SEO For Dummies

Sorry for posting so late but life happens sometimes. Hope you guys find this post helpful 🙂


SEO For Dummies

I don’t know about you guys but when it comes to SEO and all things SEO I feel like kind of a dummy a lot of times and as someone who barely knows anything when it comes to technology I really did not even know what SEO was till like some months ago. I’m not going to lie- SEO stuff makes me feel like a dummy sometimes. Even though the majority of the stuff I read about SEO optimization and stuff like that is in English I feel like it’s written in a different language that I don’t know. It took a lot of work for me to figure some stuff out and improve my site and I want to spare people the time and effort if I can in some way so I decided to write this article for people like me who may be a…

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38 thoughts on “SEO For Dummies

  1. Very helpful post about SEO.
    I’m literally a dummy about SEO. I don’t really bother about it for my blog but have been working on it for my website and its been so complicated. I usually just stick to what the Yoast plugin suggests. I think a key is to figure out what your key word is (that people will google) and to make sure you optimize it’s usage.

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  2. I’m just going to put in a little word of advice here for anyone with a WP Business plan: I use the Yoast SEO plugin and it is super helpful! You get two faces for SEO and readability, and they go from ”needs improvement’ to ”OK’ to ‘Good’. Just having that marker for me is really helpful as I too am a complete novice with all things SEO, but Yoast SEO makes it super easy! Its frequently used by bloggers and its free but you will need to be able to use plugins if you want to use it.

    Sorry to hijack, Pooja! Just thought I’d share 😁

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