may not know, I am a huge fan of tattoos. I think they look fantastic and are a great way for people to express themselves through art. I love bigger tattoos but I have to say, I really prefer cute tiny tattoos more. So here are some images of super [...]

My Crazy Flight

So I'm back in Canada- we arrived yesterday and oh boy do I have a crazy story for you! As you can maybe guess from the title I used for this post, I had a little bit of a crazy flight. And obviously I want to share that story with all of you guys. Because [...]

A No From The Universe

If you're wondering why I haven't posted in a while it's because the universe was like "no". My laptop's screen broke again and I had to get it replaced. Luckily I've got it back now and it's fine. But seriously, I feel like this is a big no from the Universe which seems to hate [...]

I’m Sick- Nooo

Of life. Haha, just kidding I actually just have a bit of a cold right now which sucks so I probably won't post much this week. I kind of feel like crap at the moment. And in all honesty I barely have the energy to type this post out. I mean it's not the worst. But no [...]