Some Tips For Veganuary

A Successful Veganuary


Every year a number of people try to go vegan for January. The concept of Veganuary began in 2014 and was created by a non-profit organisation in order to encourage people to learn about veganism and try being vegan for a month. For more information on Veganuary please click here.

As someone who loves veganism but also knows how difficult it can be, I wanted to share some information that may help anyone trying the Veganuary challenge. Here are some tips I think you should read before starting on your journey:

Do Your Research

I say this with everything but I think doing your research will make or break veganism for you. A lot of people don’t do enough research and end up lacking things, not eating enough etc and blame it on veganism when in fact its their own fault.

Veganism tends to limit your eating options and therefore it is a good idea to do your research and find out how you can make sure you are getting enough protein, nutrients, vitamins and more on your vegan diet. I would also recommend looking at vegan recipe channels like Cheap Lazy Vegan and EdgyVeg where they help you make filling and delicious meals instead of channels that are more into eating very healthy. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I feel like when you try to eat too healthy and get extreme about it that’s when the problems start. And then people are quick to blame it on veganism when in reality it was their crappy extreme diet.

Anyway, the point of this is to encourage people to do their research and not just randomly switch up their diets. It may also help to start early and give up one animal product at a time instead of giving everything up randomly at once.

Research also helps if you’re on a specific food budget as most of us are. Certain vegan foods can be quite pricey (which is bizarre since they are plant based) especially meat substitutes. However, vegan diets can also be incredibly affordable if you do it right. Do you research and find affordable products or even better look for easy recipes you can make yourself because that would be way more affordable.

Go In With A Good Attitude

As you are probably well aware, veganism gets a bad rep. If you are really serious about Veganuary please don’t go in with a negative attitude expecting to hate it and fail. I’m someone who believe strongly in energies and going on with a bad energy can really ruin your experience. Going in with a positive energy and mindset on the other hand can really make this a fun experience for you.

It’s Okay To Fail

It’s absolutely okay to occasionally fail especially when you’re starting out and sometimes even when you aren’t. I remember when I started giving up animal products and it was super difficult. It took me a number of tries before I could fully commit and honestly that’s okay.

As long as you’re trying your best, a couple of slip ups along the way are completely fine. Just think of the bigger picture. I also want to say that veganism may not always be possible for everyone and if you feel like limiting animal products works better for you then maybe you should try that out instead and try to work towards veganism in the future if you like, Even cutting out some animal products is better than nothing.

Don’t Be Lame

Apart from being very good general life advice (I’m so wise) this goes for veganism too. What I mean by don’t be lame is don’t eat gross bland food the entire month and then talk about how much veganism sucks. If you choose to eat unseasoned and uncooked tofu all month I hate to break it to you but that’s a you problem not a problem with veganism.

This is your opportunity to try new dishes and experiment so make the most of it. Try different dishes from different countries. Get the Impossible Burger at Burger King instead of a hamburger. Try vegan restaurants in your area. Do what I did and try every product Gardein has to offer even though some of them kinda suck (jk Gardein I love you please sponsor me thanks).

I have a number of recipes you can check out by clicking here and if you’re looking for more YouTube and Google are free so go ham (vegan ham of course 😂).


Honestly, the main thing I would say is do your research and have fun with it! All the best to everyone trying Veganuary in 2022 and if you want to chat about it feel free to email me or DM me on social media because I’m always ready to help people out with veganism even if I’m super busy.

Are you vegan? Have you ever tried any vegan dishes? Have you ever tried Veganuary? Will you be participating in Veganuary in 2022? Let me know in the comments because I love hearing from you!

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17 responses to “Some Tips For Veganuary”

  1. Can’t wait to start my vegan new year.

  2. Absolutely true, vegan doesn’t have to be boring. You can totally spice it up according to your taste.

  3. You know I never did this but after reading this, I just might. Lord knows I need to

  4. Thanks for sharing this information. God bless you.

  5. True. I am a vegetarian.

  6. i sure hope more people try because with everything going on in the world and with peoples health i think it’s the best option, especially for americans where everything is processed and really unnatural

  7. I tried veganism for what was meant to be a month… I failed on day 1 by adding cheese to my vegan lasagna 😅
    Kuddos to everyone who tries and succeeds at it because it’s hard!!! I personally love fish, cheese and eggs so much, that I can’t imagine giving them up.

  8. I tried being vegan for a while, but it didn’t work for me. I do like going to vegan restaurants though and trying vegan dishes

  9. it’s a great idea, and even if the impact is short lived, at least it’s one month of people trying to be vegan…

  10. Actually searching for more vegan food is my new year resolution for 2022. And you are so right since veganism cannot survive without research and curiosity and love. Yes, the love for the world and animals, the curiosity to learn more, and the persistence in research…

  11. Hi,
    Sorry I can’t ‘Like’ your post but page isn’t loading properly. so, I LOVE IT!
    Thanks so much for the insights and encouragement.
    We (husband & I) are trying to eat way more veggie food than ever in our very long lives, more for the planet and the grandchildren to be honest, but I’m getting to a place where I prefer it, both to cook and eat. Have always loved herbs and spices, passata, pulses, Asian and Moroccan dishes, and now getting into Levantine foods.
    I think – when I prepare this food has any living creature worked harder than me to produce it? If the answer’s ‘no’ then I’m good to go. Well, not quite. Has forest been decimated? Humans exploited? Water sources been diverted? As you say, research and passion.
    Maz x

    1. Aww thanks! I’m so glad you’ve been trying to eat more ethically- I think those are questions we should all be asking before consuming a product.

  12. I like vegetables and eating healthy in general, this post is accurate. Some of us just need to eat more fruits and veg.

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