Six Word Story #171

Galumphing through life, sharing my experiences.

Today’s Word:


1: To move with a clumsy heavy tread

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57 thoughts on “Six Word Story #171

    1. By the way, as an aside, Aloysius Snuffleupagus is his full name. Found that when the thought hit my head and I looked up to see spelling 😉

    1. Thanks and I liked yours too!

      I’m happy to galumph through life since it’s made me a lot of memories.

      Hope you’re feeling better now. 😄

      1. That’s a great attitude about galumphing through life. I think I’ll follow your example because I often feel clumsy, too.

        Better … er … not really .. yet. (I’m aways honest, hope that’s okay) But I am galumphing along. 😉

        Which reminds me … how is your dad?
        I’ve been wondering but could not catch up, yet.

        1. Haha well keep galumphing and hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

          My dad is much better, thanks so much for asking😊

  1. My cats love to Galumph at night. This is the sound as they triumphantly gallop across the room above me as they zoom unseen. IE: Galumph Galumph Galumph Galumph Galumph… Silence.

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